The Finals - New Movement Tech Discovered. Esports Orgs & Community Desires. More


The finals just got some brand new tech discovered, and we also have to go over the potential eSports scene that's finally picking up some of the new requests from fans that have been recently circulating the subreddit. We also got some further developer updates on some of the server situations, as well as an overall update with the Easter Bunny event and the Easter Bunny outfits, and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all the finals. Okay, so first up, let's jump into the updates with the Easter egg event as well as the Easter egg outfits. So currently, with the event, we do have the new Easter egg or bunny outfit. This was a long-awaited skin since the original trailer, and we also had some weird stuff happen with the skin being a DLC, but not in the actual store now.

There could be a variety of reasons for this. Some have said that it was easier to take on and off, I feel, from their own store. That would have applied there. My mini-theory is that they want to be pushed higher on the purchase section as the finnels don't really have any DLC or any purchase options as it is a free-to-play game, so on a lot of these store algorithms.


Microsoft. Sony Store, as well as Steam, it seems like they wanted to push there as they don't really have any options to purch anything outside of the game any way to get the word out about this game. I do think it's a good idea, so whether or not it's for an algorithm, push, or they just wanted to have multiple ways to purchase this.

I do think it is the right choice there to have those multiple avenues and purchasing this item or Le purchasing this bundle pack that again now is actually in the store, so you don't have to buy it from any DLC page or any of the DLC store pages within those platforms. You can actually purchase this through the store page, and again, that does include those 2400 baly bcks as well, so it doesn't matter whether you purchase within the in-game store or on your respective effective platforms through their DLC pages; either way, it works through all avenues, so you will receive that no matter what, and if anything, if you want to help the algorithm and help the push, more than likely you should purchase on the DLC page, as I do assume that's what it's for to mainly get the game and push it out on those purchase page algorithms.


As well as kind of moving it up on those specific charts, and we do have a slight update with that Easter egg suit as well as the Easter egg event. Now someone over in Discord did ask when that Easter egg suit was going to go away. Oscar from Imark replied here, saying I can get a confirmation next week, but I think it goes away after Easter.

Now, seemingly, I don't think he means right after Easter, although it could be. However, if he says he needs a confirmation next week. I assume it's still going to be there next week, so maybe he does mean Easter week there again, and I assume that means the entirety of next week. However, with this, you never know if it might disappear after today.


We also had an update on the server situation. I feel people are reporting bugs for long Q times, so over in the report section, we did have someone complain about the Q times in Oceania and Asia. I've also had a lot of comments on my previous articles talking about this issue as well. We had a small update here from Oscar, who said I can check the numbers on Tuesday, but I do think this is just a player count issue, unfortunately, especially on Console in Asia and OC.

So yeah, maybe there is a player count issue there. It does seem like the longer Q times, there is a player count issue. Again, I will say that for NA, the qes are typically pretty fast, but I have seen some complaints about ranked mode in the higher tiers. However, even in Apex, there's longer cues for those higher tiers, so with that, it's not exactly specific to the finals there; it's just that if you're in a higher ELO, you're going to have a longer Q time, and obviously, especially when you get to the highest rank, you're definitely going to see long Q times.


It really doesn't matter about the player count there, as it's all down to the player count within those categories. And when you get higher and higher and higher, those percentages really do drop with how many players are actually in those specific ranks; however. I could see how that would be an issue overall regardless of applying this year.

It does look like he'll be back on Tuesday to confirm when the Easter egg bunny suit does go away, as well as these player count issues and player count numbers over in those other regions. Again, hopefully, with more marketing and more seasons, we'll see the player count continue to rise. I do think they'll continue to have more push throughout the season as well as when we get new updates, but we'll have to wait and see.

On top of all that, now we do have that New Movement TCH that just dropped and has to deal with the goo gun or goo in general. As far as I can tell, this was discovered by Staples. This has been confirmed on both Reddit and Twitter. However, I'll showcase my own footage here that you can see, and if you do want to kind of get the goo on that corner piece, if you don't, you won't actually be able to do the movement technique.


I'll also include Stain's Threat as well as a few others that have been posted since then, so be sure to check those articles out. That's why I didn't cover too much here again. Overall, there is some really cool tech that exists within this game. We'll have to see what Embark's stance is on this; they have nerfed certain movement tech things before, but maybe they'll allow this one to stay, which could ultimately become pretty meta, so we'll have to see how much it actually influences.

Next up, we do have some really cool things happening in eSports. Side of things So first up here, I have covered this guy's twitch before, which is KATU Rivals. This guy does host some of the eSports final stuff that's happening, including scrims and tournament stuff. I know he's probably really hyped with the private match stuff that came out with this new update, and with that, it does seem like they're going full force here with season 2; they are doing some esports stuff.


He's hosted valerant-style tournaments before, so they want to do one for the finals. I think it's really cool, and if it brings more people to this game, it definitely will help. We also have an organization called Breakout eSports. It looks like these guys also want to bring some eSports stuff to the finals, which they're calling this year's Master Series, which will be a year-long tournament series where top contestants and Rising Stars can compete to earn titles in the best of the world.

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