Fastest Way To Earn Xp The Finals

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Now, whether or not you agree that the battle pass is a little too grindy or not, there are ways to actually optimize the way that you play the game so that you can get everything very quickly, and we're going to go over the top five best ways to do that. So without further ado, let's just jump into what you guys need to know as players immerse themselves in the finals.

Adopting a combination of these top five strategies is going to ensure a strong approach to XP farming, which you may need because the battle pass grind is emerging as a challenge for many players. There's going to be 96 total tiers and an estimated average of an hour per tier, which is pretty hefty, and this demands a considerable amount of time commitment.

This issue has already sparked controversy within the community, with some players expressing concerns about the time required to complete the battle pass and the lack of carryover for weekly challenges. I've always been a proponent of actually having the Halo infinite battle pass, where once you have actually bought it, you never actually have it expire, and you can unlock it at any time.

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I really wish more companies would adopt this, but unfortunately, that means probably less money and less engagement, so don't expect it anytime soon, and this is reflected in the community as players are arguing that the battle passes demands exceeding 100 hours can be practical, especially for those who enjoy playing multiple different games, and unless you want to only do the finals, it gets very difficult to do with a full-time job.

All that being said, let's jump into the first thing that you're going to want to do to maximize your XP, and that is going to be strategic class selection, because in the finals, your choice of class significantly influences your season-level progression; unlike some other FPS titles, the finals do allow you to switch between classes without resetting your XP progress, which is absolutely fantastic, but that means it's key to utilize the best class build, whether heavy or light archetype, which will ensure a seamless transition while maintaining your hard-earned XP.

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The strategic approach paves the way for a consistent climb up the rank, so make sure you're paying attention to the meta so that you can maximize the best build and get the most amount of XP per match. Now Going into number two, it's actually going to be the premium battle pass and free levels because they will significantly boost your XP.

Journey comes with a premium battle pass. Unfortunately, this is a pay-to-win or pay-to-unlock system, and it offers an additional 96 levels beyond the initial 25 free levels. Each level does bring unique rewards, enhancing your customization. Options You can invest in the premium battle pass, which not only enriches your gaming experience with more cosmetics that you can unlock but also accelerates your progress through the seasonal levels.

But once again, if you don't want to spend money on this game because it is free to play, this is not the method you're going to want to use. Number three is probably going to help you out a lot more, and that's actually Swift match completion. Completing matches is a straightforward method for XP gain prioritizing.


Swift victories provide the most efficient route to accumulating experience, which is easier said than done. Am I right? Your placement in a match directly impacts the XP received, making fast-paced wins crucial for maximizing gains. The best builds for beginners become valuable assets during this period, telling you to the top of the leaderboards early on, but you're going to want to make sure you stack for this because if you try to play solo well, this game isn't very forgiving, and a lot of people just kind of do whatever the hell they want, and you're likely to bang your head against the wall trying to get a quick match.

Number four is going to be daily contracts and weekly quests. This one is actually very key, and as you see in a lot of other battle passes, make sure you actually find it. A lot of people are not acknowledging where this is in the menu, but the inclusion of daily contracts and weekly quests introduces it: Consistent opportunities for additional XP bonuses.


You can do daily contracts; they rotate pretty quickly, and they offer tasks like securing your first one of the day or playing a set number of matches, which you're going to do anyway, simultaneously. Weekly quests present more substantial challenges requiring a bit more dedication, but they give you a lot more XP and help you grind up a lot faster.

Both of these features contribute to a well-rounded XP farming strategy, so make sure to check them every single day and try to knock them off as quickly as possible, but by far the best way to gain XP and my personal favorite is number five, which is tournament mode, which is the pinnacle of XP rewards.

As tournament mode emerges as the ultimate playground for XP enthusiasts, it has the highest XP rewards, and the mode invites the best teams to compete in three rounds of the cash-out game type. Timed rounds and unique gameplay mechanics set this mode apart, challenging teams to coordinate effectively and accumulate the most cash.

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The final round, with its fan points and substantial XP rewards, becomes the grand finale for those seeking the highest amount of XP in the finals. If you combine all these strategies, you can yield between 3, 000 and 3,000 XP per match, and while the fastest ways to earn XP are limited, they prevent continuous matches from becoming tedious, so whether you're a seasoned player that's been really grinding hard or just beginning your journey, mastering these strategies will undoubtedly elevate your gaming experience in the finals and get you a lot more rewards, and hopefully they will add in new game types that help you level up even faster and create more versatile ways to play the game so it doesn't feel so tedious as you continually play the same game mode over and over trying to grind out the battle pass.