The Finals - Ultimate Movement Guide "20 Tips To Make You Better



This will be your ultimate movement guide in the finals. We explain every technique that you need to know in order to become a better player and utilize movement to win your matches quite easily and win those trades, so when you verse a 1 V one target, you will be able to kill them quite easily.

We go through each option that you have in.

Strafing and crouching tips

In this game, the first thing I'll talk about is that, essentially, when you get towards the target, the first thing you do is obviously aim and shoot the target, which is normal, but strafing from left to right is very important, so keep that in mind that this will help you in your trades alongside crouching as well, so you can also crouch as you're shooting.

And be able to utilize that for Target quite easily, making you 100 Target hit and your head shot will change so when the target's trying to aim at you you're just zipping like this so they keep pulling down and the one time you don't pull U Crouch and you go back to normal they have to readjust for that so things like that will help out drastically in trades so that's something to keep mind, that's like basic movement SL trading along side that you have your running then into your slide mechanic, so you can run slide.

Sliding & shooting tips

Shoot and depending on the slope of your actual slide, you will be able to carry more momentum as well.

Sliding jump

Sliding jump

On the long side, you can slide and then jump and hit the target at the same time, so that's another thing you do: slide and jump. It works in nearly every instance, quite quickly, and it's very useful, so even around corners it can work, like if I were to go here slide and then jump. I would still be able to shoot that corner or the targets around there slide and jump and then shoot a target as well, and with better accuracy obviously, it's easier.

I'm not playing with an assist, so keep that in mind. And it's just easy to hit targets as well, so that's another thing you use in conjunction in order to make sure you win.

Jumping corners

You don't always want to slide jump in every situation, so if I'm going through this area here, a slide jump can sometimes get me in a weird position when I hit another object or hit another obstacle, and that can ruin my jump.

So, in the majority of cases, when you try to jump around a corner, just go for the S jump and hit around the corner, and be surprised at how effective that is just on its own. You can hopefully heat targets around corners quite quickly.

The basics of movement conjunction

And makes you a harder target to hit, so we're going to just go through every movement option you have, so we have strafing, which we talk about, and Crow strafing, which is another thing also we mentioned the jumping technique around corners, very important even when entering a building very important you can also mix that with a jump slider believe or actually jump Crouch only so you can mix that with the jump Crouch and be able to hit targets, or jump Crouch into just continuous crouching around Target to make yourself impossible to hit that's something you can do.

Bunny hopping

Bunny hopping

Do as well as {29}n you slide jump, you can also bunny hop, so when you slide jump. B-up and hit the target as well, but mixing them together will help out drastically, so they're like little combinations. They can mix together really well, and bunny hopping seems like it only works once and then stops, so something to keep in mind.

And then you just want to go for it. You know you don't want to keep bunny-hopping because your movement penalty is there, and that will make you easy targets to kill.

Bunny hop tip

In instances like that, when you do use your slide into Bunny Hop, you might want to just go back into Crouch instead, play with a crouching technique instead, and start strafing instead, using the basic forms of movement together in order to make you a hard target as well.

Jiggle peaking


Alongside that, there are possibilities of using the cover system to gain information as well. So you can use the cover system there; you can go around corners like this and jiggle Peak essentially around the corner to gain information, and using things like cloaking devices makes this much easier.

We can just see targets and then go back to the corner.

1v1 movement vs camera tip

No issue; the target's shooting at me, and I want to go towards him. I can actually start to confuse his camera angle by being up close and personal. This happens in any game, especially asymmetrical horror games, but it works really well on FPS.

When you're close to them and in that camera angle, they're trying to aim at you, but you can't really aim really well going downwards when that close. And it becomes hard to snap a target when they're that close and try and aim at the same time, so that's something to keep in mind once you actually go towards a target.

Try to get around them as much as possible and shoot the target at the same time, and you should make it very easy for yourself. Let's just go towards targets, crouching continuously, and using the close proximity that you do gain and affecting their camera angles in order for you to get an easy kill towards our target.

Zipline zig zag tips

Zipline zig zag tips

Let's talk about verticality. So in games like Final, we have a couple options for verticality. One is simply the zip line. You use a zip line like that and jump to the higher level, then find Target and kill him. Another option is that if a Target like that is over here and trying to shoot me as I'm going up the zip line, you want to spin around as you utilize it and get to a higher point, which is obvious.

Keep in mind that you want to keep your camera angle towards the object you try to jump to and kill that Target survives from and then jumps him, or if they're coming up the actual zip line too, hold the high point and kill them as they come up, you know, gives you a bit of options to utilize, but never stand like this on a zip line unless you're completely safe.

If you're not completely safe, always zigzag on the zip line; it's very effective.

Window jumping tech

With Windows in this game, as you see, you can obviously go and contact the window, destroy it, go to this ledge, and there's a technique to get higher, so instead of using staircases or zip lanes inside the actual inner area, you can actually go from the perimeter and get higher, so you're going to go towards it and get to where I led you and jump up, and you get to this point, and now we're on the second level, and we can fight targets, destroy them, whatever it may be, but you can also go even higher with this, which is going to be a hard thing to do, but if you get used to it, be very nice.

There you go. Now we're at the top level, finding targets. Quite nice, very nice.

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