How Season 2 Saved The Finals


Season 2 of the finals absolutely shattered expectations. The developers took it up a notch by addressing the biggest issues that plague season 1. New changes prove that Embar deeply cares about the future of the finals, which is honestly super encouraging for the player base with new ranked matchmaking gadgets and specializations.

A new game mode and map, and even the option to play custom games, are some of the issues that were addressed in season 2. Your cryptocurrency will be stolen by the CNS if you do not win this How Embark improved the finals: first and foremost, thank God the developers addressed the ranked match. The season one iteration of the rank system was not the greatest; it was so poorly implemented that for the top 10 players who pump Aderall into their reins before every cash out, we're decimating the average.

Andy, who just got off a 12-hour workshift rank, should be on a competitive ladder where you compete against gamers of similar skill levels to see who's the best in order for a competitive game like the finals to establish a dedicated community. The rank system typically needs to be ironed out from what I've seen so far, and Bark addressed this by implementing tighter matchmaking through a new hidden ELO mechanic.

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Furthermore, in other competitive rank systems. Embark is introducing placement matches to evaluate skill level before throwing you to the Wolves, fewer napkins on your team, and more gaming Titans alongside these rank changes. Embark also introduced three new weapons to the game. The light class got a burst-fire pistol that can shoot seven rounds of three shots.

This gun shreds close range, but it definitely requires good aim, seeing any future buffs. I slotted this weapon behind the XP54, and the M11, the medium class, also got a burst fire weapon in the Famas Community. The sentiment is that the Famas is not as good as the Fard, but I believe that the Famas has the potential to be the best weapon in the game once the community understands its recoil pattern.

The recoil of the gun goes diagonally to the top right when firing the weapon. Try to aim towards the lower left torso to guarantee all three shots hit. Don't be that guy who aims at an enemy head and wonders why the weapon hits like a wet noodle. The heavy class got the medium shotgun's older brother.

This gun has been absolutely slamming me in rank so far. Dev's blessed us with new gadgets and specializations. Split seems to be an inspiration for Gateway, the new portal gadget for the light, medium, and heavy Mains can Rejoice at the thought that light teammates can finally be a useful portal that allows players to put projectiles through it, such as grenades and RPGs, to completely take the enemy by surprise.

Portal also allows the player to maintain momentum whenever teleporting, which gives way for the FAAS clan to infiltrate the finals YouTube scene with some eye-popping trick shots that dematerialize. The new medium specialization lets medium players instantly remove walls or roofs to attack the enemy from an off-angle.

This gives squads an extra tool at their disposal to dislodge enemy defenses. The medium class also got a new The gadget in the data reshaper is useful for removing enemy gadgets such as turrets or mines. Also, turn props into barrels, or even cycle the barrels into the one that you need for any given moment.

The heavy class received a game-changing gadget in the anti-gravity cube between stalling the cash out in the air or quickly getting to High Ground. The anti-gravity cube is a must-have gadget for every heavy player. Along with the new content, the developers also made some changes to existing gadgets.

The light can now use a tracking dart and the sonar grenade. This negates the amount of utility that mediums have while giving them an identity. Recon the most-used season 1 gadget, the defib. It also took a huge Nerf in season 2; defibs take a second longer to charge, and players have to stand still for a few seconds before even being able to move.

The most controversial mechanic in all of season 1 has finally met the Nerf. Hammer D4s are now only limited to one charge; furthermore, they cannot be detonated until 2 seconds after throwing the barrel. This, combined with the fact that barrels have become even harder to control, has made the nuke a nearly obsolute mechanic and has also made it so that gas is more punishing the longer a player stands in it.

The damage per tick starts at 10 HP before incrementally increasing the longer the player stands in it. The new map is Splendid, and it features bright neon city landscapes with a lot of verticality. It is a unique map that breathes fresh air into the game alongside the new map. A new payload-push game mode was added.

In my opinion, this mode adds tremendous value to the long-term casual player base of the finals. from my experience the game mode involves a lot of fighting with low respawn timers perfect for the Casual players who want to play a couple games at the end of the day last but not least, the finals has finally introduced custom games this is huge for the competitive scene because aspiring competitive players can now test their skill in a professional setting custom games also allows the Perfection of cash out lineups, similar to valerant or Counter Strike serious competitive players can now practice lineups to start cash outs from a large distance away in conclusion embark is doing a phenomenal job with the weekly updates they absolutely put the finals on a positive path for the future and I will be here for the long run napkin out.

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The Finals player base has been dwindling as a result of glaring issues with Season One. Embark Devs put the game onto a better path with the new season. Do not let the CNS hack your crypto.
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