Season 2 Of The Finals Looks. Good


I hope you guys are having a wonderful week, and welcome to the finals article. I know it's weird if you've been here before and you're maybe new to this place; you might not know, but I have made some final articles in the past, and I've been pretty hard on the game. I've kind of tore into them a little bit because, in my true, honest opinion, as someone who's played a ton of article games, I feel like the game is incomplete.

I feel like it didn't have what it needed to launch, and to me, the game modes were kind of boring, and if you didn't have a friend to play it with, well, it kind of sucked, and as a solo content creator. We upload almost every single day here on the channel. the same goal, let's go for a 100 in this one just to see how actually 102.

For season 2 of the finals, we'll see how it's going, but nonetheless, let's hop into today's article. now in my opinion in my honest and humble opinion, the finals hid behind really good graphics, crazy destruction, and fun gameplay, and it was a game that had no heart or soul; it was just microtransactions.

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in two unique modes that I truly did not have fun, and then once the solo mode came out, I was still not wowed by it in any way. I think the game looks beautiful, and I think the destruction is cool as hell, but there was nothing there that captured me to want to come back and play the game, and you could tell by their player count that was also happening for a lot of people.

One thing I said for the longest time is that the finals would greatly benefit from a deathmatch style mode, or at least something similar that isn't just this kind of cash it out and grab money, turn it in kind of mode. You need something basic and more down to earth now season 2; it doesn't directly bring a deathmatch mode, but it does bring a new 5v5.

The mode is called Power Shift, and its description is that Power Shift is a casual 5v5 game mode where two teams compete to escort a platform through the arena. This reminds me a lot of payload modes and stuff from OverWatch, and knowing that there's different builds and abilities and stuff, this is to me the most interesting mode.

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I actually made a tweet earlier today and said that this is going to be more successful than the other two modes in the finals, and I'm going to stand by that. I truly think it could be, but this is what the finals needed to kind of grasp a little bit of identity when it came to what it wants to be as a first-person shooter.

I absolutely forgot to mention that the update comes out this week on the 14th of March on Thursday, so that's definitely something to me that's super interesting; it's something I'm going to get my hands on, especially with no external information. I think it's crazy. I think it's unique. I think it adds to some cool moments.

We'll definitely check it out on Thursday when it does launch, but that's not the only thing this season's getting in the way of customization; that's going to be just out of the wazoo of microtransactions. We know that's coming, but it appears that each class is going to be getting some stuff as well.

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Starting out, we're going to be talking about the newest kind of abilities, or. I guess, gadgets, that are going to be coming, so starting out with the lights, they're going to be getting a new thing called the gateway. The Gateway is a kind of portal that is deployed at limited range, and when both are thrown and activated, contestants can use it to go between one location and the other.

This is kind of like any teleportation or portal in any kind of game ever, but it sounds fun and unique going along. When we're going down this road, we have the mediums they're going to be getting the dematerializer. which is a thing that will temporarily erase physical surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or goo, allowing contestants to see, shoot, and pass through them.

You'll be able to create new passageways and enclose them back up again. I don't really know what that is; at all. I don't understand it, but it sounds interesting, and then for the big boys, the thickums, the heavies, we're going to be getting an anti-gravity cube, and this is a deployable cube that manipulates gravity in its immediate area, lifting contestants and objects upward.

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You can use it for mobility or for defense. It's up to the player's discretion, so definitely give some very interesting abilities or whatever. I don't exactly know what to call them; they are definitely really cool. There's also one more thing for the mediums. It looks like they have the data reshaper, which is a weird one.

It's a gadget that modifies enemy fortifications into random objects, so basically, the example they gave is that it turns a mine into a chair or a turret into a table. I don't exactly know what's going on there, but nonetheless, let's hop on to the weapons. All builds are going to be getting a new weapon, so we have the 93r.

burst fire machine pistol that the lights are going to be getting, and we then have the Famas burst assault rifle for the mediums and the heavy. Well, they're going to be getting this new. KS23: slug, shotgun. so definitely cool. It's definitely interesting that there's at least new guns coming to the game.

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I think that's one thing that makes the finals so unique: how creative they are across the board with things like destruction., gadgets, and all that kind of stuff, and that's why I truly think that the new 5v5 mode is definitely going to play pretty well, so we're also going to be getting some changes to rank play.

Apparently, we are getting a brand new map, which is the Horizon or Sy Money symbol. Horizon so it's a new vertical and horizontal map that has glitchy neon field cityscapes. that exist in the loading realm of the game show; there's a lot of lore in the finals. I don't really understand it; I don't know exactly.

What's going on there is like this idea that the finals are similar to Ready Player 1, where the people are playing outside of the world, and now they're playing in a game show in VR. I don't know if there's a lot to it. But it seems like hackers have taken over, and they're kind of tailoring all their games to that, so that's definitely an interesting philosophy.

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It's cool to kind of have that in a article game because it ties people in a little bit more. Do I think season 2 is going to revive the game entirely? No. I don't think that this is going to become a booming success for them, but I definitely think it's going to put some eyes on it, especially in the current state of article games where there's really not much to play, especially in first-person shooters.

I know a lot of you have compared this game to Cod and stuff, but honestly, I don't even like to put this game in Cod's kind of, you know, field of view; it's nothing like it. It's unique in its own way. I've been working hard on it. I'm hoping season 2 kind of captures me a little bit more than, you know, I was thinking it would.