The Finals Season 2 Is Amazing



Biggest nerf

Good riddance, but more on that later.

What changed this season?

Well, it's basically a hacker group. If you want more details, go check out my last article on the lore of the finals. But first, we finally have a new map to play on the system. Horizon this map is like a glitchy neon wave-type map, and I personally love it.

I think it plays well, the aesthetic is beautiful, and really, I was just starving for a new map to play on because you can only play on the same four for so long, so I'm very grateful it's here. I've heard some people dog on it, but not me personally. I'm all here for it. I'm a wee bit disappointed it's only one map, but at this point I'll take whatever I can get.

New weapons

New weapons

Second, three new weapons were introduced to the game. The Famas, which went to the medium class, is a three-round burst AR, and if you played Black Ops back in the day, this thing needs no introduction.

It's super accurate, does decent damage, and has a decent clip. I had a few decent games with it, but personally, I still prefer the akm, but it's definitely worth trying out, not dog [__]] by any stretch of the imagination. Then we have the 93r, burst pistol for the lights; it's basically a single rafika from MW2.

If you know, you know, and it's kind of [__] mid. In all honesty, it's pretty midway; it takes like four bursts to kill anybody up close, and it's pretty much bested in every single way by the VS9. In my opinion, it's just that it's lukewarm; really, it's, eh, it's fun for a game or two, but it's not anything game-changing.

I actually think midway through this game right here I switch back to the bs9 there are better options for the light class but still it's new just give it a try you know just for the GS and shiggles, then lastly we have the ks23, slug shotgun for the heavy class and I know what you're thinking great another shotgun I have to worry about sick well fear not my friends because this thing is a two pack ass this thing [__ ] sucks it needs help it is so hard to hit your shots with it like you got to Arc it the travel sucks it feels like you're firing a crossbow more than a shotgun and it hits hard it does a lot of damage but if you can't hit anything with it then what's the point you know.

The orange is on us now. No, that shotgun [__] stinks. The reload time on it is ridiculous.

New gadgets

New gadgets

Themselves, and that's pretty fun. My favorite use of it so far is to throw one side of the portal into the cash out room, then throw the other side around the corner so that way I can pop in and give him a jump scare. Next up, we have anti-gravity.

New specialization

New specialization

But wait, does that mean they have four in the other classes and only have three? That's not fair; nope, my friend Recon's senses have been removed entirely from the game. Go ahead and take a victory shot. Wall hacks are gone; in fact, the developers left a little note in the patch notes that read.

On a dev note, we concluded that recon senses have been detrimental to the game at large and have now decided to put them out of play for now. The specialization may return in some new form down the line, but only after a major rework. Yeah, no [__] and bark wall hacks aren't very good for your first-person shooter game, but I'm glad they took them out, so Pat on Pat on the back there taking their place is the dematerializer.

Which lets you temporarily erase physical objects like walls and floors from the game and you can close them at will as well, and this thing is pretty [ __ ] sick mate. I'm not going to lie, just walk up to a room, the Ops are posted up in bang eras, the their wall beam them close that [ __ ] right back up, you have a cash out on the floor above me, not on my [ __ ] watch mine now boy, it has three charges, and each action erasing and restoring takes a charge.

I love this thing because previously the mediums didn't really have it like a destruction perk to them, and now they do. Is it worth running over the healing beam? Eh, probably not, but it's pretty fuking fun, mate. Really give it a try.

Gadgets reassigned

Gadgets reassigned

I love this thing, and they also moved around a few gadgets like the tracking dart and the Recon grenades away from the mediums and gave them to the lights, awesome, more team value, and they gave the motion sensor to the heavy, which I've never really seen the motion sensor make a difference in a match, but hopefully the heavy can have fun with it, so that's whatever you know, let's see what else yes right there's a new game mode 5v5, called Powers Shift, where you escort a platform and the two teams fight over.

New 5v5 gamemode

It's pretty fun when it's not a bunch of Heavies and Snipers; it's basically a glorified TDM, but it's pure chaos, and it's really worth a try. I had a great time playing this game mode, like you hop on the platform, everybody's beaming down on you, people are trying to jump on your [__], you're dipping, you're dodging.

I would definitely recommend it.

New tutorial and career circuit

They added a new tutorial for all the new players, and they added a career circuit.

Battlepass go brrrrrrr

Battlepass go brrrrrrr

Oh , my like, 100 times better than the season 1 battle pass, the season 2 battle pass is 100%. Worth the money; I would recommend coping. I mean, look at this Nintendo Game Boy head-ass skin for the M11; it's beautiful. We got this baddy outfit; we got Chrome camos because. Just overall i love it, and by the way, if you're buying the battle pass, don't [__]] up the money like I did by buying the season 2 pack first, which gives you a rebate on all the coins you just spent, and then buy the battle B pass.

Don't be a dumbass like me and buy the pass only to realize you could have gotten the season 2 pack for free along with the battle pass holy [__]] This article is still going, and we're only like halfway through the patch notes.

Shotgunning a celsius for the memes

Just power through the rest of these out and just power through the rest of the patch notes.

Yeah, this is not going to be worth it. I hope that looked cool. That was not worth it. There's Celsius all over my [__] keyboard. I do it for you.

Ranked play changes/private matches

All right, let's fast-track money. The rest of this [__]] ranked play got a rework, allegedly now it should revolve more around your performance instead of play time like it did in season 1 because in season 1 your rank was more of a reflection of how much you played instead of actually how good you were, so hopefully the rework is a step in the right direction, but grain of salt, though we need a lot more like time with it to really see if they did anything substantial, we got private matches, which is pretty Bare Bones at the moment, and you need a minimum of six people to start one nuke has been completely gutted and they added diminishing returns on explosives.