How To Stop Turrets The Finals - Light, Medium, And Heavy Build Plus All Build Options

break turrets

Okay, when you're talking light, the first thing we want to talk about is a specialization, and that is Cloak. This is going to let you completely avoid being seen by the turret; even if it's locked on to you, just pop that on for a second, and you can just stop being shot. Boom, done it also lets you get behind the turret, as you can see here, and melee it three hits as a light, and it will go down there you go.

Now on to weapons; they're all good options, but the real stuff is the gadgets, so let's go to gadgets for the light gadgets that you want to use if you're going to be countering turrets. You want to definitely have a glitch in Grenade on there. I know they're not always meta, but I'm telling you the glitch grenade will take out all electronic devices in the blast radius.

That's your teammates, and it's you too, so if you're running cloak and you glitch nade and you're in the blast radius, you're not going to be cloaking for a little bit, so just keep that in mind, as well as the goo grenade. The goo grenade is a portable wall that blocks the turret perfectly, or if you land it just right, as you can see here, you can actually trap the turret in the goo grenade wall, and then it's not going to shoot anything anywhere till that's gone.


Finally, you're going to look at the vanishing bomb. The vanishing bomb is basically the cloaking, but not the cloaking specialization if you don't want to use that, and you can use that for your team as well, so your whole team can move into an area where turrets are and not have to worry about them for a few seconds.

All right, as far as specializations, go on the medium build; that's not going to make a whole lot of difference, so let's move on to the weapons. There's a couple of good options here in the weapons First of all, the riot shield is going to give you an opportunity to block the shots coming in first of all and give you a melee weapon to attack the tower with when you get close, but gadgets are again the key, and for this one, we don't have a glitch nade, but we do have a glitch trap.


Let's just call this a tactical nuke where you throw on a glitch trap onto an explosive canister, and when you do that, you're able to launch it into the object or into the area and make it explode, creating the explosion, and the glitch. Just be very careful with your aim, and don't make the mistake I've made before where you punch the canister to launch it when there's a mine on it.

Don't do it; just don't do it. And I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about the goo grenade again. Here it's, you know, the same we had in the light one, but medium does have it as well, so let's go on. I'd really appreciate it, and it helps it go up on the algorithm. Let's get into those heavy builds.

If we're talking specializations on heavy, we're talking goo guns. The goo guns are a great way to send a little blob of Goo right onto a turret, stop it from being able to see, and if it can't see, it can't shoot. It's right on the turret, so when it pops open on that turret, it just won't see anything until somebody shoots it away.

When we're talking heavy weapons, they all work, and they all work well, so just have at them and use them as you need, but let's go to gadgets. Heavy has so many options to deal with a Turret that you would be surprised to think they might actually have the most number of choices. So we have the barricade.


As you can see here, you can just throw a barricade down in front of the turret, and it's not going to shoot anything. You've got the dome shield. Normally, you use the dome shield to protect yourself, but you can actually take the dome shield like this and throw it onto it. The turret, and now it can't shoot out and you can shoot in, so you can damage it and its bullets are stopped until that Dome Shield is destroyed, not only that you've also still got the goo grenade which creates a wall of goo and you're able to do that or trap it like we said before and last but not least a single Blast from the RPG, and that will take you where you need to go so you have so many options to deal with a Turret on the heavy, and you can take the most hits.

game play

Heavies are really a great counter-turret play across the board; just use your imagination a little bit, all right? Last but not least, let's talk about Arena Cartels. As you can see here, the Goo Barrel could function just like a goade or a goo gun. Just grab it and launch it. It provides you protection and an extra-wide wall, so another option in case you don't have one of the Gades on you or something like that.

I'm on Twitch and YouTube every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 9:30 p.m. I hope you guys are having fun with this game. I'm really enjoying it. Have a great day.

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