The Finals. Season 2. Skill Issue Quest


Now, today I'm here, honored and excited to talk about a brand new incentive from Discord called Discord Quests. Discord Quest is a way where we can challenge players to complete missions or quests, as they're called, in exchange for a cool reward, and it's a brand new incentive from Discord that we thought sounded very cool.

Hey Mor, do you want to do this as we launch Discord Quests? We said yes; of course we do. It's rare to get an opportunity to spread awareness for a game while also being able to reward your players in a meaningful way while at the same time also encouraging cooperation, teamwork, and community building, so when all of this came together in one, we felt like yes, we have to do this.

This makes a lot of sense, so let's hold on to it. What does this mean? So, like I said, we're going to be challenging you all on a quest, and the quest is that you have to stream the finals for 15 minutes to any other player on Discord. That's it if you do it, you get the skill issue outfit. It is looking absolutely incredible.


If you didn't see the reveal article for it on YouTube, go check it out. It honestly looks incredible. What is the skill set? Well, the skill issue set is our tongue in chic way of owning, the phrase skill issue, and it's also a way for us to honor our very competitive community. Right, you guys are so incredible and quick when it comes to skill issuing each other left, right, and center all the time, and if you've seen our community live streams, you know that I am suffering from skill issues all the time.

Moving on, how do Discord quests work, and what do you have to do? First of all, you have to accept the Discord quest, and there are three ways to do so. Boom, number two Some of you will see a little pop-up icon above your name in the bottom left corner of Discord. You can click that and click Join Quest now.

If no one sent you a link and you don't see that popup, what you should do is go to your user settings. By clicking user settings, you scroll down a little bit, and you find gift inventory. In your gift inventory, you will find the skill issue Quest, and you can click Join Quest. Now you're on it.

season 2

What do you have to do? Well, let me tell you something before we get into how you complete the quest as of right now. Discord quests only work on the PC, desktop version of Discord, right? This means that you can't complete the quest or accept the quest through mobile, web, or any other version of Discord.

You have to do it on the PC, desktop, or version. Now that you've accepted the quest, what are we doing well? We're streaming the finals on Discord to at least one viewer for 15 minutes. You can do that on any server that has streaming. You can do it in a group chat, or you can do what I'm going to do and do it in a direct call with one friend.

I am on Discord right now in a voice call with Oscar's friend; that's my friend, hence the name. What I'm going to do here is look at the bottom left at a little icon that you're going to see as well that says stream the finals. Click that button if you don't want to screen share, and then select a window or something else if you want to stream the finals.

the finals

Then click go live, and there you have it. Now you're live, and your friend just has to watch you play. After you've streamed for 15 minutes, you'll be done, and you can track your progress in two ways. You can either check the little widget or Above your name in the bottom left of Discord if you have it otherwise, use your settings, and then scroll down gift inventory to see the progress bar.

I'll be back in 15 minutes when I've streamed the game. All right, I'm back, and as you can see, the meter is at 100%. I'm now going to hit redeem, and then I'm going to get my code. This code is a single US code, so keep it near and dear to yourself and don't show it off too much. Now we're going to take that code and hop over to Embark ID, so we go to Embark ID.

It's also linked on Discord, by the way, in the gift inventory. For Discord quests, we go here and sign in as you usually would. I will sign in using Steam, but you can also use Xbox or Playstation. Once in, we go down to redeem the diff code, we slap in our code, we hit redeem, and boom, the next time that you launch the finals, you will have the skill issue outfit ready for you to use all right.

That pretty much wraps it up, so Discord Quests is a way for us to spread awareness about the finals while also giving all of you who help us spread awareness about the finals a reward. We hope you're going to enjoy this opportunity. We hope you're going to take the opportunity to stream the finals with a friend.

Maybe you'll stream the finals to a friend, and they'll install the finals, and they'll stream the finals to you while you're streaming the finals to them, and your third friend is watching you stream the finals. Either way, now I can't wait to enter the arena myself, wearing the skill issue outfit, but also seeing all of you guys run around with it, and I know for sure that on the next community live stream.

I'm going to get eliminated by someone in a horrible way, and they're going to whip out the sweeping emote while rocking the skill issue set, and in all honesty. I can't wait; it's going to be fantastic. That just about wraps up today's article. I hope this has answered some confusion and some questions that might have been around the campaign, and I hope you're going to participate.

Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic day and evening, and I will catch you in the next episode.

Oscar is back to talk about the Discord Quest for the Skill Issue set.
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