Patch 2.2 Breakdown For The Finals Saved


Let's get started. After a season kickoff that's been full of technical surprises, we're happy to return to some festivities that'll bring us some joyous ones. Welcome to the Extravaganza. Bunny Bash teams will compete in the Powers Shift and scramble to control the platform and hop it to their base for the win.

Contestants will advance through our Easter circuit to earn exclusive spoils. On top of that, we've got special contracts to celebrate the season. Trust me, these prizes are worth the hunt. There'll be plenty of action, so don't miss out, and I'm glad we're back to the festivities that make the finals the world's greatest game show.

Absolutely, Scotty, so to all our viewers at home, make sure to tune in to Happy Bunny. Bash, that's right, we got new cosmetics in a new game mode for the game. Now on to the main event balancing, so we got a pretty long list of balancing for the KS23, the new heavy shotgun. We're seeing an increase in the fire rate from 55 RPM to 73 and a decrease in player damage from 120 to 100.


Increase the environmental damage from 600 to 700 and decrease the pump action animation delay. 2 seconds to 0 seconds, increase the pump action animation duration from 6 seconds to 7 seconds. Increase the damage falloff starting range from 15 M to 16 M, decrease the damage falloff, and range from 50 M to 23 M.

Increase the damage falloff multiplayer at max range from 4 to 6, meaning it does more damage at longer ranges; increase your projectile speed from 200 Ms to 300 Ms, meaning you're not going to have to lead shots as much anymore; and decrease the bullet dispersion when firing from the hip, making the weapon more reliable and accurate.

I see this as a much-needed buff for the KS23, as there was really no option to run this over any other weapon in the game. Hopefully, with this buff, we see more variation with the heavy class, so moving on, the F car got a slight Nerf. First off, they started with the recoil control, making the weapon less easy to maintain and control.

Hopefully, with this, we see a little more skills required with the F car following. The recoil change decreases the damage fall of the multiplier and max range from 67 to. 5, meaning it does less damage at range now, so maybe it'll give you a second thought of what to pick in the loadout screen.


It then adjusted a recoil pattern to make the weapon slightly easier to control for the Famas, so maybe this would be your choice against the F car now. Then, for the new 93r Del Light pistol, they increased the fire rate from 240 RPM to 260. Again, hopefully making it better to use, then we see a Nerf to glitch traps and glitch grenades, with the reduced duration of glitch effect from 10 seconds to 5 seconds for both items, so now you won't be as glitched as long, making it a little bit easier to get your skills off.

Moving straight into our changes and bug fixes, we see an increase in XP from 500 to 1, 000 for daily quests. Moving on to VFX, we made the dematerializer and highlight more visible, then made instances of VFX not being shown in spectator view. Moving on to UI, they removed the being revived bar from spectators when being revived with defibs and updated the game mode.

the finals

UI and power shift The push-to-talk icons are going to be more responsive. I corrected the clip-size information on the KS23. They added the ranked icon next to the name tag. Now, in terms of UI, that's probably the most important feature you will see in the game, but I'll leave the rest of the features here on the screen, and now on the screen you can see the ranked icon change, so now you're able to always see it.

Moving on to some map fixes and changes Las Vegas fixed the blurry finals branding decal and collision fix on the entrance of the Argon Casino; they updated the season 1 leaderboard trophy for practice range for a new map. Horizon fixed an issue where players were able to shoot through a wall at the entrance of the museum, fixed flickering lights and reflection issues, and fixed an issue where players can hide inside geometry above the workspace building, so they fixed the structure balancing.

Fixed an issue where players could spawn separately from their team. Skyway they TW expon the redu spawn camping from the office building in the final round all these look like very solid changes however I wish they would adjust Vegas with the FPS a little bit moving on to game modes for cash out they added it to the quickplay menu and it's now available in private matches They then made some changes to the power-shift game mode.

They removed unranked tournaments, and they added the limited-time game mode bunny bash, then moved straight into gameplay. Zip lines They fixed an issue when jumping and interacting on the same frame, which led to instant detaching. They made it so that zip lines couldn't be destroyed from the bottom end.

They fixed an issue with charging slam or cases where the slam would trigger instead of the charge for the dome shield. They fixed it so that the outline color is correct for me. Shield, they improve the effects for indicating the shield is about to break, meaning it's going to tell you when it's going to break for glitch grenades they fixed to stop them from exploding on friendly shields, then they fixed an issue where the glitch grenades would trigger on friendly shields.

I saw this as a major problem as my teammate, Trunks, would always glitch my shield, so for the anti-gravity cube, they added an outline and team color, and they fixed the gateway to where you were. There was no distance limit for the Gateway gadget for defibs. They fixed an issue where abilities could be activated while being defied, and they fixed an issue where players could be stunned and glitch while being defied.

For canisters, there was an issue where ERS could be teleported when picked up, and for spawning for full revives, increased in vulnerability for players who just spawned again. This is for full revisions, but that's pretty much the new patch. I'll catch you all on my live stream later today on YouTube, but anyway, I hope you have a great day and catch you

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