How I Got 53 Kills Heavy Diamond 1 Ranked Tournament Win The Finals Breakdown


YouTube How the Ducky is doing duck films here What I got for you today is another ranked gameplay on the finals, where I ended up dropping 53 kills as the heavy class, and quickly before the article starts. I stream both on Twitch and on YouTube by name. This article is going to be another inside look at the mind or breakdown of this ranked tournament.

Yeah, you need millions of views to actually make soting off, and I figure that they probably took the J with that information in the jumping one of the mediums, droing down to try to assist my teammate with the vault. The coms before was that enemy light was somewhere, knowing that he was in, just quickly taking him out with the RPG and a shotgun.

Instead of wasting time and trying to go for a full WIP, we decided to go straight ahead and push it into the cash out. At the next cashout, we are met with pink and orange. I threw a barrel at Orange to triy to distract him so we could finish up pink again. I quickly hit the light with the RPG and up the shot, meeting another light on the escalator.


Because we weren't really able to finish pink fast enough, orange just came behind us and third parted us, which resulted in a team wipe, so after that team wipe, we set our eyes on B as that was our closest. Spawn, roof. I went through the hole that was made and dropped my nuk on one of the lights, and to do that, I quickly threw my bubble onto the point to try to help our teammates capture it.

However, there's a light that had a really good angle into the cash point, which was on top of this yellow board or wall, whatever you want to call it. Knowing that it was just one light and two of my teammates were now up after the res and that had connected the RPG on him, I decided to run him down as fast as I could.

We tried to get a team wipe so we wouldn't have to worry about anyone else shooting. We're in the back while we're trying to fight another team after wiping pink, and since we're in Vegas, I always love to play in this vent, and no one really expects it. Then the call came that purple was here. Try to do as much chaos as I can.


I tried to take an ego One V one against this Magnum player and got absolutely destroyed. Those types. Oft. On my aim, after lots of fighting with both of my mediums and the rest of the teams, they went for the res, and I tried my best after getting the res to save as much space as possible so that we weren't constantly fighting with our backs against the wall here.

Pick up an RPG. I realized now that I could have probably RPGed the guy with a barrel, although in hindsight I probably should have done that. I quickly made a nuke grab the wrong barrel, but I quickly grabbed the nuke and threw it at any enemy combatants in my way. So after the one guy is our best option, try to wipe everyone around the point as we can using the [__].

The point is that after securing the team wipes, although not shown, I do end up dying here and was forced to coin to try to get back to the fight, so off of cor I make ack. Notice the heavy orange finish to kill the orange. A heavy call was made that the rest of Orange was on the outside in the alley so that we had the best chance of restraining our other team.


Run ahead, trying to wipe Orange as fast as we could so that we could quickly move on to the next Cas out and our vault. With that being said, we catch some players lingering around their last point, and I still don't understand why players do this. There are other vs. or hates in progress, and people are still trying to fight for old points.

I'm not really sure what goes through the minds of these players, but for some reason, they just want to keep fighting. After wiping pink, we go to Vault 4, where we manage to catch orange from behind, which results in wiping orange. The players are really sectioned off, just like in most games. It's always important to focus on the one that's sectioned off by themselves so that you have an easier time wiping the entire team, and just like in other games, if you can't section off one player, try to go for at least a healing or any as they usually have a deficiency, and as three was already thrown into D.


I decided to go for a double after finishing the kills here. Chaos kind of just ensued. We tried to do our best to get rid of everyone around the point and to try to maintain this high ground position going forward, resulting in killing this orange player. As both of my teammates were down and I was low on HP, I decided to run outside.

Play my health regen and quickly make a nuke here. What I'm thinking is that I want my teammates to get up to a good spot, and I still want to get that high ground advantage over the other teams. So after making the nuke, we decided to take the elevator up there. Hopefully, no one will expect us to come from this angle, and the only way we really have to look is down.

I should have told my teammates that I wanted to go high ground; it would have just put us all in a better position in general. Because I wanted to be with my team, I decided to jump down there and get the kill on the guy that was trying to steal, and then I just completely whiffed on this pink. Hell, I'm dead.

the finals

I almost had it. He's stealing in the corner, getting some rest. I managed to clip through the window and fall down. Somehow, and I managed to full white purple focus the one player, then take the jump pad up and finish the other while finishing the one you noticed while racking my gun and melee, which finished, which essentially Reed my gun.

The melee technique doesn't always work; sometimes it works with racking the shotgun, and as time went on, we decided to try to finish Orang as fast as we could. I'm going to die dropping one orange heavy, and the other orange heavy I somehow got. This thing is completely broken. People want to fix it.

All in all, it was a pretty good round, dropping around 18 kills. So moving on to the next round, we decided to quickly take a vault off the start, which led us to fight Orange right off the bat. Although I was a little late to the fight, I initially decided to finish up the fight quickly by nuking the medium and finishing him off with the RPG.


However, I do end up dying here, which resulted in us almost losing the fight, but still we managed to win the fight. I killed myself in my own RPG dealing with 252. Damage, which I don't know how is possible, but I guess the patch notes to actually do work, so after that the vault is put into the cash out we arrived at that cash out a little late and decided to go for a full wipe on purple who had just got in the cash out I quickly finish the kills off one of the purple players then move on to getting close to the next vault which had been recently placed down we get a really nice flank on orange finishing them off then we do our best trying to chase this player trying to finish the kills off due to chasing this kill.