Why Are Fps Veterans Struggling The Finals


With the massive popularity of the finals unlaunch, there's been a lot of players coming here and struggling to adapt. I've seen time and time again players who are very high-ranked in other FPS games like Apex Legends and Valerant. OverWatch CS2 rainbow Six Siege and so on, and they come to the finals, and they struggle to win tournaments, they struggle to get kills, and they don't fully understand that the finals are not Call of Duty.

It's not a death match; it is an objective-based game, and the objective reigns supreme. Teamwork and coordination are how you win. Decision-making is something people can do. Sometimes you get it right, but it is something that you are going to have to relearn by applying knowledge from previous games.

Sometimes it will actually hold you back, and it's going to basically plateau you, and you're not going to be able to succeed more. The finals heavily reward players who know how to utilize the sandbox environment the best. On top of this, I noticed tons of people completely ignoring certain classes, gadgets, and tools in the environment.

Simply because they think it's bad or because they think, well, it's not my main reason; I'm only going to use this thing. And the game is very new, and new technology is being discovered every hour. All strategies and tactics have counterplay. That gadget that you think could be trash could actually be the counter to what you also think is overpowered.


If you have been struggling with the game, please comment below what you're struggling with, and hopefully we can collectively help each other out by making the game more understandable. One of the biggest discussions I've seen from players in general is balance, specifically around the strengths and weaknesses of classes.

For some people, the idea of different classes having different health pools and play styles is completely normal, but some people aren't used to this concept and often jump to the conclusion that all classes should be the same and all have the same chance to win a 50/50 fight, and when they don't win those 50/50 fights, they think this class is either too weak or too strong.


To understand whether a class is weak or not, we first need to understand its purpose or its role. First, let's discuss the light class in higher ELO. Those who master the light class can become very oppressive. The light class is essentially a glass cannon. This means you dealt very good damage, but unfortunately, you were squishy.

Positioning and movement are extremely important. You are not meant to just straight up 1 V, one medium or a heavy you need to flank. Take fights when you shoot first. Poking and running are also important. Even if you get the first shot, if an enemy turns around to hit you, running is often the correct response because most of the time that heavy might actually outgun you.

Even if you get that first shot, a good light will fight when they have the advantage. Most of the time, they rarely take 50/50s. They also bring one of the best gadgets to break up a defense, which is a glitch grenade. To be honest, I had been concerned that Light was actually going to get nerfed because it did actually get nerfed when the beta finished for the full launch.


Just because of how strong they are, I can't even count how many times my team has won a fight because of a glitch grenade or a stun gun. Speaking of my own experience, the best rank-win streak I've had was actually on a light, medium, and heavy setup. I would say the majority of my games have actually been on medium, medium heavy, or medium heavy heavy, and even recently, a lot of medium, medium.

Simply because people don't trust having a light player on their team. I understand why people might think that, but it does take specific coordination and a specific understanding of how your light player is going to play the light player on my team. I know he's not going to be right on my ass all the time; he's going to be off on his own, and I have to trust that he is going to frag out, and I need to play my life.

It works out the majority of the time; however, we know that the Met is constantly shifting, so there ends up being a counter to this a counter to that and it can be weak. I think if you're picking up a team, that should just kind of pug randoms. It might be a little bit safer to not pick up a light player because, like I said, it does take a bit of extra teamwork and a bit of extra coordination.


In order to utilize it, I have seen people do well soloing with it. If your movements in positioning are lacking, the light class will just not shine for you at all. Knowing how to play around with the objective and how to position is a difficult concept to grasp as a light because it is very different from medium or heavy on the topic of class balance.

People often say that the heavy class is broken and has no counterplay; they also have access to the dome shield and the mesh shield, which can help keep a team alive. for a very long time, making it easier to both steal and defend. The reason heavies are so strong is because of their utility. There are some gadgets that I feel are slept on that can completely shut down a heavy.


The glitch grenade is incredible for this. If an enemy is stealing a cashio, dropping a glitch grenade can make them easy targets to wipe. You can also use them to break a defensive setup when you are attempting to steal. Next is the stun gun, another thing from the light class. A little more finesse is needed to make this work, but being able to prevent a player from using their utility by stopping them from stealing and slowing down their movement is amazing.

Coordinate this with your team, and you can stun and get out of the area fast while your teammates melt the target freely. If RPGs in nukes are ruining the fun for you, place an APS turret on an object and carry that object around with you. You basically become a shield to block you from everything that's being thrown at you.

Another useful gadget is the glitch trap. The traps can be a little bit easier to spot and destroy, but you can also combo these with a CL40, throw them on a canister, then throw that canister, and then shoot the canister with your CL40, kind of becoming like a makeshift glitch grenade that also combos as a mini nuke.

final round

There are tons of creative ways to counter Heavies, such as goo grenades throwing them at your feet to block an RPG shot. The game is a sandbox, and players who don't think outside the box and play creatively will often struggle to succeed. Don't get locked into playing the exact same thing every single game.

IO don't mean to say that all the top streamers are struggling, I just have noted a lot of people claiming to be god tier at other games then struggling to have any success in The Finals.