Beginner's Guide To The Finals


This guide is going to go over a lot of the basics. These are the core components of the game, and even if you are an experienced player, these could be things you are overlooking. If you are new and need some extra coaching and tips, please join the Discord below. You can find help here; feel free to DM me there as well, and we can potentially set up a time for coaching.

If you have any tips you would like to add, please comment below. First and foremost, this is a Sandbox Arena FPS, and utilizing the environment is extremely important. I highly suggest picking up canisters, throwing them around, throwing them at walls, throwing them at your enemies, meleeing them, and then throwing them.

Learn what these do because there are tons of moments that could make or break a fight by utilizing the environment correctly. As a quick rundown of some of the main use cases for the canisters, the red or explosive canister can blow up walls. Players destroy some play gadgets and make new entrances.

Create holes to drop the cash. The orange or fire canister is good for blowing smaller holes and walls and creating AOE fire, which can remove gas. Green or gas canisters are great for creating big AOE clouds that can damage players over time. The gray or smoke canisters can put out fires. Create a visual cover to help you and your team.


The pink or goo canisters can be used to block entrances. Seal up holes and create platforms to climb on; make sure to use the map to its fullest; set up defenses on the high-rise platforms; use explosives to take down high-rise platforms. Ms, Uses the crane to get a good height advantage. Turn it to swing the wrecking ball at buildings or to create bridges to get from building to building safely.

Utilize what the world gives you to the fullest; don't ignore it under the impression that it isn't useful. There's always a use case, and having that knowledge will separate the good from the great players. Weight classes all have their roles, and understanding how they work is essential to thriving in the finals.

Light is the most misunderstood class in the game. This class can't straight up be 1 vs. 1, it can't defend your team, and it can't heal, so I use it well. Its job is to flank, position yourself behind or to the side of enemies, stop taking 50/50 fights, and only fight when you have the advantage.


Use your mobility to outplay your enemy, dashing from one floor to the next and approaching from a new angle every time you shoot. This is how you play the class: getting poke damage, surviving, and then glitch-grenading. Shields to expose them to make them easy kills for your team The light class is built to break defenses.

And to pick off stragglers, you can also approach from the back while your teammates are distracted from another angle. The cloaking device is also amazing for flanks and catching players off guard. Guard, then you can grapple to reach higher grounds in order to have positional Advantage: Every good light player I have ever seen spends most of their time away from their team, scouting and picking off unsuspecting enemies.


It is really important to understand mobility and positioning and how to always fight to your advantage and not take 50/50s. If you want to play the light class medium, this class has two main roles: healer or DPS, bringing the healing beam and the defib is a very standard way of playing the class it brings much needed support and the instant revive can be very clutch in so many situations, your job typically is to just stay alive you're most likely going to be the first person targeted because you are the reasons your teammates are not dying, you want to play the DPS style you could bring the guardian turret or recon senses.

Your positioning is going to be a bit different than the Healer variant, where you want to position to do DPS. You are not meant to keep your team alive this time; you're meant to delete the other teams. I find this load-out works best when combined with a healing medium class. Heavy classes should often have some of the highest combat scores in most games with the RPG, the C4s, and their capability to throw objects further than anyone in the game.


In the game, you can do massive burst damage, and your weapons allow you to just keep shooting and melt targets you lack. Mobility, so having a teammate that's at medium that can bring jump pads and zip lines can be very helpful to support your lack of mobility. Your job typically is to blow stuff up, do really good entry burst damage, and be the tank shielding the objectives for your team to secure cash outs.

Since you can be caught out rather easily, it's usually important to position yourself next to your teammates, as a good light player can take you out quite easily if you are caught. For the game modes, we have the main one, cash out, and tournament mode. There are also other modes, but I am simply going to cover these as this is the main mode of the game.

In this game mode, you have to collect cash boxes from vaults in order to deposit them into cashouts. You then have to defend the cash out in order to secure the points. These objectives are very unique and require some understanding in order to defend and steal effectively. When defending, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Typically, if you want to play off the cash show, don't stack inside the room where it is; play in the room above the building beside it, a floor below, etc., and have a plan for defending. Here are some examples, depending on your weight class. As a light player playing above the site in order to drop glitch grenades on those stealing, it can be an effective way to prevent enemies from stealing.

While they try to use their dome shields and mes shields. Alternatively, you can play offsite and Scout for enemy teams, trying to push the site into position and pick off one of the enemies to make your team's defense stronger, to stall the enemies and waste their utility, and to revive that enemy.


As a medium healer, stick with your teammates to keep them alive and to provide support where needed. Your job is to make sure your team doesn't get wiped out if you opt for the DPS roll. Take high ground and shoot players as they approach the casho; you are kind of like the Scout here. If you brought the turret, then position it overlooking the cash out, and place all traps you have broughten on the objective and prepare to throw any grenades; again, if you brought them onto the objective, alternatively, you can also be a bit more defensive and bring an APS turret to prevent them from using RPGs, gas grenades, and Satchel stuff like that.

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