This Is Why You Have To Play The Finals

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I've been playing the finals, and I am overwhelmingly and extremely pleasantly surprised that this game is an absolute multiplayer masterpiece. In my opinion, this is the most fun I've had on a multiplayer game since the earlier days of Cod or Halo. I truly think that this game is going to save competitive multiplayer gaming.

Let me explain. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of games like Call of Duty that have been nothing but copy and paste since 2015. Aren't you sick of CSGO, where there has been one half-decent map since the Vietnam War? Are you not sick of games that aren't even trying to innovate; they just release the exact same concept like Valerient did and don't even get me started on Overwatch 2?

MW3, well, if you feel the same way that I do, let me introduce you to the finals. I post articles on tons of different games, and I am live every single weekend without fail, so make sure to check it out before I can fully explain why this game is saving gaming. You have to understand how it works for those of you who do not know.

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I'll briefly explain that this is an objective-based multiplayer game, almost like Valerant or CsGO, but far better in every conceivable aspect imaginable. There are two game modes: start out with quick cash or bank. In my opinion, the only one worth playing is quick cash. In this mode, there are three teams of three, and your objective with your team is to open There is one vault on the map at one time, and all three teams will be going for the vault, so as you can imagine, this is extremely chaotic.

Once opened, it gives you a cash box that you have to take to a cash-out station. There are two cash-out locations that you have to take the vault to in order to cash out. Once you're at a cash out station, you have to put the box in the cash out, and then the chaos begins. Both of the other teams will be gang banging you as much as they can while you are cashing out, and a cash out takes time.


Your job is to defend the cash out station while the timer is going, and you can steal a cash out, so if you are 34 of the way through your cash out and then Pink comes and rails you from behind, non-consensually, and then steals the cash out, the timer does not restart; they will only have 1/4 of the timer left, even if your team held it for 34 seconds of time, and whoever has the cash out once it's finished gets all of the money.

This is absolutely diabolical. In situations that cannot be experienced in any other game, the first team to get two cash outs successfully wins the game now for a few kickers that the finals offer. First off, everything can be destroyed on these maps, so if the cash-out vault is on the top floor of a building, you can break the floor beneath it in order to steal it.

Hell, you can even bring down the entire building. This adds an entirely new element to the game; these vaults aren't just locked behind walls that cannot be penetrated. So a team can't just post up and camp on it like [__]. You can just blow the whole damn building up and steal the cash. If this doesn't sound good enough to you, let me introduce you to tournament mode.


This has all of the same rules that I just mentioned previously, but there are two vaults to open this time, and there are four teams instead of three, and it's a bracket, so it's like a championship or tournament. Four teams versus four teams moving up a bracket until it's 1 vs.

If that doesn't sound good enough, then get this in tournament mode. There is no cap to how much you can cash out; it's a matter of who has the most once the time runs out, so instead of the first team to win $20, 000, it's the team that has the most cash. When the timer runs out and each vault has increasingly more cash in tournament mode, you could be in dead last place with $0.

But at the very last moment, you cash out a vault that's worth $22,000,000, and you barely scrape by and qualify to move on in the bracket. It is miraculous that this game is made by developers that actually know what a good game looks like, not developers that just want a cash grab. Now that you understand the rules of the game and how it works, you can understand clips like this.

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They can't get to it either; the whole house is covering it. I got it. I got it. I got it, bra. W my, because of how unique the objective is and how the map plays into stealing a cash out, it creates endless opportunities for moments like these intense ass moments that come down to the very last possible second.

No other game offers gameplay like this. No other game gives you ass sweating ball clenching. In situations like this, the stakes are always high. It's not just a matter of Sim simply losing RP and ranking down; you actually feel the need to win. Each game feels totally different because of the variety and maps and what you can do to the environment, and its unique mechanics give you a breath of actual air instead of the [__] that we've been sniffing for 8 years now from Activision.

The game is made by competent individuals who know what makes a multiplayer competitive shooter fun. This game is fun, and it will be for a while. I also just wanted to briefly touch on the graphics. I'm not really one to judge games one way or another on graphics; I just don't really think it matters.

I mean, look at a game like Lethal Company. The graphics are [__] but it's so much fun that it doesn't matter, but holy jizz. The graphics in this game are actually outstanding, especially considering that it's a free game. The finals have it all. It's got options for every play style too. You can choose between three classes: light, medium, or heavy, and each of these classes supports a different kind of play style.

They each have their own unique guns, gadgets, movements, and so on. Once you've chosen a class that suits you and customized its appearance, you're off using your abilities to your advantage, and being really good at a specific play style has never felt so good. The time to kill in this game is amazing.

The maps are exquisite, and all aspects of this game are legitimate. It's a multiplayer, wet dream. I love this game; if you could not tell, I have a huge gaming bonus from it, and I will for a while. I completely gave up on multiplayer games about a year ago, and coming back to this makes me feel excited to hop on with my squad again.

I'm having actual fun playing a competitive game, and it's been a long time coming. Probably what I love most about the finals is that I feel like it's a perfect mix of all of the positive aspects of every popular shooter out there. It has mechanics from OverWatch and valerent csgo.

The Finals is a new multiplayer competitive shooter and I think it needs to be the next mainstream game. This game is amazing for so many different reasons. But here are the reasons that you HAVE to play the Finals.