The Best Light Class Build The Finals

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We're going to be playing some ranked mode, and of course, once again, this is the best light build that I have found. It is with the grappling hook, of course, the XP54. Or you can use the double barrel shotgun if you would like the saw off the stun gun, the breach charge, and the glitch grenade, so I say this is the best class.

Just because of how it flows well together and how the SMG flows well together with the setup, what I do is either pick up a canister, put a breach charge on it, put two on it, and then throw it at somebody, obviously, like the explosive ones in the red barrels, or I just run up to somebody and stun them first and then just go at them with the SMG.

Of course, this guy's going to be a little low, so I'm actually going to push him. A little low still. I'm getting shot from behind, which ain't good, but I'm going to stun him real quick, kill him, and then dip out because I know his teammates are coming for me right now; they just got shot in the back help on my team now.

Run over here and see if I throw a little glitch. I didn't miss this guy, but I'm going to chase him. And as you can see, it's very fluid, like it's very easy to kill people once you get the hang of it and get away from people with the grappling hook. This guy, I'm just going to Blind Fire to try to mobilize him real quick.

best light class build

To another guy, kill him real quick and get out of here. Wait until my grappling hook is up, which it is up the over. I am going to grapple up to see if I can get a good stun off somebody; if I did, go kill him real quick, get out of here, and look for a Target stun him like that. I stun the other guy that actually fell down again, the same guy that got revived I killed before, and that's a team wipe with my teammate.

Help with the glitch grenade. Like I said, it's good to throw around objectives and basically get out of the situation. So you want to throw the stun grenade while you're running away from people, and it'll mess up their screen and just disorient them. Then there's the old team coming, so try to throw that.


Use my grappling to get out of there and throw another one to mess him up. Yeah, that's basically the gist of this build. Here comes my grenade, and to mess him up a little bit with the rest of his team, I throw another one at them. Anyway, they are on it, and I'm going to recharge. It makes them fall.

Stun them real quick, kill them, and get out of there. Go to the top so he can't find out where I went. Let's charge in there. Push a grenade. Kill this guy on the outside. Look at the objective. I didn't see where I went to recharge my St. Gun like St. the guy that's on the objective nice, and we got him, so I missed the stun on the last guy that was on the objective, but I just fined my teammates were there to clean up the job and he wouldn't have had enough time to get it anyways, so the orange team basically just jumped up and knocked the purple team.

As you can see, this build is just very, very good. I look at the tab I got nine limbs this guy's got 10 limbs on my team always he's pretty decent but I just run around and just shred people every time when I stun someone I just it's like a immediate kill when you do stun somebody gra hook gets plac as quick throw one down.


Me The livees will need to try again. Team Scen is up here too; be careful about that. I got two of them though, which is good; they throw a glitch Grenade on them. I'm going to go up here and look for this guy who got a third of that. Kill that guy's. Low. I got him across the map, nice, so I got four kills right there pretty fast just because I was looking around for third parties and trying to kill other people, as well as shooting the guys near me.

Sa, the kings are trying to rule the waters. I almost got him. I was juking him out so much, as you can see, like if you get the grappling hook and you get the stunt, you can just juke him out. I almost had him. I was just too low HP, and the health regen in this game is just so wild where it takes so long to regen, so if it regen a little quicker, I would have gotten it.

light class

Noise got him a good stun, but I am getting prives. I am shredded right now, ready for these guys. He can't get up in time. I'm to stun him, so he gets off of it. Nice; we stole it just in time. There are so many people around us who are nice and qualified. 43,800 using glitch grenade there's two of them down there so I'm going to glitch him out again then I'm just going to where's my teammate real quick up here while I glitch him out there we go should be glitched out still yep he's low another one shooting at me he's going to be low as well got.

Him time to glitch kill that t real quick from my team I'm going to try to get around here and actually pick up that real quick They're going to be under me, but I'm going to try to stop this guy. At least there we go. We got this guy that was up here. My first teammates are helping me out with this guy, Nice.

Another C4 up there is pushing me now. Nice, nice i got that. I was getting it, and we won. Nice, I killed the guy with the toxic. That's basically how Juke them out a little bit if you're low-HP like that. Just run away, honestly. You don't need to keep fighting, and there you go. This is honestly the best build for the light build.

light class build