The Finals - Dev Explains New Ranked System. Apex/eac Exploit Concerns. More


The finals just got some brand new developer updates. We also have a developer coming out to explain ranking and fame points. We have a super serious PSA with a possible easy antiche exploit as well as some of the marketing happening with season 2, a possible mystery QR code, another tiny stealth change with season 2, and some additional mechanical changes.

We have a lot to talk about. It's Utopia back in with another article today, we're checking out all things finals. Okay, let's just jump right into it. First up, we'll talk about those developer updates with the rank system. So during my last article, I talked about a developer having a community live stream, which was around an hour and 40 minutes long.

However, during that live stream, he does go over the fame points in the current D ranking system, as well as just clarifying certain things, so there is this minute clip here of him going over everything. However, I'm going to summarize it in total for someone by the name of MAIF. On the sub, he actually did this as well, where he also time stamps and links to the actual clip of where this starts, which is around the 28-minute mark.


However, the summary of all this and everything that he talked about is about the Fame Points and why they're hidden on purpose. Essentially, if you haven't noticed, the current Fame Points aren't visible to the actual player. They have said they will maybe go back on this feedback there and actually make the Fame Points visible again.

However, for right now, they are hidden on purpose. After eight placement rounds, you will most likely end up between bronze and gold. Again, this can vary based on your performance; however, some people have noted that they've had better performances and still ended up in bronze. Another big change is that in rank, you can rank infinitely, so no matter what rank you're in, you can still fall down all the ranks, depending on how much you overperform or underperform.


There or again there is no catch mechanic there so if you do demote you can do that infinitely, seemingly all the way back to bronze if that's where you belong and again that also applies to full tier so you can d rank from Diamond to platinum so it's not like apex's old system where you would actually drank you wouldn't drank into the previous tier and you would just be held off in that tier now you can actually demote through those tiers entirely, however with that your rewards that you get will be based on the highest rank that you achieve during that season not the one that you end up with so if you do demote and get into a lower rank you'll still get the rewards from the higher rank that you achieved, from the highest rank that you got during the season so you can continuously play and not worry about demoing as long as you wanted those rewards from that specific Rank and the last thing he did mention here was that they do hear all the feedback on the current rank system as well as about the lack of transparency, and all of it is under consideration.


Especially with those hidden Fame points he did hit on multiple times. I know a lot of people wanted the rank system explained, so now here we have some type of in-depth discussion around that, and hopefully if more people do voice their concerns about the hidden Fame points, they will actually bring those back next up, though we did have that really serious PSA on EAC as well as what's going on with Apex and how it pertains to the finals.

So currently, if you haven't seen agls, they did get hacked with two different things happening: essentially, someone was able to figure out a back door into either EAC or the source engine, and they were able to implement a hack onto a streamer's computer, so not only did they hack into someone else's PC, they also implemented an Aimbot on that PC during agls.

Now, we currently don't know if this is an RCE or an exploit, which is a random code executable, which more so pertains to the source engine, so this wouldn't apply to the finals; however, in the odd case that it does have to do with EAC, this actually would pertain to the finals because, of course, currently it does use EAC as well as many other games.


EA has not come out to say if this is from EAC or RC, which is with the source engine. Obviously, they've been telling players to be with Extreme Caution, and they've even told that original player who did get hacked in the agls to completely reformat his PC. Again, we'll still have to wait and see on everything.

There is a ton of caution there with that, but this is more than likely just with the source engine, as we have seen a ton of cheats on Titan Fall now. Unfortunately, it looks like Respawn has been ignoring those problems with Titanfall that are now leading off into Apex. Again, this is mostly pertaining to that Sor engine, more than likely, but we did have to wait for a major PSA with EAC as well as the finals, so just be wary if you want to stop playing for now.

Of this whole thing that's happening, there is a major PSA with that there now, of course. With that next earnings call, we did have them say that they were going to pick up on the marketing for season 2, and yes, we're seeing that here as well as that private event stuff that I had as well as the marketing campaign that's happening over in France.

new map

So currently, we do have this marketing campaign P that's happening over there. We'll have to wait and see how much more push they get with season 2, but I think they'll mark it throughout the entire season. Again, we did see a pretty big jump in player count there, so I think they'll continue with the marketing campaign as well as just pushing the game out there even more now.

There were two little stealth or secret changes that happened with season 2, the first of which is that you can no longer actually out heal the gas damage, even though the gas damage was nerfed significantly.

There is that example here from the post, but also my game footage here that showcases that yes, you cannot out heal the gas damage, but as a commentary here pointed out, it's still long enough to take a cash out again. The gas damage was nerfed on its initial tick rate, but it was now buffed to be even stronger in the later ticks, so yeah, you're not going to be able to out heal it, but you can take a cash out still.

new season

Another minor stealth change here is that now when people are on your friends list, you can see when they're in the game or on the menu. Unfortunately, this seems like it only applies to adding people within the game and possibly just on PC, as console players have pointed out that doesn't tell them this currently.

Again, this might only apply to in-game ads or even Steam, so if you are on the consoles, you might not see this as of right now, but hopefully they do bring that change over to the consoles as well. Now there is that mystery QR code that you might see on the new AK skin, which is that new disco AK skin.