The Finals - Season 2 Patch Update. S3 Confirmations Already. Ranked Changes & More


The final season 2 is finally here, and with that, we have the new 2.0 patch notes, and of course, we have the new gadgets and equipment specializations. You may encounter some strange things this season now that CNS, a rogue hacking collective, has infiltrated the game show. While the showrunners fight for control over the finals, you'll fight it out with an array of game-changing gadgets and specializations that will require all contestants to rethink their strategies.

Again, they go over that new game mode, the new Famas, and the new weapons like the Ks23 and the 93r. However, again. I do cover those fully in an overview and their hidden mechanics in my other article, as well as all the new equipment like the dematerializer and the Gateway anti-grab cube data reshaper.

And of course, we do have that battle pass, which has 12 pages and 96 rewards. Again, if you're looking for a full overview of the battle pass, I do also have that on my channel. We also have the new career circuit system, which allows contestants to earn new rewards. That isn't just tied to the battle pass; it also has some multibuses in there, so it is definitely worth checking out now that they have done a league ranking overhaul, where they say they have better matches here and the goal is to provide a much better quality experience when playing in ranked tournaments.


You'll get your starting rank based on your first eight rounds, and from there, you'll move up and down based on your performance. Contestants can expect to land between bronze and gold at first and climb the ranks from there. They said they want a lot of people to test this system so that they can expect more tweaks and changes throughout the season.

Again, of course, we do have those private matches. As for the actual catch notes, buffs, and changes here, I'll go over those now. Of course, we do have that new map that I showcased on my channel as well. We have a new game show event called Retro Invasion 82 that happens on every single map, and we do have that new specialization, the dematerializer.

However, this is significant because the medium does actually lose the recon sense, so that has now been replaced by the dematerializer. For the big portion here, we do have the balance changes, throwables, explosives, and, quote, unquote. Nukes have actually been quite significantly nerfed; they added diminishing returns on damage from nukes and throwable objects that can carry C4 breach charges or mines.


The distance that you can throw These things have also significantly increased. They added here that for each source of explosive damage, including the throwable, and starting with the highest, a damage modifier is applied to each instance in the sequence of 60%, 40%, 30%, and 20%, so if you try to stack the explosive damage, it will be significantly higher.

Reduced gas canisters now immediately start to steer off their direct trajectory, aKA wobble when they have attachments, so again, they're going to be significantly reduced in that actual distance. Also, when you pick up throwable objects with explosive gadgets that are attached, those set explosives will become unarmed when the player lets go of the carried object.


A rearming timer for the explosive starts, and then the explosions from the C4 breaching charge and all mines that detonate while unprimed now deal 20% of their original damage. So against some massive Nerfs to nukes there and basically non-existent anymore, they decrease the health value of propane gas tanks from 250 to 120, which also puts even more of a Nerf into it.

The previous tuning made nukes seed the intended ttk. By quite a large margin since our initial changes weren't substantial enough to alter this tactic we've added even more ways to balance the nukes going forward toxic gas also did receive an additional Nerf where they added a delay to the application of damage and damage will not start to tick by point5 seconds after the player enters the gas cloud, they also added a new functionality that causes damage to ramp up gradually over time from 30 HPS to 60 HPS over 2 seconds so instead of that initial damage ticking quite High it does take quite some time now they increase the damage tick interval from.


However, because of its immediate high damage and quick dispersal, it has been way too potent to make changes to make toxic gas better fit its original intention, so I definitely agree toxic gas was way too strong. Moving on to the gadget section, we have a C4 decreased ammo count from 2 to 1, and we also have its cooldown from 45 to 30 seconds, as well as its minimum damage at the edge of the explosion from 90 through 75, as you've seen from some of the earlier footage.

Defib actually did get new functionality, where the revive player gradually rematerialized into the level over a period of 3 seconds before loading back into the arena. They also increased the charge time from 62.8 seconds and the starting heal from the DEF revive from 40 to 50%. a little bit of a buff there for the actual HP, but everything else was quite big.

Nerf do Shield got a massive Nerf with a decreased maximum duration from 20 seconds to 12 seconds. The jump pad also had its cooldown increase from 25 to 30 seconds. The motion sensor moved from a light to a heavy archetype. The RPG had a ton of changes, like fixing an issue where they made a dispersion almost identical regardless of what state the player was in.


They increased the projectile dispersion in all non-aiming states and reduced the projectile dispersion when aiming down sights. The hip fire is a little less accurate, while aiming down is even more accurate. They increased the zoom in time from 2 to 4 seconds, and they increased the equipment time from.5 to.5.

5, to 5, And the unequip time went from 35 to 4, and sonar grenades got moved from the medium archetype 2 light. This also happened for the tracking dot, which had decreased dispersion in movement states by 50%, and they increased the accuracy by decreasing the dart dispersion while aiming downsides from 30 to 10%.

They also added force feedback for controllers. The Vanishing Bomb, which I did think needed some buffs and changes, finally got those where they increased the grace period for teammates from 75 to 1.25. They also increased the cloak duration on both teammates and the user from 6 to 7.5 for teammates and 5 to 6 for the actual user, and from using this, yeah, it definitely felt way too short with that.


Now again, as I've said, reflex senses have been removed. They also do have a dev statement here, and we've concluded that Recon senses have been detrimental to the game at large and have decided to put it out of play for now. They do mention that the specification might return in the future in some form down the line, but it will also need a major rework.

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