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Excuse my nascent voice in this article. I did just get over the flu, so I'm almost there. I'm almost out of it. In today's article, I'm beyond excited to say that season 2 of the finals has been announced and confirmed to be released on March 14th. That is this week, which is a Thursday. In this article, we are going to be discussing all the new features, weapons, and new content coming to the final season.

But first, if you have not seen the trailer, take a look at Platform. Now that the trailer was amazing, it was packed with a lot of information, and I wanted to dissect everything new coming to the final season 2, so let's review everything new coming this week, starting off with the biggest drop, and that's going to be a new map.

This new map is a dystopian 80s synthwave-style map that seems super oriented to the new gadgets and abilities that we'll discuss later on. It looks visually pleasing, and the theme fits perfectly with the style that they're aiming for. It has a twf floor and play style with zip lines leading up to the second floor.

This isn't really typical for their map style since most of the buildings they have already in the game are multifloor structures, but it looks super fun, and I can't wait to see how it plays, especially with the new gadgets and special abilities. With the new map out of the way, this will segue us into the new gadgets and specializations.


There are three brand new gadgets coming to the finals: the Gateway Gadget, the Data Reshaper, and the Anti-Gravity Cube. The Gateway Gadget is a portal grenade that allows you or an object to travel through to a different part of the map. I'm not sure how far this gadget allows you to travel or if it's based on Range or if it's just randomly generated, but in the trailer they do play place it down, they throw it pretty much, and they hop into it, which allows them to travel through the other side of a wall, so I'm not really sure how the range is going to be on the grenade, but it seems really cool that the data reshaper gadget allows you to transform objects into other different objects.

new finals abilities

For example, if you see an enemy turtle, you can use this gadget to transform it into a flower pot. A wet floor sign or any other object. I'm not sure if you get to choose the object or if it's just randomly generated, but on the other hand, you can swap throwables into different types, so if you see a propane tank, you can swap that into a gas grenade, or vice versa with every other throwable canister in the game.

I can see this being extremely useful, especially for getting a hold of gas canisters to defend a cach out. It seems like there's a lot more throwables, like smoke or propane canisters or fire canisters. The fire canisters are pretty much useless, so if I see one of them, I will be turning it into a gas canister and using it against my enemies, and finally, the anti-gravity.

Cube, this one is pretty self-explanatory. But this is just an anti-gravity grenade, making anything in the circular radius of the nade float to the top of the cylinder. This includes cash-out objects and people. So pretty straightforward, anybody in that cylinder will just float to the ceiling.

new finals gadgets

The one new special ability is the dematerializer. This allows you to transform any solid surface into a transparent hole, allowing objects to travel through it. Think of this as splitgate portals, but you can place them wherever and use them whenever you want, so instead of using an RPG to blow up the floor below a cash out, you can actually just use this ability to have the cash out fall right through it.

You can even do this against people; you can do it against objects or throwables; anything that you want to bring to you that you know is above you or on the other side of a wall, you're able to just grab it or it'll just fall through with gravity. I can see this being a huge pain but super fun in adding some spice to the gameplay loop, so I'm excited to see how this plays in The Meta, but one of the most requested changes by the community is a new game mode, and they have finally delivered on this, and that is a 5v5.

new finals guns

Brand new game mode Coming to the finals, they've announced a brand new game mode that is called Powers Shift, and this is a 5v5 team-based game mode where you and your team need to occupy a floating and moving island that you and your team need to occupy the longest. This is similar to domination; the floating and moving island can go through buildings, leveling a map as well, but I can see this game mode being absolute chaos, and it seems extremely fun since it's 5v5.

There's going to be a lot of people, and there's going to be a lot of gadgets and utilities, so I can't wait to see this coming. It's going to make a lot of gadgets that outshine the others. I can already see right now that the app is going to be super useful. CU people are going to be tossing things at the objective trying to get onto it, so that's going to be extremely fun, and I can't wait to try out this new game mode.

A private match has also been included. In this new season, they slipped this in at the end and didn't give it enough love, but I think this is one of the major changes coming to the finals. Myself and my friends have been dying to get a private match for various reasons. This will help test a lot of new features and have a ton of fun with friends.

new finals season

The shooting range doesn't really do justice compared to a private match, especially when you're trying to get screenshots for thumbnails. A private match also allows you to bring your teammates in and play together. The shooting range is just for yourself and doesn't really allow you to bring in your teammates.

This will allow people to practice their movement on real maps, not just in the shooting range. I think this will be very beneficial for the community, and I'm super glad that the Embark developers listened. There's also some brand new weapons coming as well, including a burst rifle. Famas, that seems to be a super strong new pump-action shotgun, And I don't want to spread misinformation, but I think there's a new SMG.

private match

It looks similar to the M11, and I'm not sure if it's a skin, but in the trailer, it does have a different sound effect, and it's unsuppressed. So I guess we'll just need to see on Thursday if it's actually new, but it does look new, so I'm excited that they brought some new weapons. I'm guessing that the rifle is going to be in the medium class, the SMG is going to be in the light class, and the shotgun will probably be in the medium class as well.

I'm not sure if the heavy got a new weapon or not, but we'll just have to see on Thursday. I'm beyond excited for this new season with all of its new content.

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