This Is Why You Should Start Playing The Finals Now



These are the four reasons why you should start playing the finals now. If you clicked on this article, you've either played the finals or haven't, and if you're in any of those cases, this article is made just for you, which logically speaking means you have to be in one of those cases, so you need to watch the finals is a free-to-play competitive team based multiplayer shooter where teams of three compete in large highly destructible.

Reason 1 : the community

Maps : reason number one: the community hasn't optimized the fun out of the game yet. Take OverWatch, for example. When it first came out, it was so fun. Everyone was running around like headless chickens, which led to some of the most fun I've had in gaming. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just look at early OverWatch on YouTube.

4 reasons to play

With this strategy, people came to us. You had Hanzo's falling arrows at the start of the game. You had SRA's, Death Trap. You had Reinhard charging people off the cliff. You had a sexy junkrat six stbon just to S side few, but then the community started taking the game too seriously, and the developers themselves optimized the fun out of the game.

Now more on that in a third point for now let's only focus on the community side of the responsibility, it reached a point where people would flame you for picking a non-meta characters or just for playing Hanzo or Genji before the match even begins even in unre matches can you switch off Hanzo please yeah I don't know if we need to Hanzo, [ __ ] switch you're not doing [ __ ] for the team some would just leave same goes for League of Legends for example matter of fact for League of Legends it's highly encouraged to leave the game if the team composition isn't meta it's better to lose 10 LP and time penalty rather than 20 LPS and 30 minutes of your time the fact that the game is new preserves the ra fun Factor allowing players to explore experiment and discover strategies without feeling constrained by established meta all without being flamed by overly competitive environment, it's a CH chance to enjoy the game in its purest form which can sometimes be lost in more established gaming scenes.

This argument doesn't apply only to the fact that it's new; it also applies to the nature of the game. The finals give the player too much freedom, so it's harder to establish metas than in my fourth argument. Now let's move on to reason number two, which is very similar to the first one, but trust me, it's not the same.

Reason 2 : the players

Reason 2 : the players

Reason number two: players haven't optimized the fun out of the game yet we live in a world where everybody wants to become a streamer, and why not streaming could be very fun and it's a very viable career option in terms of income?

At least to become a streamer, you either need to be really, really good at the game, like the best at the game; take, for example, Shroud. F or you have to be entertaining like Dr. Disrespect with no disrespect to the two times. Tens of thousands of viewers watch him for entertainment. This man is very entertaining to watch.

Tim, you read the DocScripts. Today, I don't think you can actually switch it on. Why does he do this stupid thing? I think it's time we got serious. I think it's time we got real serious, and with the rise of streaming and eSports, players started taking the game. Why take it seriously and optimize all the fun out of the game?

addictive gameplay

Don't get me wrong, some games are made to be sweated on and speedrun, like Track Mania, for example. Track Mania's players are some of the most dedicated players, and they do some impressively satisfying runs. On the other hand, some games really don't need that, like Fall Guys. Why do Fall Guys speedruns even exist?

It's a goofy game. Why take it seriously? Are simple; it's either prize money from a competition or even simpler than that. We gamers can't help it. Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game, and it's not me saying that this is a quote from Sain Johnson and Sid Mayor, who are two game designers behind the Civilization Series.

best build in

Game designers try to protect players from themselves. If you want examples of games optimized by players for Oblivion, look no further than Fortnite. At launch, nobody knew what they were doing to the point where. You see to be able to play the game or to have any Fighting Chance fortnite has to be your full-time job and for a Casual Gamer it's simply impossible, unless of course you want to play some Community Maps but that's not what I want to play when I launch fortnite, it also got so bad to the point where devs themselves had to step in again and add Bots to the game or even take away the element that made the game unique in the first place the building element which led to zero build even OG fortnite streamers which fortnite is their job by the way stopped playing build mode and moved to zero build to actually have fun here's what Ninja said about it I don't think I have to tell you who's ninja, why do I only play Zero build because it's fun, and I don't have to sweat my absolute balls off.

To kill a zero-build sweat, or, you know, a build mode Giga. Sweat, right, and I got to [__]] on somebody with my aim like that right without him building the Eiffel Tower after, you know. I got two shots on. Him again what top tier player do is so impressive, even while watching it it's hard to see what's happening they are so fast with it but at the end of the day it's, just not fun for gadel gamer this argument doesn't only apply to fortnite by the way valerant has a similar problem although way less severe is present you see if you pick SOA you are required, to know his lineups or even if you pick smokers you need lineups for one ways there are hundreds of hours on YouTube about those lineups and some of them are very ridiculous like the Vipers one or the ciphers one although this is not required to have fun in the game or to play the game this could be a problem when the Community start flaming you for not knowing them because in that case the game is not safe for casual gaming, it's only Competitive Gaming although I don't think valerant reach that point we as players need to always be careful from optimizing the fun out of the game. My third argument is kind of out of our hands as players.

Reason 3 : the devs

Reason 3 : the devs

For reason number three, the developers haven't optimized the fun of the game yet. Here, I will have to take OverWatch as an example again, OverWatch DS. Actually, I will not say devs, as it's not really the devs that take those decisions.

Being an informatics engineer and working on development projects, I know that it's not the developers that make those decisions. Overwatch, in their quest to make the game esports ready, started taking out all the fun strategies or any little broken elements of the game, like Road Hog Hook Road Hog, which was the funniest thing that ever happened in OverWatch.

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing THE FINALS Now ! In this video i explain why should start playing THE FINALS now by giving 4 main reasons.