The Only Movement Guide You'll Need The Finals Season 1

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My I got you because today I'm going to teach you how to die in style. Now I'll say this: it doesn't have a lot of movement just yet because we're not even on a weekend, but here's everything that I've seen or that I've learned so far playing the game. So first off, the fastest way to move around the map is not slide jumping; it's not jumping sliding; it's none of that; just simply jump.

Over and over again, you can't spam it, though if you spam it, it's going to look like this; you're going to lose momentum really fast. You want to jump one sec, jump one sec, jump one sec, over and over, and you'll get a feel for it really quick. It's just this simple, and another good thing to get in the habit of is that anytime you're going down a slope like this, for example, slide, just like in Fortnite.

Apex, or any of that, if you're going down a slope, you're going to slide, you're going to move faster, you can keep your momentum, just jump. Jump just like this; now you know how to keep your momentum, slide down slopes, and all the basics. Another great thing to learn is zip lines. Just launch yourself, and then you can keep your momentum out of that, so I'll do that again on the zip line jump.

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Another great thing to master just to move around the map and get better positions is mantling. You can mantle from a lot higher than you think. You can say I blew this up. I can climb up that. Mantling doesn't really look like you can for some reason, but you can mantle from a lot higher than you.

As you can see here, I'm falling, but you can pick yourself back up by just pressing space. Super simple, all right. This one's for the light that builds my light. M's out there, my twins, so if you use the AAS Dash and you dash into a jump pad, it lets you go a lot further, so that's with the dash.


Let me show you that it's not even close. You go flying with the dash, and this works on all forms of jump pads, including medium-class jump pads. These giant blue dots that you'll see in a second work on all jump pads. Look how far I've wired a new vault! This is going to get very interesting, all right, so jump pads Jump pads are almost entirely dependent on what angle the jump pad is at, so as you know, if you place one on flat ground, you're not going to get a whole lot of distance, but you can get on top of high ground like this, so it's really helpful for that, but what I like to do is I like to place my jump pad at a slant like this, for example.

I'll show you that in a second, so what I like to do is place it on slanted ground, and it gives you a whole lot more. Distance, which, in my opinion, is better because you're getting the height and the distance. See, I can get on top; it's just faster. What I will say, though, is that you cannot take it in the other direction; it will send you backwards or give you just a tiny little jump, so make sure you place it in the direction that you want to go.

So when you're looking around the map in there, I definitely keep an eye out for slanted buildings like this; they're on almost every map, and every city map at least goes a lot further. It, and here's a trick I like to use on the bridges, so what you do is interact with it, jump, place a jump pad, and it gives you a slant sled floor.


As you move forward, it's a lot more helpful for getting on top of buildings like this, and from here, you can see I'm about to reuse it in a second, interact with it, use it, and then D-style there you go. I also like to do this on light with the dash; it's not as good, but it helps you take high ground faster; it just gives you that little extra boost on top of the next level of where you are, like, for example, here I can get over the fence with just one dash; it's really helpful.

The last thing I'd like to cover is how to get upstairs quicker. I see a lot of people just running around the vault in the ARA and just running around the staircase for an hour; it just takes a lot longer. This is one way you could just get up super quick, great, just like that, but that about wraps it up for this one.

Like I said, it's only been out a couple days, so it's not a whole lot out right now, but this is everything that I've found or that I've seen so

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