The Finals - Embark On New Aim Assist System. Mmr Details. Top 10k Player Data. Druski

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The finals developers gave brand new insight on both the ranking and the assist. We have further details on the MMR system and how it caters to the casual modes and the assist. We also have a potential aim-assist bug. Additionally, we have some further stats on the top 10, 000 players, and a whole bunch more.

We have a lot to talk about. On Discord, we had a developer named SLV. We answered a question here asking about these separate MMR systems for casual and ranked the response as yes, but currently it's quite aggressive for minimizing Q times, so that is the one reason for matchmaking. Sometimes it seems a bit random.

We're looking into tweaking it during season 1 to improve the experience and make bigger changes for season 2. Now we had a really good comment here on Reddit that actually highlights kind of the takeaway overall with this. This is a comment by APR, who says the takeaway is this, so essentially, the MMR casual and ranked modes are obviously clearly separate.

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It's really cool to know that your MMR from the casual modes actually doesn't pertain to your rank; at all, these are completely different systems and completely independent from each other. Matchmaking is indeed tuned for speed instead of quality, as the community suspected, so they obviously want faster CU times to get people in matches quicker instead of trying to pair you up with people that are really close in rank to you or really close in MMR.

Now I do think that it adds a lot more dynamic to the game, so I do actually like that. Now maybe it might be a little bit controversial in the ranked modes, but for casual modes. I do think overall that having the dynamic there is kind of quicker Q times, but maybe a broader range of players. I do think that's actually a better dynamic, at least for the casual mode.

However, for ranking, you could definitely make arguments on why that would be bad. Overall, it seems like they really want to work on this and fine-tune it, so we'll just have to wait and see what ends up happening with that. Now I covered three in that kind of segment there with the fine-tuning, and then they did mention here, of course, that bigger changes are coming to rank two.


It is really nice to see developers give us a nice, in-depth kind of analysis of their thought process and what is going on within the game, like the finals. I appreciate when developers are super open about their game, which is just like the finals that bring us to today's article sponsor featuring The One and Only Druski.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It's nice to meet you. Cover, Jumping back in, we're going to look at some more development updates around the assist system. This is from Dusty here, and this is a pinned comment so you can see this for yourself.

You are actually able to use this, and in the interview, Dusty mentioned that here you are able to use it, but the aim assist will not be present. There is no indicator on the screen if the AA is working or not, but we're testing it again internally, and we can see that the parch is working and the aim assist is not running, Rewd.

If you have a scenario where it is working for you, it would be great to read about it in the feedback channel so we can dive deeper. It's actually pretty cool that they were able to allow the review, but it was actually just disabled. The emulation for Amon now is probably on a detection-by-detection basis, but this is definitely going to rid a lot of that stuff here.


It is kind of crazy that Imark figured this out before, like multi-billion. Dollar Studios, definitely goes to show that these guys are very passionate about having their game working right now very quickly we do have those distribution stats for the top 10 , 000 players across the board this actually covers Xbox PlayStation and steam so it's a comprehensive of the top 10, 000 players but that's among 30, 000 people on the data chart now if you look here it is kind of crazy because pc/ steam doesn't have anybody in gold or even silver however this is do in part because this is the top 10, 000 players so there obviously is PC players in those ranks however the top 10, 000 players obviously does skew heavily towards PC whereas the top rated console players are a bit further down the chain definitely some really cool real world data to see also another last minute mentionable here is that there might be an a assist bug so I'm just trying to get the word out there with this one because it seems like it's being kind of missed out on now no one knows if this is intentional or not but seems like there's a post here on the actual subreddit, which is by tuckas who goes over here in a tldr.


It basically says that under 20 M A assist slowdown is completely not working after patch. Above this range, these functions actually do work, so it might be a bug, but it might actually be something that they changed and was left out of the patch as there was nothing in the patch notes to signify this as being changed.

Now this might actually be exclusive to the console, as it does seem like this function is working on PC. Some people originally thought it was tied to the shotgun; however, it does look like this problem is not exclusive, so we will have to wait and see if that does end up getting fixed. Overall, that's about the cover for today's article.

I do hope you guys enjoyed it, and until the next