46 Things You Don't Know About The Finals

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You can actually use four weapons or even four gadgets if you want. They just never really tell us about it. Speaking of which, they also never really tell us that heavyweights can punch while holding their shield up and that jump pads will bounce anything that hits them, including grenades and even RPGs.

And these are just some of the 47 things that you don't know about the finals. It's also never really EXP. Explicitly stated that you can break walls or floors with just about anything in the game sure explosives make sense because, obviously but you can actually break buildings with gunshots or even melee as well it just takes really long so the same obviously goes for the cranes that you can find all over the map actually not many notice but if you're a bad crane operator you can even destroy your own crane by user error as well if you end up using all the bullets in your weapon you'll be forced to pull off a cocking animation by the time you reload, which isn't ideal because in most cases you'll need to shoot dud now because otherwise why would you let the magazine go all the way to the bottom in the first place nevertheless if you get hit by this animation keep an eye on your bottom right and as soon as the ammo counter resets.

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Quickly swap between a gadget and back to skip that very animation. These lights on Monaco look strangely familiar, but I really can't put my finger on why you can punch your own or even your teammate C4, which makes it blow up instantly and take out anyone who's close enough, and unlike when it's activated by a heavy, this will include you and your teammates.

This means that if you're trying to punch your way through a window when holding a nuke that will more often than not have devastating effects, you can safely break a window by dropping whatever you are holding so it passes through the window, after which you can pick it back up and keep on trucking.

The vault can on-shoot most trees if you throw it into them. If you open a door by sprinting into it, there's a small chance you'll hear a chicken cluck sound effect. This is a reference from the Battlefield franchise, as many EX dice developers have worked on the finals. Something else most people don't know is that I stream almost every day on YouTube or Twitch.

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So come say hi if you want to see all of this in action. Stealing a vault takes 5 seconds and while yes you can destroy zip lines by breaking their attachment points you know by punching or shooting or even blowing them up you can destroy vertical zip lines by blowing up the bottom, as well if you play light there's a really cool button when you get close to a teammate's statue, if you hold the interact key for a few seconds you will actually revive them and bring them back into the game despite being absolutely tiny both medium and heavy builds can get through these tiny windows on Monaco, just climb up on a window seal and look to the side get a wiggle around as you're moving through the window and eventually you will get through or just blow it up I guess if you're in the finals of an A-ranked tournament and both of the teams have captured a point once, if you let the timer go down to zero, whichever team chose the number one in the top left will be crowned the winner.


You can destroy Heavy's dome by punching the small device in the middle twice; this includes your own dome, friendly heavy domes, or even enemy domes, as well as the golden watch. Skin shows the same real time as the time on your computer, or. I guess, console, but that is obviously not as cool as the rarest skin in the game, which I will tell you about later in the article, and trust me, it's not what you think on Demonico.

On the map, you can actually fire the cannons; in some cases, they point towards buildings, which will blow them up. Throwing an object deals 50 damage when it hits an enemy, which means that in theory you could use this to kill someone. If you go into spectator mode on Las Vegas and peep outside of the map, you can actually see the Las Vegas sphere in the far background, advertising the finals, but what I want to know is: when are we getting this in real life?


The Dome Shield blocks enemy heal beams, and like with the m Shield, it will block and actually repel any explosives like grenades or C4 that try to pass through it. If these explosive charges are attached to an object like a barrel so a nuke the charges will just despawn. Enemy pings not only work through visual obstacles like bushes, but if you manage to ping an enemy through that obstacle, it will keep tracking their position for a little while afterwards.

This means that if you're playing around any area with tons of trees that block your line of sight, you can just spam your ping into the foliage and tag an enemy. If you get close enough, enemies will spawn closer to the cash out if the cash out is started, so it's oftentimes smarter to wait for your enemy team to spawn before putting it in to force them to run as far as possible to actually get to the point.

This makes the most sense if you're playing in a final. If you get killed with this M11 skin, it will print a receipt with the enemy's name on it. Heavy can hold the mesh shield up as he's taking the zip line, which keeps him and their teammates safe. That's because the mesh shield is a one-handed ability.

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Just like taking zip lines, you can also slide with your shield up or even mantle and climb any ledge while still keeping that shield up. If you get close enough to the dumpsters, you'll see that there are flies swarming around the trash.

If you are holding an object, like a nuke, you don't have to drop it to start a revive or go for Cash Out Steel, though it is highly recommended. At the time of this article, using knives or an aircraft will make you miss Nukes have appeared in almost every trailer in the game so far, so there isn't much of a reason to believe that they'll be gone anytime soon.

You can move the cash out away from its spawn points by placing a jump pad on a nice, slight angle, most easily with Goo, and then placing Goo under the cash out box to boop it into the jump pad, which would then send it somewhere else. A backstab with the Assassin's dagger will oneshot a light and a medium, but it leaves a heavy with a sliver of health left.

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As with most abilities in the game, you can add in a punch the moment you make damage to finish the heavy off just as fast as any other class, and you will go farther horizontally. When taking a jump pad, if you run or slide into it, you can knock over a cash out box by punching the top of it or by throwing the vault on the top side above the cash out vault slot.

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