Advanced Sword Techniques Guide - The Finals


I have a special article for you that goes over every single technique that I've learned using the sword. Trust me, it's going to completely change the way that you use this weapon, and if you doubt me, stick around to find out all right. The first thing to go over is how to hit with the sword. It's pretty simple, but there are a lot of things people don't realize.

Let's say this heavy is behind me. I don't have to be super accurate as long as my sword is actively doing damage. It has active frames that I can spin around and hit. It's really easy to hit with the sword as long as it's actively doing damage and you flick your mouse or whatever you can hit them with, so I can do things like this with a lunge.

Let's say I shoot past my target and I miss them. I can just turn my mouse or my joystick onto them and register a hit, so don't worry about being super precise at the moment. If you just need to secure a hit, you can do something like a wiggle or a spin. We want to try to be precise, but you can do a lot of things with the sword if you know how the active frames work.


That goes into one other technique I'll quickly cover, which is poking. If you're a fan of my channel and watch the Jedi Academy content, you'll know this technique. So my sword comes out from the right on the first swing rather than waiting for it to hit at the apex; instead. I can turn myself to the right or to the left where my sword is going to come out from the right, and it will register the hit faster.

This could save you a few extra milliseconds. That could secure a kill or save your life, so it's a useful tip. The main takeaway is that you can do a lot of cool things as long as you know how the sword works. To activate frames, you just have to touch them. So that ends this part. Let's go on to the next one.

All right, the next tip is going to be how to use the lunge. This is a very powerful move; it's going to form the bread and butter of your sword play, and after I show you some techniques, you're going to be using this move all the time. So the first thing we'll do is go over the premise: you charge up an attack, you let go, and your character lunges forward.


The first thing you want to note is that if you are airborne or jumping, you will not get the forward momentum; you have to be on the ground to get that speed boost forward. Second tip: if you want to cancel your lunge, just left click or primary fire, and you can cancel it without actually having to initiate a lunge.

So you can initiate a lunge a lot faster than what I see most people doing, so learn to get the timing down so you can actually. Use it really fast. One of the downsides of the lunge is that while you're charging it up and while you're holding it, you cannot sprint, so you're kind of a sitting duck, and if someone's sprinting away from you, you can't really go after them.

But what you can do is slide. Lunge: This is very simple; you just initiate a slide, and immediately after you press the button to slide, you immediately start charging up your lunge. This allows you to be highly mobile while being able to charge up a lunge and execute it, so definitely use this technique; it's going to make the lunge a lot better, and one of the reasons we really want to use the lunge is that it does bonus damage.


For example, on a medium, it takes four left clicks to get a kill, but if I start using my lunge, it only takes two hits to secure a kill. That extra bit of bonus damage is going to be critical with some of the techniques. I'm going to show you that it's eventually going to allow you to one-hot a light like I did at the start of the article, so right-clicking will lower the number of hits you need to secure a kill.

If you can hit with a lunge, definitely do it because it's going to massively decrease your time to kill on almost well basically on all classes, light, medium, and heavy. It doesn't matter; right-clicking will lower the time to kill. Next, we're going to go over animation cancellation, so this is a very powerful technique.


Normally, when I do a lunge, you know, I lunge forward, and there's kind of this recovery animation. I'm stuck in you can actually animation cancel by switching to another gadget, so let's say I lunge at this guy. I immediately switch to a gadget and then switch back to my sword, and I'll be able to cancel the animation and start swinging much faster, or if I'm using, say, the stun gun.

I can slide at them, shoot my stun gun, and then switch back to my weapon. Whatever you want to do, the big takeaway is that you can animation cancel, and you can do it very fast, so if you want to increase or decrease your time to kill Make sure your animation cancels, and the trick does also work for melee, and we're going to go into that in the next part because this is really going to upgrade the.

Sword, so this next tip is really going to decrease your time to kill and make the sword so much better so you can throw in a free melee anytime you're swinging your sword, whether it's a lunge or a left click, and that's very useful. For example, take this light. It takes three left clicks to kill them, and they have a sliver of health, but if I throw in a melee, I can kill them a lot faster.

So it gets even better if I'm using a lunge and I throw in a melee. I can shoot a light. If I'm fighting a medium, it usually takes four left clicks to kill them or two lunges, but if I throw in a lunge melee and a left click, I can kill them in two hits. I mean, I guess three if you count the melee, but the melee is instant, in fact, if I'm fighting a heavy.

I can use two lunges with melees to secure a two-shot kill. If I'm fting someone up close, I generally want to save my le melee for the last hit in the combo. I don't want to really go around. You know, swinging meleeing, swinging meleeing, kind of slows down my rate of fire for my sword, but if you can learn to utilize this technique, you're going to massively decrease your time to kill, so definitely make use of this, and I'm going to show you the final part of my article, which is going to go into what makes the sword truly incredible when you combine all these things together.

So now we go to the final part of the article, which involves the evasive dash. The evasive dash is by far the best class ability you can use with the sword. I know the cloak is fun, and I like it on certain builds, but with the sword, you absolutely need an evasive dash. It lets you close the distance, and it's going to let you do some techniques that I'll show you now, so a regular evasive dash that lines 10 m away pushes me to about 7 m, but we can combo our lunge momentum with the evasive dash to shoot ourselves even further.

In this video I'm going to go over several different techniques I discovered on the test range involving the sword. These techniques will change the way you use the sword and will make it significantly better then how most people use it.
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