The Finals Season 2 Explained. Full Theory Breakdown


We are back today, and we're going to be talking about some more of the finals, and I wanted to discuss everything that we know so far about season 2 because the final season 1 is already coming to a quick close with only a chunk of days left before. Season 2's launch is right upon us, and I think there is a lot of stuff that we have in terms of teasers, theory crafting from the community, and speculation as to what's going to be coming next.

That's going to get you guys excited. I think that the finals have done a great job in season 1. They have definitely cleaned up some of the game's major pain points. Overall i think we're on great ground to walk into season 2 and really allow the finals to step into what it's trying to become, and I think people are going to really start to see the beauty of this game, and it's going to make a strong presence on the first-person shooter scene, not that it already hasn't, and so, like I said, we do have a handful of teasers to take a look at today, a bunch of images that we're going to kind of break down and provide theories for, but in addition to that.

I think we have a good look as to what we're going to be getting for the next season's, map the next season's, weapon. And maybe even some later game modes and events we could see halfway through the season. All the stuff that we talk about today is more speculation, stuff that's already been released.


This isn't official; take it with a grain of salt, but once again, I think it's pretty convincing. So taking a look at image number one, this is going to be regarding the new map that we're getting. If you take a look closely, it doesn't look like a whole lot at first; if anything, it just kind of looks like a big black box with a bunch of random glitch effects on it, but if you really look closely, it does show a lot of highrises and buildings; if you kind of look down in the middle as well, you see a street with a bunch of cars, and this is all densely packed, so we're going to assume we're here in a major city; these aren't spaced-out buildings; we're not in the wilderness; this is in the middle of Narnia, and that segments us into image number two, which is also a big city; we see more buildings; and it also shows a crosswalk down in the bottom left hand of the screen.

season 2

And skinny what looks kind of like a cherry blossom? I guess you could call it a regular tree, and then up in the top right, we also have a sky bridge. Now, if you look at all this and assume that we're in a city from the first image, this is highly speculated to be Shabuya Crossing. In Japan, Jaan, this location is extremely pretty, and just the thought of going to Japan for season 2 gets me giddy.

I think that there is potential for cosmetics. Like a Japanese-themed battle pass and store item, I mean, it's just going to be beautiful. Everything about Japan is beautiful, but yeah, the Shabuya scramble crossing is an iconic tourist attraction and the center of youth fashion and culture, and it would be one hell of a location for the finals to take us with the crosswalk, the skybridge, and all of the trees that are there.

Over the top of the playable map, it would be insane. I mean, we already have the big bridge on the soul, but once that's taken out, it falls down into the ground, and I mean, if you fall off the map, this would all fall onto the playable map.

season 2 details

I mean, we're in the middle of a city here, and in addition to the crosswalk, it would almost seem like this map could function somewhat like Las Vegas already has the Center Plaza in Las Vegas and then all the casinos and hotels around it, and maybe they could do the same here with a mall on one corner and.

I don't know, some shopping and a market on the other corner. They could do a ton of stuff. Only one section of Las Vegas on the map that we currently have is actually realistic to what's there in real life, and the rest was developed by the game studio and kind of made in their own innovative way.

They got creative with it and what's around there, but they could probably do the same thing with this map. I don't know if they're going to try to copy-paste the whole location. You know, spot on, but they'll probably do; they'll probably function somewhat like Las Vegas does, but yeah, we had a ton of UFOs; it was really cool.

season 2 explained

Event, it tied in with the theme of Las Vegas, and so a bunch of traffic could make sense for Shabuya crossing lights. Go green cars are going to drive by crazy, and you better get out of the way unless you want to get one tapped by an SUV. And when the lights are red, I mean you're free to cross-go as you play.

Please make your way to the next building and go destroy it with some C4. That's pretty much all I have to say about the maps, and so now we're going to move on to the new gun that is speculated to be coming to the finals, which is going to be shown by this image here once again. At first glance, it doesn't look like a whole lot, but when you compare it to some of the weapons that we have in real life, it kind of looks like the Famas, and the Famas is a three-round burst rifle, obviously in some of the Call of Duty games we've seen.

season 2 gameplay

Go fully automatic. We actually don't know if this will be a fully automatic or a burst rifle, but when I look at the medium class, which is what this is most speculated to go for. I think that a burst rifle would really fit the medium class. I think that heavy doesn't make so much sense for them to run around with ARs; they're more light machine guns, shotguns, and sledgehammers, and the same with light; they're more SMGs, quick runaround weapons, and skill-shot weapons like snipers, so yeah.

I think this could go well. I think it would fill the void of the type of weapon that we're missing right now in the game, and I think it would be a great addition. The Famas is an extremely iconic weapon. I think they could have won with an M16 as well, but once again, we don't know if this is going to be burst, and if anything, the Famas is probably more iconic than the M16.

I don't know. That's just my take. I'm just trying to think of where these weapons fall into place. We got the AK, which is a bit faster to fire, more accurate, and has more recoil. It's harder to hit fewer bullets; burst makes sense, and to finish it off, we're going to be talking about just the overall theme of this season.

season 2 teaser

We have CNS, which has proudly presented us with some leaks for season 2's music. The song is definitely giving 80s and 90s retro article game vibes as to what they've released, and when you think of Japan, they are a major contributor to retro article games and even modern-day article games. They have companies like Sega and Nintendo, Freaking Nintendo, Bandai Namco, and Capcom; they're all Japanese companies, and so this does make a lot of sense.

THE FINALS Season 2 is nearly upon us, here's our theory on what we think will happen.
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