Types Of The Finals Players

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BRS, purple's to the right; I'm letting them go. Yeah, you don't have to die. I don't think anybody ever wants to die. I want to be a menace. I want to just shoot people. Let's go got mine, no., got mine again. I just stole it, Tony. I know I saw that you're crazy for it, like purple was going to be.

Second, next is the solo queer. These players, 90% of the time, are the worst. Don't get me wrong, you'll find a diamond in the rough once in a little while, but for some reason, the bad ones'll insta lock light classes and troll the entire game; they'll have 500 damage and 12 deaths after round one, or you'll get the peanut brain who goes heavy and only uses shotguns except when they're complete.

Trash! Hey, please never pick up another FPS game in your life. Like, seriously, go to League of Legends or something like that, like a mo is more, style, life, are terrible, th000 damage The next is a little bit of a personal hatred that I have towards these players, and this is the Twitch streamer.

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Every Lobby has at least one player who's a streamer with the good old TTV in their name, and I'm definitely not hating, but usually they're super toxic to the point where if one thing goes wrong, they'll start yelling slurs at you and your teammate, either that or they're the sweatiest player known to man, and you're probably not winning that game.

TTV is in my name. No, you're going to have to die. Go run then, like, see, it keeps reloading. Yeah, just you literally have to die, I am Yeah, it won't let me do anything; like, my left click won't work at all. Anything I do with the left click won't work. I'm just like, why were they just standing there, letting you just run around like an idiot?

Yo, he yo, his yo, his left, his left. His left click wasn't working. Shut the [__]. Up, feel stupid now if you're stupid. TTV, in your name, is the Apex Legend player. These players have an edge over any other players coming to this game. They're used to the third-party Havoc-filled gameplay because they come from Apex Legends.

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Luckily, in this game, there are way fewer players, so you already know you're going to see medium classes played by them with jump pads to relive their octane days. Seriously, you're going to get beamed down by three of them, and they're going to be so aggressive. The objective player is a type of player that every single squad needs in a stack.

The reason for this is that they are not flashy; they will not try to do any extra things; they will just play for the objective. If you need somebody to hop on a cash out last second and try to get it even though they'll die, they will do it. If you need somebody to just risk their life overall for the sake of the game, they will do it.

My God, the melee player is my most hated type of player because these players are super rare, but when you stumble across a melee player, you're going to lose. Now, you might not lose the game, but you're going to lose your mind because a lot of these people will mostly be running a light class, and they are menaces with that sword.


If not, you're going to be running into weird stacks that's running heavy with a sledgehammer and dash, and then you have a medium with a riot shield. Seriously, watch this, Clip. Now, just like the objective player, the healer is essential for a team to succeed. Without a healer, it's going to be super hard to win a game, but when you get the healer, you're going to be running with one of the craziest, silliest teammates, and that's because no matter what, they will try to heal you and revive you in the most chaotic situations, and they don't care about their lives.

They will have 20 deaths, but they'll have 30, 000 because they do not even want to shoot their gun. Their main focus is to heal you. I've seen situations where someone's literally in a gunfight, and it would make more sense for the healer to pull out his gun and shoot, but nope, he's just over there, just healing hey to me on my.

Body be, you, the noob, are an essential part of the game's survival, and everybody needs to be a noob at some point, but there's something about players that just pick up the game, and for some reason people don't want to play the 65 rounds that you need to play in casual to be able to play ranked, and people will go ahead and buy ranked-ready accounts.


Now that's where the problem lies. I've seen players that will literally throw gas canisters at their teammates because they have no idea how any utility works and they weren't aware that you can TK. Not only that, but they will not heal if they're on medium. Also, you'll probably see a lot of these players on light.

Big Brain Player is one of my personal favorites, and that's because that's my style of play. I personally like being able to outsmart the enemy with certain plays and using utility to its full potential.

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purple's he hit the jump pad and got off it I told you he got he's on it, though, he got shocked off this light is so talented, now I know I've been giving a light players a lot of crap but the light player is a once in a lifetime type player because when you get an actual good light player on your team it's magical the game goes so much more smoother, and it's nice to see when someone can use their brain and actually use a light character because let's be honest the light class is the hardest to use out of the three and that's why you see the light played the most and the least in ranked because you'll either get the people that use them the most and they have no idea what the hell they're doing or you'll get that once in a-lifetime type player who really knows how to play the light and they're amazing at it it's so fun to watch do the big one but like, different character our teammates got this.

Here just a shot, the heavy main on the flip side is probably the easiest because not only do you have an lmg, but even though it's not like any of the medium guns, it's still pretty solid because you can hide behind two different shields. But every single heavy player can just throw C4s on literally anything and get easy kills just by throwing them.

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The Cod players are the true menaces in the finals. And to end it off on a good note, the troll. Even though they're very annoying to play with, sometimes the troll is the vibe of the group; they might not be too good at the game, or even if they are, they're super annoying to play with. Sometimes they will find their way to try to piss you off and put you in circumstances that you just don't want to be in, but they're also a good player to have on your team just for the Vibes aspect.

Honestly, I would rather have this player than most of the tryhard top 1,000 players right behind us. Tony is right under me. Know I to gas you still died of the [__] smoke. You shot that [__] you [__]. Besides that, have a wonderful day, guys.

TYPES OF THE FINALS PLAYERS. In this video, we're going to give you a rundown of the different types of the finals players and the best weapons and tips to use against them. As a player in the finals, it's important to be aware of the different types of the finals players and the best weapons and tips to use against them. In this video, we'll talk about the different types of the finals players, the different Final Moves they use, and the best weapons to use against them.