The Finals - Massive Playlist Update & Future Changes. Easter Egg Event. More


The finals just got a pretty big shakeup to their playlist. I outline all the details with that, as well as the future updates. We also have another CNS posting as well as an additional update on that PC giveaway. We also got some medium comparisons for the TTK and even some server updates from last night.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all things final. Okay, so first off, let's just jump right into the update with the playlist. As we do have some major shakeups and changes happening there, this post does come from Embark Dusty over on the disc scored, or he goes on here to say that it's time for a mode.

Shuffle, we wanted to let you know in advance of this week's updates that some changes are coming first. Cash out is back. The Casual 3v3. V3 mode will return to the arena; it's a great way to warm up for a rank tournament or even to fit a quick round in at lunch, which definitely has nice one-round in and out, and I'm not a fan of the 3v3 V3.


I actually do like the four-team setup, so I'm glad it's coming back into the rotations. Now we have an update here saying leaving the stage is banket an unranked tournament; obviously, banket was a little bit underplayed. However unranked tournament was definitely a very controversial one with this however seemingly they do have a very good reason for this where they say we see the fewest people in these two mode so you decided to put them in the vault for now to make room, if you and your group of friends are passionate about banket do not fret you can still play it in private matches which is pretty cool there that they'll still allow that game mode to be accessible if people do actually want to still play it last that they did go on here to say that we don't normally announce things in advance but we wanted to give you some more time to play the outgoing modes, and they did preface here that saying don't worry they aren't gone forever ever they want on here to say that there's more to look forward to in this week's update, including a pretty excellent holiday event so stick around for more information on that later this week which seems like we might be getting that bunny skin either in the store or as an event would be really cool to see that be an event skin however I do believe there's one other skin that was showcased, during the promotion material.


Which still isn't in the game, so it could be either of those two or it could be a different reward entirely, and with Easter coming this Sunday, we'll have to wait and see on everything there. I'm guessing more than likely this update will come out Thursday or Friday, which is typical for game patches on most games.

I believe that's also due in part to how the Ciles actually publish updates, which are usually around Tuesday or Thursday, as well as game launches in general. Again, it probably doesn't matter 100%, but I do think that's when we'll see this next update, as that's just been mostly typical for a lot of these game launches and updates.


Overall, I'm curious about your thoughts on unranked tournaments leaving, as we've had some controversy there with that, or we had a post here saying I play unranked tournaments to avoid cheating. I totally understand that I do play a lot of unranked tournaments on and off to actually prepare for tournament ranked; however.

I could see with cash out coming back that being more of the warm-up and scrims there. I'm not as opposed to this leaving, as if it were one of the few played playlists, then yeah, rank tournaments are probably the go-to. I do think it'll help flush more people in, and maybe you'll see even fewer cheaters because of that.

Because a lot of players were avoiding the ranked mode because of cheaters, now those players will be flushed into the ranked mode, and so theoretically and statistically, you'll actually be less likely to encounter them. We'll have to see how that change goes there. I know for Oce and a few other Asian regions and servers that they do have a few issues there; it's probably not an issue more so with NA, as we do have a very large gaming population.


However, hopefully for those other regions, they do see a kind of tick-up in player count there, at least as far as that playlist goes, and the potential of encountering people that are actually cheating lessons, quite drastically. Also, with that new anti-che system that I mentioned in my last article, hopefully everything combined will see even less of it overall.

We'll have to wait and see how everything comes to fruition and if it does actually change. But yeah, hopefully that does fix a lot of the issues there now. CNS did actually make another post, so weirdly enough, with the season, we actually did have another Easter egg or another CNS leak, so here we have another gift over on the subreddit that was posted.

Now this is reminiscent of maybe a monocle, or it's like a circular shape with a monocle on it. VI will break this down over on the Easter egg side of the Discord. Strangely enough, in the background, there are some boxes; one is reminiscent of a cash out, and another could possibly be a drainage, or at least seemingly, so we've had a lot of dissecting with this article overall, as well as the imagery.


We've also had some of the TVs being quote-unquote hacked by CNS on the actual maps, so something is definitely happening in the season 2 arenas. A lot of this stuff is still being broken down, and things inside the maps people are still trying to figure out, so hopefully we do get some sort of major update there as well as maybe even some Easter eggs with the excellent.

There is a bit of play on words there, but that definitely could allude to something, as we do have the Easter egg event happening. It could be too good to be true, but there is a lot of play going on there, so we'll have to see how that all comes to fruition again. As always, you can find that Easter egg hunt stuff on Discord.

Check out the channels and head to the thread section of the actual Discord. Now we do actually have that PC giveaway update, so Oscar over on Discord did not let us be the winner for the bepoke. Finals: Allied Gaming PC has been drawn now. I do believe you pronounce this Jacob, and not Jacob, but Jacob C is the actual winner.


Congratulations on winning this awesome machine. Also, Allied Gaming, of course, has this link on their Twitter to announce that winner as well. It's definitely a decent PC, and it's pretty cool-looking. I've covered it in several articles now, so I figured I'd just give an update when they actually announce the winner.

I definitely would have taken the upgrade too, and I did apply for this giveaway, only because I definitely could use the system upgrade. But yeah, unfortunately, I didn't win this one, but I'm sure the person who did will put it to good use moving on, though last night we did actually have a server outage.

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