The Finals Season 2 Is So Damn Good

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As you guys know, I absolutely love the finals. My community loves the finals. I love the finals. I have people who compete in the Kachi Rivals tournaments. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that as far as free-to-play games go, this is definitely a higher-echelon game. There are a lot of things coming to the final season 2, which is dropping Thursday, March 14th, and I just want to run down a giant ass list of things that are coming into this game.

I know that towards the end of the first season, a lot of people, including myself, were a little bit worried about content and what that was going to look like going into season 2, but now that we have this list. I. My, am so ready for it. My members got to see this article before anybody else, and for 99 cents a month, I would say that's a damn good deal.

Okay, let's get into it first. Before we start off this entire list, I just want to say that they are bringing private matches into the finals on the day that season 2 comes out. Note that this is a strictly limited beta version of private matches, so more than likely we're not going to have all of the game modes readily available to play in private matches, but it's a start that I didn't think would come to the game anytime soon, but here we are.


We're getting private matches, which means Akachi Rivals can actually have a solid platform to start all of their bigger organizations that are going to start putting teams into the finals; it's just going to be great. The eSports scene is about to pop off and go absolutely godamn crazy with this, and one more thing before we get into this list.

I want to go ahead and just read off what they put on their Steam page; it's a little blurry before I start consolidating. Everything that's coming into this game says quote. Throughout the jam-pack season of this free-to-play game, contestants can experience new weapons for each class in the hacked new map, CIS.

Horizon, The all-new 5v5 game mode called Powers Shift, a new skill-based league system, thank God for that rewarded weekly career progression. private matches, which I said earlier is a feature-limited beta version, and the all-new hacker play style, which adds several ways for contestants to alter the arena in their favor.


The new hacker play style, or hacker ability, lets players step into the shoes of CNS. The new hacker ability or play style is going to be insane. Essentially, what this does is that it allows you to remove walls, defy gravity tunnels across the arena, and transform items, essentially becoming what they say is a glitch in the system, the ultimate cyber tactician, and bringing a new dimension to the finals.

Of course, with this new hacker play style, there's a bunch of different stuff that's being added into the game to support that play style, such as the dematerializer, the data reshaper for the medium class, the anti-gravity cube for the heavyweights, and the gateway for the lights. The dematerializer, for the medium class, pretty much just temporarily erases physical services like walls and ceilings, or the data reshaper, for the medium class, also changes enemy fortifications.

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For example, you can turn an enemy mine into a chair or an enemy turret into a table. The anti-gravity cube does exactly what you think it does; you can deploy it, and it basically just turns the gravity off in that area. The gateway for the light class is a portal that nobody can shoot through, but you can traverse through, and with all of that being said, all of the builds in the game are getting new weapons.

The light class is getting the 93-raap burst fire pistol. The medium class is getting the new Famas Burst assault rifle, and heavyweights will be able to wield the KS23 slug shotgun. I also forgot to mention that the season is based around a hacker group called the CNS. And with that, they've brought their own arena into the game called CIS Horizon.

This map is a glitchy neon field cityscape in the loading realm of the game show and features a mix of vertical and horizontal gameplay. This map just screams 80s. Vibes, it's bright, it's vibrant, and it's got pretty much everything that you can think of that fits an 80s cyberpunk aesthetic, just not as grungy if that makes sense.


Like I said earlier, we're getting a new game mode called Powers Shift and all new casual 5v5 game modes where two teams compete to escort a platform throughout the arena. If you're interrupted by an enemy team, the platform grinds to a screeching halt or switches. Directionally, the platform will tear through anything that's in its path and can be rocked by physics.

Players can switch their contestants between respawns, allowing them to balance their teams on the fly and hone their skills to perfection, which is absolutely goddamn sick. I love that since this game has come out I've wanted the ability to just change my class because sometimes I go into a game I'm really confident with my light class or my medium class I just get on and I want to change it so this mode will give me the ability to change my damn class in the middle of a match so thank God Embark is just tapped into their community because holy, this is massive this is a big one for all of my ranked players out there because I'm telling you right now as much as I love the finals their rank system is.

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Awful the skill-based matchmaking compared with the god aful pairing system that it has is just one of the worst things I've ever played so thankfully they're revamping the league system and with that we'll see improvements in the ranked play experience with League rewards that up the stakes they're also putting in a new career circuit system which offers weekly rewards from seasonal sponsors, basically allowing the players to move from Rookie to master by completing contracts throughout the season so that's pretty much everything that we're going to be getting in the final season 2 to kind of give like a condensed rundown real quick before we get into my thoughts we're getting private matches, thank God for that the new 5v5, game mode called Powers shift the new skill-based league system weekly career progression rewards.

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The new map is called CIS Horizon. New weapons for all of the classes The new hacker play style Just so much content is about to drop into our laps this week, and I'm not going to lie to you, this is probably the best-case scenario for the finals. I want to preface what I'm about to say by saying that this is no way a dig towards the finals or even Embark Studios; it's just kind of an unfortunate matter when it comes to free-to-play games, and it's that over the past couple of months, player numbers for the finals have dropped a pretty significant amount.

The Finals Season 2 is coming to us on March 14th and with that, comes so much damn content.
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