The Finals: 5 Quick Throwing Knives Tips


Today we got five quick tips on throwing knives. These are actually some of my favorite weapons in the game, and I think if you use them correctly, they can actually be some of the most powerful weapons in the light class, and I mean that, so without further ado, let's get right into it. Next up at number two we have some of the most useful kill Combos and what I mean by that is basically, the most easy and effective ways to consistently take out targets now of course I could sit here and say okay well perfect kill on a light is going to be two head shot with the normal or one head shot with the heavy, but let's be real that's not super practical it can happen but you probably shouldn't aim for that so one thing I talked about earlier with the heavy is it actually does slightly more damage and when you're dealing with a medium Target that's actually incredibly important, so if you see right here if I throw two knives here and throw two again he just has a sliver of Health left, however if I engage.

With that heavy attack, as I mentioned earlier, there's actually a very easy kill combo you can pull off on medium targets, so if I hit him in the body with the heavy and then two knives, you'll see that actually kills, and there's a lot of reasons you want to do that, which we'll talk a little bit about later now when you're doing with light targets.

Of course, as I said, you can go for two head shots. Well, that was weird. That's really weird, but something else you can do instead of trying to go for those two head shots is if you just simply hit him in the body twice and Quick Melee, that's enough to do it, and the same thing goes for the heavy, of course, seeing that it does more damage now with your heavy targets.


This is the one that actually doesn't really matter regardless of what you do; it's going to be three types of throws to the body. Just like that, the heavy isn't going to make a difference, even if we lead with it like this. As you can see, it's still going to be three, so don't worry too much, and it's going to be the same thing for the head shot, which is going to be four head shots, so I'll show that off as well, so 1 2 3 4.

Now with your medium targets as well, something to mention: this is not very common, but it can happen if you land too headshot; as I said, you will not be able to kill with the Quick Melee. However, if you land a head shot with a heavy like this, you can actually kill a medium target with a quick melee, so those are just some useful combos to keep in mind and hopefully help you win some of your gunfights.

Next up, number three, we have what I believe to be the best ability with the light class while using the throwing knives, so you could use the grapple hook, but because you don't really want to be using the throwing knives at super long range and if you grapple too far away from your target, you effectively can't reliably hit shots.


I don't really think it's worth it now. You could use invisibility, but because the vanishing bomb exists. I feel like the times that you need that invisibility. Can effectively be accomplished by using this Something else to note: when using that heavy attack, as I said, you should probably lead with it; once you begin the animation, it'll actually knock you out of invisibility, which in a lot of ways isn't super helpful, but what you can do is use the dash, and this is useful for a multitude of reasons.

Now that the throwing knife has travel time, it's really important to close that gap fast, and while you can use the grapple for that, the knives or the dash rather allow you to actually throw knives while you're moving, as you can see right here. I'm able to get on this target very quickly and still throw those knives while that's happening now.


As you saw right there, it can be a little inconsistent when you're using that primary fire, but where this gets really good is if you're using your knives with the heavy attack. So let's say I want to hit this target right, and I really want to engage with that heavy attack, as I was saying earlier.

I can actually dash while this is going to get closer, and as you can see right there, it'll make your kill combos quite a bit easier, so as I said, this distance right here might be a little much if I dash forward, easy hit, and easily finish off that target. As I said, you can use invisibility if you want, but because the vanishing bomb exists and I think the dash pairs very well with the secondary ability of the throwing knives.

I think you'd be missing out if you don't use it. Next up at number four, there's a very important caveat to know when using the heavy attack. As I mentioned earlier, this kind of goes slightly against what I said when it comes to what range you should be using the knives at, but I believe this to be pretty important because sometimes you know maybe someone's getting a revive right and you want to hit them across the map.


This is probably the most consistent way to do so, so if I'm using the regular attack where it throws two knives, if I'm right here as you can see. I'm going to miss, but if I use the heavy attack in comparison, you'll see that it actually hits, and as you can see right there, it's a head shot because there's barely any drop at all even from this distance.

Here, I can basically aim chest high, and this thing's going to hit very consistently, and that's because the heavy attack actually has much better. Velocity, and it's going to have a lot better range. As I said right here, your regular knife attack is not going to hurt, but if I'm using that heavy attack, as you can see right here, that range is going to be much better, so just keep that in mind when using the knives.


All you have to do is throw a pyro grenade, and because you're going to be at a longer distance, you don't necessarily have to worry about that grenade doing anything to you, especially the gas grenade, which can be good for this because it allows you a lot more area control. So we got these targets in front of me right here, and I threw that gas grenade, as you can see right here.

I can use my heavy or my light, and it's going to be easy picking now. Of course, your targets aren't just going to stand in your grenades unless maybe they're reviving, but as you can see right here, even just taking off a little bit of health from a target can make a huge difference, so I'll show that with this one right here, it might be a better demonstration if we damage this medium right here.

As you can see right here, he just takes a little bit of damage, but that's enough to allow me to do the regular two melees, or two regular attacks, rather than kill my target. The same thing can be said for the gas grenade: of course the radius is bigger, so the same thing here: if I hit him with two body shots that go off, of course it didn't hit him.

Whilst some may claim the throwing knives to be a mediocre and potentially troll weapon in most instances, I believe they can serve as a quite reliable and powerful shutdown option when used correctly. With the correct engaging techniques and a little bit of practice, these things can output some absolutely bonkers damage and most certainly catch people by surprise. Hope this video helps, be sure to let me know if I missed anything in the comments.