How To Counter Heavy - The Finals


A heavy class is well known for being able to obliterate players instantly; they also have the capability to wipe a team faster than any other class. While still having access to shields and the highest health, they embody the word tank: slow-moving and explosive. They are also very hard to break.

This article is going to break down how to counter the heavy class, depending on what class you're playing, and then also understand the weaknesses that the heavy class has in order to take advantage of them. Now, before we discuss these counters, please keep in mind that these are just methods that can be used.

There is no guaranteed way to succeed in 100% of your fights, but having knowledge of how to use your gadgets and specializations is. In order to gain an advantage over the enemy can help increase your overall success rate overall, nukes and RPGs.


Arsenal is a nuke when its maximum damage potential is over 350. It's pretty obvious why this is so strong: it can one-shot any player, wipe an entire team that is grouped up, and can be used pretty much anywhere now if you're playing light. They have multiple tools in order to beat nukes. For specializations, the dash and grapple can help you keep on the high ground in order to avoid the nukes because the nukes are much harder to land when you are on the high ground.

Cloaks can also help you get closer in order to land some gadgets, such as the St. Gun ain't no, way nice job. Appo, nice job; that was funny. There's no way that Rubble was literally perfect to hide in. The gadgets that I find most useful are glitch grenades, which disable the enemy gadgets for 10 seconds, a very good amount of time to apply pressure and win the fight.

Next is the stun gun. This requires a better understanding of positioning and movement to avoid dying to the nuke before getting the stun off. Dropping in from above or pushing up with cover makes this easy, but if you stun a heavy, it is basically a free kill. Just don't position yourself right next to someone who's using a shotgun.


Because the fact that their hit firing isn't really going to affect them much, it can also be used as your own nuke. You can use this as a way to throw it back again. This is going to be a bit more of a 50/50 kind of situation, but the same goes for frag grenades, which can blow up the nuke that's in the heavy's hand.

Lastly, there is the goo grenade, which is also going to be used on the medium. You can create a quick wall in front of you to block all the damage that the heavyweights do, and aiming and timing can be pretty key here. If you're in a building, there might be enough room that you can kind of block all of it so that their nuke cannot reach you over the goo, or you can simply throw it at the heavyweights, and they'll get stuck in it and potentially blow themselves up now.

They have the best counter to nuke the APS turbine. If you have a lobby full of heavyweights, bring an APS. The problem a lot of players have is where they place the IPS and where they play. Within it, you need to treat it almost like a wall that is going to stop projectiles, nukes, and RPGs from reaching you.


Don't stand in the circle because the damage radius can still reach you. Position it in the direction the nuke will be coming from. Use walls or ceilings to place it in places that are hard to shoot. You have the capability of swapping to the APS and placing it very fast, so whenever you see that nuke, just quickly swap to it and place it in front of you, and boom, mediums also have plenty of gadgets that can help gather information, such as the Recon senses sonar grenade and tracking dart.

Having information on where the enemy is can help you position yourself accordingly to avoid the nuke, or you can just kill people with it. Okay, we are fighting on yeah I believe with the chu charge, let's go explosive mine and glitch mine can both delete a player holding a nuke or disable them with glitch, which I find combos really well with the CL40, a very underrated weapon.


In CL40, all you have to do is simply land a grenade near the player who's holding a nuke, and it will instantly delete them. The C40 kind of is a hard counter to a heavy nuke, poison, [__], orange just trying to steal, Ni, it's good. God damn it this is crazy. Now, if you're playing heavy, you have access to the mesh and the dome, which can completely tank the damage from a nuke.

With the heavy explosives, facing another heavy is kind of a first-come, first-served situation. Whoever throws an RPG or nuke at the other first tends to win that fight, and speaking of shields, the mesh and the dome are also very powerful tools in the heavy arsenal. Barricades are also pretty strong, but I feel like they might be a little bit more situational, but they could actually provide more resistance than the dome.

However, again, this is going to be situation to situation, and when it comes to countering them, they can be a little bit tricky, especially the barricade. However, the dome and the mesh do have a lot of ways to counter them. If you're playing Light, the best gadget is going to be the glitch grenade.


Throw a glitch grenade beside the shield to completely remove it. Try to avoid throwing it directly at the shield, or it will bounce off. Throwing it on the ground next to it is probably a better option. You can also drop a gas grenade on shields that will creep through and damage This might be less effective, but it is a good option.

If you don't have a glitch, the medium class, surprisingly, has a lesser-known trick that can counter Shields completely; it is the aps turret again. There are two ways: one is by placing the APs turret on a cashow or somewhere that they are going to be throwing their dome shield. When they throw the dome, it will actually act as a projectile, and it will get removed by the APs.

Knowing this, you can actually place an APS on an object and throw that object at a dome shield, and it will remove it. The APS obviously isn't going to stop a mesh shield. However, we can use a glitch trap in order to remove the shield. I recommend throwing it at the shield and then shooting the trap or placing them next to the cashio and remembering to trigger them as they place down the dome shield and have the mesh shield up.

final round

Again, the C40 works wonders when trying to combo this with the heavy. The one tip I have is to just shoot your M60, which has over 16,000 points of damage per magazine. This is enough to remove a mesh shield and a dome shield and still have some extra bullets left over in the clip. There are also things to consider when engaging, such as movement.

I've been asked MANY times how to deal with heavies and more specifically nukes. I have compiled a list of methods you can implement in order to succeed versus the heavy class.