The Finals Season 2: What Can We Expect Next


We are covering season 2, updating the player base, and the game's future. Almost 4 months have passed since the full release, and the player count has dropped by 90%, which is surprising because this game seems to have a solid foundation. The reasons for leaving the game from player to player may differ, but some had issues with cheaters, which is funny because the whole theme of season 2 is hacking.

Some were dissatisfied with the ranking system as it felt not rewarding enough, and some players just got bored after completing the battle pass, saying that the loot box or drop system may motivate them to play more, which is understandable, but you would think the game in itself would motivate you to play if it was entertaining enough for a long period of time.

Some players like to play only one game, and some like to hop from game to game. Maybe the finals during the first season offered more to the leather, which brings us to season 2, and the new battle pass brings back some of those players and hopefully some new ones. The highlight of this big update is the new map and new class play.

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Styles that thematically fit perfectly together, aside from gorgeous looks The new map has locations differentiated by colors; this may help players get to know the map and orientation on it more easily. mediums, a specialization that temporarily erases physical surfaces, like walls or ceilings, allowing contestants to see, shoot, and pass through them.

Mediums also got the data reshaper, a gadget that changes enemy fortifications, or any random objects, for that matter, into something entirely else. The anti-gravity cube for heavyweights is a deployable cube in which man manipulates gravity in its immediate area, lifting contestants and objects upwards.

The Gateway for Lights is a pair of limited-range deployable portals; when both are thrown and activated, contestants and objects can move between the two locations. With this, developers are showing a will to experiment, and the finals are certainly going to be filled with interesting ways to play in the future.


It also seems they try to balance the game a bit by adding tools to counter heavily protected objectives and giving heavies a way to traverse vertically. They improve the ranked play experience with League rewards A new career circuit system offers weekly rewards from seasonal sponsors, allowing contestants to move from rookie to master by completing contracts throughout the season.

A new casual 5v5 game mode called Powers Shift, where two teams compete to escort a platform through the arena. It's nothing new in the gaming industry, but darn if it doesn't fit perfectly in this game; there's constant action on the map, and it's really fun. People don't seem to be interested in switching classes to balance the match, and the only way to balance it is to force players to play a certain number of classes.

But I'm not sure if you want to do that; the game mode would lose its casual feel with new weapons for all classes that players asked for, which can become a slippery slope in this kind of game where you have a loadout and the weapons are not balanced by a price tag as they are in Counter Strike or valerant or balanced by a spound rarity like in Battle Royale games.


Similar weapons in this game would mean a balancing nightmare. As long as the new weapon makes sense for a new mode or a class play style, go for it. Weapon rotation each season would be interesting to see; it would be easy to balance; it would feel fresh; and players would have more things to grind for.

If anyone asks me, there wouldn't be a place for a sword or an RPG in a first-person shooter. But my opinion doesn't matter, speaking of things that don't matter to private lobbies. I'm joking, it's a good addition to the game; it potentially gets rid of cheaters in your games, but as of now only casual game modes are available, so it's more intended for streamers to play without stream snipers and for content creators.

There's new ways to grind and unlock stuff, and it concludes all things that players got aside from skin quality of life changes and some minor tweaks. Now your job is to go complain on Redditor, and your wish may come true. This game may not have a huge player base in the long run, but a consistent one and a loyal audience, and with time, as people find out about the finals and upgrade their gaming setup, the numbers will increase.

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I'm sure Embark Studios listens to player feedback and is trying to keep the ball rolling, but despite people talking about it. Embark Studios has not said much or anything about the potential of an eSports scene. We'll talk about it in the next article.Okay, uh,**

The Finals Season 2 breakdown. New map, game mode, gadgets and more. All great signs that The Finals has a bright future with a loyal community.
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