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Fc24 balers Gate and so much more, and if you head on over and use the G2A app, you can get an additional 15% off using the code winter 15, and that's just free money that you're saving. Health pull and so much utility to make up for it as such as for the health and most of the weapons you will find yourself outgunned, by a heavy if you're taking a solo fight head on ideally you will want to fight them as your teammates are nearby but if you are forced to take a jeel against them using your small size to your advantage will be key assuming there isn't any cover to play or if you are close enough just get up real close and uncomfortable, with the heavy and start strafing around them as much as you can speaking from the perspective of a heavy main it's near impossible, to stay accurate when any shorter enemies is that up close, and that doesn't have to mean just light players medium players that are really close are annoying to deal with as well the Steep angle makes it very hard to perform any aim movements and actually keep tracking enemy and your gun will cover most of the enemy as well making it hard to even see them in the first place so if you have a chance to make sure to get real close and you will survive a lot of your encounters.

Heavy also has a huge hitbox, size which really gets in the way when it comes to some movement techniques, one of the most depressing parts of playing heavy is of course these vents if you're being chased by a heavy player and you need to get away just slide through the vents and they'll be forced to either waste their utility to blow up the wall or run the long way around but anyways let's move on and talk about utility the heavy smash Shield will be a hard nut to crack because it's whole job is giving space to your entire team and eating your damage but that being said most Heavies don't know how to use it effectively, meaning they keep it up for way too long when it really don't need to and since it only has a health pool of 1100.

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This means that you can take it down with a magazine or two, especially with focused fire from your team. The shield does take a while to recover once broken, so if you manage to break it when the heavy Ender teammates are out in the open, they now turn into easy kills, so if there is nothing else for you to do at the moment, make sure to sink some extra bullets into an exposed shield if the enemies behind that shield aren't looking at you.

This gives the shield a much smaller health pool when things actually matter. Remember, there isn't any damage that falls off of any bullets in the game, so you can whittle down enemy shields from really far away and if counter to the mesh shield specifically. There will be any type of long-range explosive, such as a nuke, an RPG, or grenades.

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A heavy holding a shield up will very often have their teammates right behind them meaning that all you need to do is aim slightly above it with an explosive and get devastating, damage on the enemy team once it passes over the shield as for the charge and slam if the enemy does start a charge your best bet will be trying to Juke them out like a bull by sprinting one way and then turning around and sprinting the other if you can force them to need to turn around to get back to you this will hopefully give you some free shots or a chance to escape, if they're starting a charge in the open from really far away just shoot them they don't have additional health or anything they're free kills if they are far enough and you have some time another counter includes, climbing onto the n's High Ground to force them out of the charge to shoot at you I don't really think that the charge and slam is that useful but I figured I'd include it for the few people that somehow still do moving on the goo gun is certainly annoying to deal with especially if you don't expect it and especially.


If it's combined with a sledgehammer, the goo-sledgehammer cheese combo can be lethal if you don't play around with it, so how do you do it well? You might not like the answer because it's simpler than you think. Running a goo gun and a sledgehammer means that they don't have any mid-range weapons, you know, short of the nuke and the RPG.

I know, you know, don't get mad at me, and they don't have any defensive abilities either, meaning that they're forced to play indoors or behind cover. Always keep an eye on where the goo gun, Sledgehammer, is playing from, and if possible, just don't fight them indoors or close range. Try to draw them out, and just slowly pick him off from a distance.


There's nothing they can do, and their team lacks so much utility that they need in order to win a fight. Speaking of range, that'll be the best counter to the heaviest autoshotgun, the S126. Keep in mind that this is hands down the best weapon in the game at the moment, but as soon as you're 5 to 10 m away, it really starts falling off damage-wise, and past the 10 to 20 m range, all it does is pepper the enemy up nicely, if you have the chance try to keep your distance from any Heavies with the sa1 1216, and deal with them over range Instead, try to avoid allowing them to get really close and if they do get really close try to put yourself behind cover where as little of your body is exposed or straight up, turn around, and reposition to a spot that's a little bit farther away, and of course, running straight into a heavy with a shotgun seems counterintuitive.

Don't they want you up close and personal for maximum damage? The thing is, the shotgun is really high-risk and really high-reward. You only really have four shots per semi-reload, and if an enemy gets close enough where hitting these shots starts getting really uncomfortable, those four shots that you need to get a kill suddenly become a lot harder.

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And just a note just a tiny note: before you run straight into a heavy, keep in mind that in order to get close enough to a heavy where they will be uncomfortable, you first have to pass the optimal range for the shotgun where they want you, so don't just jump straight into them when they are looking at you because you're playing straight into their hands.

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