The Finals - First Big Season 2 Patch Update 2.1. Huge Heavy Nerf. Easter Skins


The finals just got a brand new update. 2.1.0 we also have brand new store bundles, as well as the potential future store bundle with a ton of different dynamic and unique changes for this patch, as well as some big balance patches to both the CIS New Horizon map glitch grenades and even the SA2 shotgun, and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today, we're checking out all things finals. Okay, so first up, let's just jump right into the actual patch notes. But first up, we do have that opening statement on both Discord and the patch notes themselves. Now we do have that opening statement here by Oscar, who goes on to say, Hey contestants, welcome to the first update of season 2.

This time, we're bringing the first improvement to our private match map selection. We're also making some tweaks to the maps in power shift polish to the CIS Horizon map balance changes to the glitch grenades and a Nerf to the sa2. Shotgun, what they wanted to say, and much more. They did have an ending or closing statement here; they said it's incredible seeing all of you tackle season 2 over the past few weeks, and we're so happy and humbled with all the feedback so far.


Jumping over the Pat notes, we do actually have a different opening statement here where they go on to say this update brings a new improvement to private matches. In the first of many improvements, we have added map selection to the feature so you can play in the arena of your choice. We're excited to see how many of you love Power Shift.

Very soon, we'll be adding new maps to this mode, so you can ride the platform to its destination in a whole new setting. This and more are coming in season 2, so stay tuned. It looks like we'll probably get CIS Horizon, as well as a few other maps with that PO shift mode. Definitely something I was curious about was whether other creators were curious about during that private practice event.


Now, first up, we do have the bug fixes and additions. Obviously, they have gone over that private match mode where players can't select the map when starting a private match. Players will no longer be stuck trying to join the game server after leaving a private lobby. They fixed an issue where party members with different crossplay settings could be unable to leave private match lobbies, and they also fixed a bug where players could bypass the crossplay requirement for private matches, which resulted in a soft lock, so some definite decent fixes there for the private matches.

Now consoles actually did get a crash fix for audio-related crashes. We had some fixes for the power shift mode, which mostly pertained to the placement of jump pads and zip lines as well as the orientation. And the placement of spawn points that changed also happened on Skyward Stadium, and they fixed the objective count score in the summary screen.

That's a general fix for all maps now, as they did say they had some performance and polish updates on the CIS Horizon map. I had incredible performance on this map, so I'm surprised they even got more performance out of it, so it should run even better. They fixed some collision issues with the ceiling blockers as well as destruction tree effects on the CIS Horizon map.


They also had a major fix here where they moved a spawn location in the corner of Monaco near the hotels, which was creating an imbalance in scenarios in certain games. They also fixed some destruction effects that were happening on Soul Now weapons and gadgets. They actually did get some fixes here too, where they fixed inconsistent damage when multiple explosives were triggered at the same time by C4.

And breaching charges as opposed to multiplying melee damage They also fixed an issue that made recoil on burst weapons not behave as intended. I do wonder if they added even more recoil to the actual Famas or if the recoil was just sporadic on certain weapons, especially the 93r. It looks like they had a major issue with the gateway, which was thrown into an APS, and it wouldn't be refunded to the user now that it has been fixed again.


They also made some further zipline improvements. They also improved the dematerializer's ability to dematerialize and rematerialize objects when multiple objects were in play or close to each other, and now they remove the ability to equip Mes Shield during a defib revive. However, I believe you're still allowed to use jump pads, so I hope that applies to jump pads as well.

They also fixed some art issues here. The major one being that oversized ORF sweater to prevent the sleeves from blocking ads. I know I have a ton of footage from the actual private event with that sweater. I really liked and really enjoyed it, and so I'm glad they actually did fix that, and they also adjusted the shoulder-length hair styles to avoid clipping.

There were some UI and ux fixes; social sync will not be excluded if a user is already logged in; and there were some text issues. They also fixed throughout the game a weird bug here that caused cars to weigh more if they had an active ping marker attached to them. They had two audio fixes here now: the big ones for weapon balance and gadgets for the SA2.


They decreased the fire weight from 230. RPM to 200, so there was a decent nerf there. They also decreased the damage per pellet from 7 to 6, so a definite hard nerf on the SA26. I know a lot of people had issues with it, so it was definitely time for the SA2 to be nerfed, especially with that new KS23.

Shotgun that kind of got overshadowed by this other weapon now gadgets had another major change, the glitch grenades will now trigger on impact when they hit mes shields and dome shields or other services, but they will still bounce. This is a massive change here. This is going to help a lot of people trying to get those glitch grenades out and be able to take down those Mees Shields are definitely a major quality of life change there, and glitch grenades at this point are pretty much a must-have.

They also made it so that glitch traps can change to trigger on impact when they hit Mass Shields and Dome Shields again, another major quality of life change there for both equal equipment, and last but not least, here they do have the security updates where they improved prevention and detection.


And they also added a new ban progression system with a three-strike system. We'll have to see how that fares in play with certain things, and if they mean with cheating or just exploits in general. I assume they just mean with exploits as adding a three-strike prevention system or a three-strike system that actually cheats or uses an Aimbot, probably not the right player there, so hopefully they just mean certain things or certain exploits that are still decent and they step in the right direction.