How To Take Fights Using The Throwing Knives The Finals Guide



I'm on my way to the Diamond Throwing Knives Only Series, where I've learned a ton about this unique weapon and hope to share some useful information with you. This article is chaptered out, so if you want specific information, feel free to skip around. Start with throwing knife damage, then talk about range movement animations, common questions, and finally what I think should be changed if anything.


Damage A lot of players actually underestimate how much throwing knives do. They do a lot of damage. It's just difficult to land a lot of the knives, so most of the time you're not Landing these perfect situations, the throwing knives have a 1.5 head multiplier, with the only other damage being body shots; it doesn't matter where on the body, so I'm going to start with each class talking about perfect and ideal situations.


There are too many combos for me to talk about all of them, so of course I'll talk about what you want to aim for. First class up is light with 150 HP; they are my preferred fights since they are decided quickly. Perfect damage is a right to the head or a left with one dagger hitting the head ideal is really the perfect in this situation but you can land left or right to the body with a melee tag on sometimes it's easier to melee first if you say turn a corner and they're in your face so you can do that if you land one knife to the head you can also double melee but this is scuffed otherwise I would just take two cycles if you can't melee next up is medium, little more HP coming in at 250.

But this fight can also be very fast. Usually, you will be aiming to kill the medium in the team, so this is going to be the most common. The class to fight perfect is a right to the head with a melee. A left to the head followed by a melee won't kill, however, so you need to take another cycle.


In that case, if you land one to the head and one to the body, then you can finish with bodies using the left or right. If you start with a right to the body, then a left will kill, so the ideal would be the right left otherwise. I commonly have this fight where I land two lefts to the body, followed by melee.

This melee can be anywhere, of course, opening, middle, or ending the fight. Another fight is a left-head shot. This can be ended with a second cycle like earlier on or with two melees woven in last, and definitely not least, is heavy. Above the Rest at 350. HP, this is your longest fight requiring two cycles minimum, so this is really fast guys, perfect would be any two to the head right left or left whatever it kills in two cycles.

If you land a right to the head and a left to the body, you'll need a melee, but this is still two cycles. insanely fast kills on paper of course this rarely happens otherwise this is going to take two cycles, with melees, which at that point just go for three cycles cuz the BL gun and shoty hurt really bad when you're that close BL gun just cuz they beam you the most reliable way to kill heavies, is the three cycle.

It doesn't matter if they're head shots or body shots, you can kill a heavy in three.



I mean, a lot of people really underestimate how far these things go, so here's some examples. They can go very far, especially with the right click. It goes significantly further than the left click, and it's going to be what you're going to want to do if you're trying to take any long-range fights, which obviously I wouldn't recommend, but it's a good way to tag damage at otherwise close range.

More knives canect; it's just going to be better, so opening with your right and then closing in and taking the rest of the fight in close range is going to be more reliable. The noise for the knives is there; it's not pinpointed, though, so they just hear the knife sound. They don't know where you are in particular, so they'll start looking around, but you can use this to your advantage.


how to

As I'm sure a lot of you know, the knives have pretty terrible air and accuracy. On the left, the left click has this air and accuracy that goes all over the place. As you can see, the right is a lot more precise; it'll be accurate in the air, so you can do cool things with the right still in the air or something like this.

Nice, okay, fast strafes versus long strafes, so because you're grounded, you're going to want to pick between some combination of using fast and long strafes. I think against shotguns. I usually like to do fast strafes because they'll over-adjust and shoot to the side of you, but against people with a more hit-scan weapon.

I tend to find it easier to dash to throw their aim off and then continue in one direction so they don't catch up to me. A lot of times, their crosshair will lag behind, and they'll miss a lot of shots because of this, but you just kind of have to move around in as unpredictable a manner as you can.

Don't forget, you can just weave in dashes and whatever with the strapping. Whatever combination you need to close the distance to get away, just use the dash. What's there for continuing with movement? I would highly suggest peeking. I mean, you can tuck behind something while your animation plays; peek throw it really good.

Like really good, you can do it with the left; you can do it with the right. Why be on their screen if you're not shooting right? Moving on to animations.



So the animation times are pretty long you get kind of locked into them unless you melee or H swap out you can't really cancel them in any manner that saves time but what you can do is like if you're left clicking as soon as that second dagger rips you can melee, if you're right clicking as soon as your dagger rip you can melee, and it's still going to take you a while because you have to come out of the melee animation and it's slightly longer but throwing that melee in there usually, helps with a lot of the combos so yeah if you are going to do something like vaulting if you right click and then Vault it will cancel your animation if you left click and then Vault it will cancel your animation but if you right click wait for your daggers to go as soon as your daggers go you can Vault the daggers will still go through; there are some slightly buggy animations.

These are kind of all over the place, but a lot of animations just won't play, so for example, if you vault and just start spamming your right click a lot of times, the animation won't play, but the dagger will still go through, so it's really good practice to keep your crosshair on target even if you don't think the animation is going through.

If you press the buttons, trust it, so yeah, that's something they should definitely fix. This also happens with melee. As soon as you've stopped, you can start killing people. It won't show the elbow; it'll show the damage and the little swipes, but it won't show your arm moving.

A guide explaining aspects of the throwing knives in THE FINALS, mainly during fights damages, range, movement, animations, comment questions and what I think should be changed. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.