Important Tips & Techniques For Throwing Knives - The Finals


Basically, you can start your animation with the right click and cloak, and your character will still throw the knives without decloaking, so this is pretty useful if you just want to quick peek at someone and then run around, cover, and cover. Very useful i recommend it. The cloak is really powerful, and it's really, really powerful with throwing knives, the second tip I want to give is that the right click actually does a little bit of extra damage so I got a medium here takes three shots with left click to kill them but if I use right.

Click, it Takes Two Shots, the right click does a little bit of extra damage and that's very important because it will lower the number of body shots and head shots you need to get on people to actually kill them. I could come out with a complete list, but I just wanted to quickly mention that right click does extra damage so if you can land a right click try to do it you know even if you're engaging or sniping at long range that right click can mean one less knife one less head shot that you need to get a kill, the third thing I wanted to cover is animation cancelling so the right click has really long windup and it's got a lot of time before your character is ready to fire again, but you can actually rightclick, and as soon as the knives are thrown.


I didn't have my stung gun reloaded. God damn it all right, I'll try that. Again, you can immediately switch to a gadget such as a grenade or a stun gun and immediately fire it, and then switch back to your knives, and by the time you're done, you'll be ready to left-click or throw another volley or melee or whatever you need to do.

And a little side note: the stun gun is really powerful on all light builds, but it's especially powerful on throwing knife builds, because say I've got a heavy here. I immobilize them; they're really slow, and I can just two-shot headshot them with my throwing. Knives are the next one, and I'm going to go on a little mini-rant about this.

This needs to be patched immediately because it makes throwing knives arguably one of the worst, if not the worst, weapon in the game, so when I throw my throwing knives, just standing still, they throw perfectly at the center, but if I'm airborne or jumping, it introduces random spread to the knives, like, look at that, that's terrible, that's like a shotgun, and this is precision.


Weapon, but it doesn't just affect your slidyourmoves; it affects your sliding moves too, like, look at that. I just slid. Look at this knife. It's all the way over there, and I was aiming directly ahead of myself, so this needs to be patched. This is a fast-paced movement shooter. You're going to be doing a lot of crazy stuff to jump around.

You're going to be jumping on jump pads, sliding around, and using a high-precision weapon where you absolutely need to get head shots that are super hard to hit with regularly. They are now even harder because you have a random spread, so they need to patch this. I wanted to make a little note here that your right click is perfect.

Centered, it will always hit exactly where you're aiming, so you can use the right click. If you want to jump around or slide, that's no problem, but if you use your left click, it's going to go all over the place. The fifth thing, I'll cover it briefly, but yeah, head shots really do matter. A lot of people have been seeing them on Reddit, and you know dumb sites like that.

throwing knives

They say that throwing knives can't one-shot a light; they absolutely can. You can actually onot a light with a head shot, up a head shot, and a body shot, so head shots really matter. With these weapons, you have to get a head shot. If you get a head shot, you can actually twoot; a heavy one's really useful, and it feels really satisfying when you get those one shots with a throwing knife, but of course it's a weapon that's designed to be difficult to hit with, but it is super rewarding when you do hit those head shots.

Last tip: I'll give pretty generic matters for all weapons, all classes, and everything. In the finals, but it especially matters for light-throwing knives, you have to think about your positioning. If I'm positioning myself, say I've got three enemy teammates in front of me. I have to prioritize my targets.


Is that heavy? That's light i have to think of someone I can sneak up on. I got to get close to them, so that's why I like the cloak. I get close to them, sneak up, and then I quickly kill them, and I disappear. I run around in cover or something. You have to think about your positioning. You want to get as close to people as you can, or get in a way where you're predicting their movement, and then you're throwing your knives to get an easy head shot.

That's the way to win with these weapons. You have to be able to get an easy head shot or take your opponents off guard. So positioning really does matter with light, and it really, really matters if you're using the throwing knives. So there's just some tip you know useful tips I wanted to give about using the throwing knives.

In this video I go over some important things you may not know about throwing knives. Including the tips in the description in case you don't want to watch the video.