The Finals - New Dev Livestream. Secret Mechs Found. Stealth Change & Twitch Drop


The finals just got a brand new Dev Live stream, and we also got some new hidden mechanics and tricks with the new equipment. We got some stuff happening over on Twitch, as well as some twitch drops and a minor stealth change that happened from 1.10 to 2.0, some thoughts on the new weapons, some new tips and tricks on the new challenge circuit, and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today, we're checking out all things the finals, okay, so let's just jump right into it. There is currently a Dev Community live stream happening right now, and this is obviously for the season 2 promo. Embark Oscar is the one who hosts these; he was playing 5v5.

Powers shift, although I do know later on he will play some private matches, and it seems like he'll be queuing up some of those with actual chatters, so if by the time this article goes out and the live stream is still up, you can jump in there and try to get into those private matches if you want. The finals channel has also dropped multiple trailers; they dropped a new one today for the CIS Horizon map, where we got a ton of nice brand new imagery.


Also, alongside that Dev Community stream, we did have a Twitch drop. However, this did seem to launch yesterday, or at least the time was set to yesterday, so I missed that with yesterday's article. However, there's still plenty of time to get this drop, as it does go to March 28th. Now this twist drop is a twitch charm, which is for your weapon.

It's got the little Twitch logo, so I would say this mostly pertains to other Twitch streamers, especially people trying to promote their brand or themselves. It's still cool overall to get a little free cosmetic there, so there is that, and you only have to watch a stream for 2 hours, so it's not very long to obtain this reward again.

Make sure you connect everything when you do so that way you can have the reward actually linked into your game. Recently, there were some really cool mechanics that were discovered with the dematerializer. And an APS, this also might apply to other things like the turret, but we'll have to wait and see on that.


So over on Reddit, the real Fallen Wolf actually did put this together or put these mechanics together; however, I did end up using my own footage here as it's very easy to set up. You just use a dematerializer, remove the wall, and then you can place the APS inside the actual wall once you reapply the wolf with the dematerializer.

At first I thought this was mostly RNG, as I didn't have a ton of time to test a ton of different things and at least I wanted to play my games when I did do that private event however we do have some more testing here and this was done by basker, over on Reddit again super easy to set up so I did use my own footage here essentially that you can just use the data reshaper to change objects however that's not the significance of it here is that they actually do happen in sequence or they are based on a sequence so it seems like they're not RNG, and I even waited some time in between then and yes it does seem like it's based entirely on a sequence, so depending on when you change an object and when you change the next one it will always follow that sequence which again this really only pertains to the actual canisters.


So whether or not you want an aggressive or defensive one there, that will kind of be based on the sequence. Of course, if you're just changing a defensive or even aggressive object into a regular object, which would be like a turret or an APS, into something else technically, it's not going to matter as much with that.

There are also some really cool hidden mechanics that were discovered with both of those, so we'll have to wait and see if there's any more with any of the other new items. I know for me, I'm still playing around with the Gateway, and maybe I'll have an additional article on that. We're jumping over the new weapons.

We have a lot of discussion and discourse around these now, first up because this pertains to me. We do have a thread here that got highly upvoted on the thoughts on the 93r. A lot of people are saying it's very inconsistent and felt really good for the first few games, then kind of felt off after that.


That's kind of how it was for me, especially at that private event. I really enjoyed the new pistol. I liked it a lot, but it does seem like you really have to get those headshot modifiers out in order for it to feel consistent, and talking with other creators as well, at least during the event, they also thought the same thing that you really do have to get those headshot modifiers out, where when you do the ttk, it feels really good and strong and probably even better than the current pistol, which is the v9s.

I've been switching back and forth, trying to make this thing work. I am curious about your guys thoughts on it, but we also do have some discourse and discussion around all the new weapons. Again, I haven't had a ton of time aside from the private event testing the Famas and the KS23. Now we do have somewhat of a stealth change, but nothing too crazy from 1 to 10.


After some time, people discovered where the camera area was for all the new maps or all the maps in general, and they were messing with that area and kind of just doing different things, so they weren't actually playing the game; they were just messing with the camera area, which I could definitely see why they'd want to patch that out, so hopefully they do bring back the little custom animations or custom things you can do during the cut scene.

Although again, this isn't like that big of a major issue and just kind of one of the changes that happened during 1.10 to 2.0. I figured I'd covered it since it's something that they didn't list in the patch notes specifically. Now the challenge circuit does have a really kind of hard quote-unquote challenge in it right now, which is they deal 5, 000.

Damage to opponents With Grenades, this seems to be somewhat difficult in the regular modes; however, the new 5v5. Power shift mode does actually make this fairly easy, and as someone said here, they got it done yesterday. They ran medium on the new mode and lobbed all sorts of nades onto the platform, which seems to be the way to go if you do want to get this challenge done, and the new mode's pretty fun anyway.


You already need an RPG Central in that new mode, so you might as well get it done with that in this mode, and as someone pointed out here, you have the whole season to get these done. However, it's understandable that people want to just push through the circuit and get those done and progress as fast as possible, so hopefully that little tip there does help with that one.