The Finals New Season 2 Rank Rework Has A Problem

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Everyone thoron here and today we're going to be talking about season 2 the finals more specifically ranked now I've been having a ton of fun with the new setup and the new modes and the new gadgets the new hacker class, however, there is some confusion with the new hidden ELO system along with some other stuff going on for ranks and people just don't really know how it's working so today we're going to go over how it works and if the devs are going to make any changes to it but without further ado let's jump into today's topic Finals has undergone significant transformations in its season 2 rank system.

I mean, the entire game actually got an overhaul with the new map, new gadgets, and new weaponry. All of it is overall pretty great, and it's with the goal of elevating the quality of experience within the rank tournament for a lot of us to enjoy more, as last season it just seemed like a long grind, not necessarily how skilled you were, and the developers have introduced substantial overhauls aimed at providing that more dynamic and personalized ranking experience for players.

However, these changes have not been without their fair share of community concerns, even though they have only been out for a day so far. The core premise of the Season 2 rank changes revolves around a revamped ranking system where you will now receive your starting rank based on your performance in the first eight rounds of gameplay, and the initial placement will typically fall within the bronze to gold range.

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Range serves as the foundation from which players can climb or descend based on their subsequent performance, and this departure from the traditional placement match approach has been met with both anticipation and apprehension from the player base myself. I'm not that great of a player, yet somehow, after my eight placement matches, I ended up winning gold.

Now I have two very good friends I was playing with who are far better than me, known as Lupy and Mon Ria. Somehow, they both, despite playing much better than me, ended up only getting bronze, and this is somewhat of an issue because one of the primary concerns echoed within the finals. Community pertains to the lack of visibility.


Regarding rank progression, we can't really see how we're earning points or how it even works. We're used to having at least clear indicators, such as progress bars, to track the advancements through the ranking system, as it was last season. However, this season there is the absence of such visual cues, which has left many players, including myself, feeling a little bit disoriented and uncertain about how we're exactly supposed to be getting our points.

The sentiment is actually encapsulated in a ton of Reddit threads, if you go and look, and there's one by user progress bar. Enthusiast who asserts we definitely need that rank progress bar back It's crucial for players to have a clear understanding of where they stand in terms of their rank and progression, and I could not agree more.

Hidden ELO typically does not work out well in ranked games. I'm looking at Apex Legends, which introduced it last season. It was a hidden MMR thing, and there were a lot of issues with it. There were also some concerns about consistency and reliability. In terms of rank point distribution, some players are reporting instances where they win matches but don't receive rank points, and that is leading to discrepancies between perceived performance and actual rank progression.


The issue has been highlighted in discussions like no rank points feedback, where players express frustration by saying they are not getting any rank points and not showing any FP. What's going on? In response to these concerns, the developers of the finals have emphasized the need for ongoing tweaks and adjustments throughout the season.

They acknowledge the complexity of implementing such a substantial overhaul and the necessity of gathering extensive data and feedback from the player base. If there is one thing that Embark has done really, really well, it's listening to us and making adjustments based on what we say, and so I don't have any doubt that this issue isn't going to be resolved in the very near future.

They are very on top of it. Embark on Oscar, and the development team there is absolutely fantastic. You might think you're really glazing them, but this team is really, really good after getting to see a lot of what they did in the play test, and that's important because engagement with the community is going to remain pivotal in navigating these changes successfully.

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The finals saw a player count jump with the new season, even though it wasn't the weekend. This game will continue to thrive and excel. In conclusion, though the rank changes for season two are overall good, I think they are a good step in the right direction. It feels more fluid and more fun, and adding in the new map is great.

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The Finals New Season 2 Rank Rework Has A Problem. All new players in THE FINALS have to complete eight placement matches to get their initial rank. According to the season two patch notes, you can expect to land somewhere between Bronze and Gold. When the season ends, youll see a small league reset.
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