I Officially Broke The Finals. Myth Busting Mondays S2 Ep.2


Today, I think it's safe to say I broke the finals. I surpassed every single boundary on the map; I even created a laser beam that can crash the server. Gravity is here with our eighth installment of myth-busting Mondays. However we could not make it far before the game teleported us back into the map it seems the developers implemented, some sort of safety guard to prevent this type of exploit we were able to get outside the map in multiple locations but each time we either fell through the floor or rubber banded back to our starting point it's worth noting as of the most recent patch there's a new weird mechanic when you fall off the map even if you're standing perfectly still on something like goo, the game will teleport you into the death zone somewhere else on the map I'm wondering if maybe this is related to what's happening on CIS Horizon and thinking this could possibly change in an upcoming patch this will have to be one we continue to test in the future but for now we're calling this myth busted.

Even though we could get outside the map, we were not able to walk freely like we anticipated. Up next William comments, can you dematerialize, goo this is one of those myths where you'd expect a straightforward result but man is this anything but simple for starters you can dematerialize goo but it doesn't really dematerialize, it causes goo connected to it to break but the original goo doesn't break or become transparent like any other Waller structure would Ludo coined this as fan goo this goo won't let you walk past it but your bullets shoot right through it has all sorts of weird properties and can be broken with explosives or by breaking connected goo if you target the weak points of a goo wall you can break the entire wall by dematerializing, just one blob what's also weird about this is there's no visual indicator on screen telling you the structure can be de or rematerialized.


Craft noos super thanked and said the myth: you can use a gateway to trap people in the chimney. This one is just flat-out funny. You can easily trap people in the chimney using a gateway. If you could bait an enemy into using it, you could easily trap them for an extended period of time. This myth is confirmed.

BB's myth is that you can dematerialize. Cash boxes i tried this with open cash boxes and vaults before they're activated; neither garnered us any luck; this probably would have been way too overpowered, but it was worth a shot. This myth is busted. I thought the dematerializer couldn't be used to trap teammates in walls, but he showed me the spot in Las Vegas where this actually does work.

I thought it was funny and worth mentioning in today's episode. We got another nuclear myth from Speedy: if you create an infinite loop with two gateways, would a projectile or cash boox keep on getting faster and faster? This is one of those myths where, before I even got to test it, the game crumbled like a cookie.

diamond rank

I went to throw an object in the portal, and before I could, this bug happened: it spams the laser beam effect that makes your eyes and ears bleed a little. Of course, I immediately went into investigation mode. Naturally, we created a triangle with our portals to see what would happen. This amplified the bug to hilarious proportions.

For whatever reason, we decided to try this on the highest scale possible. We went to Monaco and created a giant triangle loop for our portals. What happened next is absolutely jaw-dropping. I think we just broke up. This there's actually no way that there's no way we the Ser that's not real yes we crashed the entire server doing this now if any of you have ever watched me mythbust before you know we are not done I always check to see if a result is replicable so yes I did it again to my surprise we recreated the exact same result a server crashed it crashed no way.

finals competitive

Itself, although this myth got out of hand fast I'm calling this one confirmed, you can speed up objects by having them Loop through Gateway portals just please don't exploit this our next myth is from user who says can anti-gravity lift another anti-gravity in stack this is a straightforward one placing them on top of or beside each other doesn't have any effect I also tried placing one on a floor below one and that didn't affect them either it would be really cool if you could stack these to get higher but this myth is busted anti-gravity cubes do not lift each other or stack we got another myth about the anti-gravity Cube from Soldier, can you lift the whole crane when detached with the anti gravity Cube this one also would have been super cool but unfortunately the anti-gravity does not seem to apply to the crane maybe the crane is just too heavy but I tried with multiple Cubes at once and we still had no luck this myth is.


Busted, guns has our next myth there's no limit to how many objects can be data reshaped at a single time as long as they're close enough together this was a super funny Discovery the reach isn't very far with the reshaper so I couldn't get every single object in my line of sight but there is definitely no limit if you could fit 100 tiny pots in a small corner I'm sure you could reshape them all this is a myth I'm glad to confirm, monkey man returns for a second myth in today's episode can you use the data reshaper under the powers shift platform to reshape turrets on the platform this would have been a super cool Tech with the data reshaper but unfortunately, you cannot use it through walls or the powers shift platform line of sight is required to reshape anything this myth is busted.

Our next myth is possibly our most nuclear myth in the entire series. The breaker says, Can you meet up with other players in the practice range by glitching through the ceiling and using Goo? Let me start by saying my reaction to this was literally, WTF, because if you initially read that, you would think he's on drugs.


What's crazy is that I began this whole process unintentionally. I was actually testing another myth in the practice range when I was suddenly shot at by a sniper. I had to sit for a second and process this before I began this long journey. In the last patch, there was an exploit to get above the map on CIS Horizon using the Gateway on light.

It was patched, but the same glitch works in the practice range on the current patch. All you have to do is throw a gateway straight up while in this building. This lets you get right out of bounds and explore all sorts of restricted areas. However, while I did this, I was not able to see any other players or practice ranges.

If you jump off the map, you get some funny animation and get locked in a never-ending fall. The only way out is to leave the lobby and reset. This was as far as I originally took the myth, but right before recording the audio for this article, I had just the smallest hunch to go back and look just one more time.