The Finals - New Patch Update 2.1.1. New Anti-cheat & Fixes. More Community Skins


The finals just got a brand new update, which actually brings a lot more than the patch notes go over. However, I'm going to go over all the details with that. We'll also go over some hidden things in the game itself, including some tips for the new shotgun, the KS23, as well as some other additional changes from the last update, a brand new anti-Che assy, and a whole bunch more.

It's Utopia back in with another article today. We're checking out all things final, and now we did actually have an additional update today, 2.1.1. And while there aren't actual patch notes for this update, there were actually a lot of changes that weren't talked about in this opener. However, I'm going to go over the opener first, which is from Oscar here over on Discord.

He says today's update resolves an issue that prevented players from launching the game yesterday. We've worked to get this hot fix out now; this was actually related to the 2.1 update where we got the new Nexon NGS. Again, this wasn't really in the patch notes, and this wasn't talked about until fairly recently, especially with the update of being able to not load your game up and all the issues there with that.


However, we actually did get an additional anti-cheat other than EAC, so now we have this new anti-cheat from Nexon called Nexon Game Security, or NGS. As an article was posted yesterday, they said that when launching the game after the 2.1 update, you might get a popup from MGS. Asking you for access permissions, they did go on to say here that it is safe to accept this program, and they said that Nexon game security is one of the systems we'll be using for antivirus purposes; it has been developed by our partner company Nexon.

They did go on to say here that currently some users may experience an issue where accepting the permissions request doesn't work and the game doesn't launch; however, in this case, please run Steam as an administrator. We are aware of the issue, and we're actively working on resolving it. They have a thing here: if you still have any other questions, concerns, or any other questions about NGS, you can make a ticket here.


Again, they have a very nice ticket system now, so if you do have any questions on that, they should get back to you with that. really cool to see that Nexon is putting in work here as well, trying to get these anti-cheats out to their new games, which yeah, they have a bunch of games coming out either this year or next, including Arc Raiders and First Descendant, or at least that they are publishing, so hopefully all of this kind of leads into those games as well and even furthers the anti-cheat with the finals itself.

I think it's really cool to see the parent company and publisher put in an effort to actually help with the anti-che stuff, so I'm glad Nexon is putting the financial backing behind this and actually making their own anti-che for these games. Again, this did actually come out with the 2.1 update, but once they started having problems, they kind of announced it and talked about it with a 2.1.1.


Updates which hopefully should have resolved those issues on people not being able to launch the game we did out of that post this morning asking about what that 2.4 GB update actually was, and again yeah, this is where the anti-che, as well as getting those fixes out so that the anti-che or the new anti-che would actually launch people system now we do have some new things or some useful tips with the ks23, slug shotgun again these seem to be somewhat or mostly known, however currently the ks23.

It does not actually have a head shot multiplier, so no matter if you're hitting a body shot or a head shot, you're not going to be getting or doing more damage. This is the same damage across the board, and I tested this multiple times as well as this highly upvoted post here, which showcases that yeah, the shotgun does actually not do any more damage when you actually hit a head shot, although if you didn't know, the shotgun actually does a lot of building D.


So currently, about three to four shots at a wall will actually take it down with this shotgun, so it's almost a kind of breaching charge, although obviously this takes a bit longer to get through. There are some nice, useful tips there that actually do some decent damage to buildings as well as walls and other objects, so if you didn't know, the KS23 can actually be utilized as a breaching charge or at least as a breach material or breach tool, which I guess does give it a little bit of a leg up now that the other shotgun got significantly nerfed.

Although I still doubt people are going to take the KS23 over it, we'll have to wait to see how the meta does change with the recent updates, which also leads me on to the fact that with the recent update we did have the new Famas recoil. Now some people thought the actual spray pattern or the pattern of the actual bullets changed; however, it looks like it's the exact same pattern, just that the recoil is more refined now to me.


The Recoil in the private test was still absolutely insane compared to this; I'm not really sure if there was much change from that to live; however, it seemed like the Famas were lasering people back then, so I'm not sure how it could have been any more buffed, and to be honest, the Recoil feels a bit worse to me, or at least from the actual private event; however, it seems like other people have liked the new recoil adjustment, so we'll have to wait and see again.

trying to look through footage and compare it's kind of hard to compare and contrast that however yeah it was lasering people on the private event so I am wondering how much that changed to live now we do have actually a hidden achievement within the finals again I don't know how well known this was; however.


I haven't really seen much about it. Although there have been a few posts that have gone under the radar, we finally have this decently upvoted one here that says hidden achievement unlocked. Again some people have known about this but I thought I'd bring it up just in case so you can actually bounce a meteor off a jump pad during the meteor shower event and this will unlock a nice hidden achievement, there are a few others I'm sure people know about them and have passed them around however since a lot of posts and I'm looking through here now with the Reddit there hasn't really been anything that's been highly upvoted or really seen by the community so I figured at least highlight that now to you guys that there is actually hidden achievements and this is one of them still a really cool find overall, now just like one of my previous articles we had that challenge where it was actually quite difficult to get those grenade damage where people did give the suggestion on doing it in po shift mode, however now we have another one which is eliminate, five enemies using Quick Melee.

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