The Finals - Major Embark Id Changes You Need To Know. Bannings/errors. Update 2.2.0


The finals just got a brand new major update, 2.2. I'm going to go over all the details around the actual event as well as the patch, some of the free event rewards, the Easter egg event itself, and some of the new details on the actual new map that you might have missed or haven't seen as of yet. We'll also go over some of the errors that are happening with the update, as well as the major change coming to Steam and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article, and today we're checking out all things finals. Okay, so hopping into the actual patch. I'm going to change it up for today because I've already seen a ton of people post patch stuff and patch notes, so today I'm going to cover most of the things encapsulated around the actual events as well as what's happening over on the Embark portal side of things.

I do want to go over their opening statements, as this does cover a lot both on the Discord as well as the patch notes. Now with the beginning one, here we do have this from Oscar posted on the Discord who talks about the CIS Horizon map Powers shift and leaving plenty of decorations around the map, and yeah, if you haven't seen it, there are a ton of new decorations around the CIS Horizon map; there's even a massive bunny outside.


Of the map, there's a lot of really cool hidden details within it, so if you haven't seen it already and played the game mode, you should definitely check it out. There's actually a decent amount of change with all the decorations. There are some really cool hidden details that I'm sure people will discover later on as well.

Now they actually have an announcement here going back on some of the previous updates that they gave before in my last article, so they said earlier this week they had announced that they were going to remove a couple game modes, this was to make room for both the bunny bash and cash out. However, after all the feedback they received about the love shown for bankets, they've changed their plans, so bankets will stay and will still be available from Quickplay.


However, they did remove the unranked tournament. Which will make room for cash out I can understand a few grievances with that although I think at this point now most people have seen the tournament mode and what it kind of offers, so I do think that the push to have people go into ranked and just kind of queue up in the quick play section, that's definitely going to help with more fleshed out things and push people to play ranked and actually get more players into rank which I do think will help with the cheating problem as well as just kind of the balance there with people getting matched up with more equal statuses or more equal ranks, now I will go over some of the major changes with this patch notes however there's been plenty of articles that have already gone over basically all of them so they did have a huge weapon rebalancing.

One of the big ones here is that the F car actually did finally get its Nerf; they adjusted the recoil pattern to make the weapon slightly less easy to control; they also decreased the falloff multiplayer at max range from 67 to. 5, meaning it does less damage at longer range, so maybe that'll give the Famas a bit of a leg up there; however, we'll have to see how that plays out; and the 93r actually saw its increased fire rate from 240 RPM to 260.


The glitch trap and glitch grenade also got a big Nerf there, where they got their effect reduced from 10 seconds down to five. It's definitely understandable for some of these changes here, and I'm glad they are mixing up the meta and changing the balance. Most of the other things in these patch notes are just minor fixes.

As always. Some people are getting banned, but they're not actually getting banned; it's just a ban glitch. If this does happen to you, someone said they got banned for 13 days. Just go ahead and relaunch your game. This might potentially happen when you leave a game too early or too suddenly. There might be a little pop-up that happens.

Just go ahead and relaunch your game, and you should be just fine again. This does seem to be happening from abandoning matches. Maybe there's a new system they're implementing eventually that's going to have a kickout timer. However, it doesn't seem to be fully functioning yet, so you can close your game and reopen it now.


There is another major detail over on the patch notes, but this has to do with steam in the Imark portal, so they went on to mention here that they're going to be switching all PC display names, or steam names, to the Imark. ID soon; this will make social connections easier and allow us to share better-quality display names going forward.

It seems like they want to do some monitoring, and with that, as Steam doesn't really have that much, they said that you'll see a popup when you first open the game, and you don't need to do anything for this change. All you have to do is already have an Embark ID. If you want to change your display name or Embark ID name, you can do that before the switch.

Do that by visiting the Embark portal, and again, they said there's no way to lose rank or any progress or friends on the social page due to this change, and of course this will not affect console players at all. And really cool, you can actually change your display name every 10 minutes. If you feel that you don't need to, if you feel like you want an original name, or if you feel like you don't even remember the name that you had.


Again, a decently massive change at least for the ID name, so you might see different names on your friends list if you do have PC players added, so just make note of that some of your friends might have some different names and your name might also be different in the coming days. Now we've had some questions about the bunny suit or the bunny suit DLC.

So this is actually a DLC. Within Steam, it's also a DLC on the console platforms; it's not located in the store at all, so you do have to actually go to the DLC pages, whether it's the store page for the console platforms or the store page for the steam platform, and that will be located under the DLC section; it's actually right there just underneath the game.


I think the main factor in this is that you actually do receive 2400, Multi-b, so in exchange, you are receiving that skin for $20. As well as that $20,2400 multi-B pass or bundle, so again, it's not going to cost anything additional for $20. You get the skin, and the $2400 that you can spend on other skins within the game is fairly decent.

It's definitely an expensive skin, but I understand it does come with a lot of different things, as you do get that full outfit and an emote as well, as well as that 2400 multi-b. Some people do believe that this is going to be removed after the Easter egg event, although I assume they could do that with the store as well.

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