Quick Beginners Guide & Review For New Players - The Finals Solo Player

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You have three characters right now; this is the medium one, and they all kind of have their own unique specializations. As well as their unique weapons, here is the heavy one. I have already unlocked a few things, but not everything is all right. Let's talk about the different game modes. You have quick play and tournaments, and in quick play, you have quick cash or cash out, which is a single match of three teams each.

And the goal is to grab the vault, which is a cube that will spawn somewhere on the map. And you're going to take that money and deposit it at one of the cash-out stations, which is one of these yellow ATM-looking things. The first team to reach the money goal, which I believe is $20,000, is the team that wins, and that is pretty much cash out.

If you want to see more details of the game mode, you can always right-click on it, and it will give you an overview, as well as the map variants and some of the events that could possibly happen during the game. The next mode is banket; it is a single match as well as a four-team game of three, and this one is very similar; it is still about grabbing cash and depositing.

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But in this one, each time you kill an enemy, they will drop coins, and you will pick up all those coins and then take them to the cash-out station. The first team to reach $40,000, or when the time is up, has the most cash. It is the team that wins. The next mode is tournaments, and tournaments are basically cash out.

But in a tournament format, you have this bracket where groups of teams will compete, and then the one who makes it will qualify for the next round until you get to the finals, where it's just two teams, and then there's a ranked tournament, which is basically all the same as a tournament, but it is ranked, which I have not unlocked yet.

I still need to play another 30 rounds to unlock it. I believe it takes a total of 60 rounds to unlock it. I still have half to go, and this one is basically the same as the tournament but with a little more restrictions. One of them is that you cannot swap items from the reserve when you are waiting for responses; the finals do add a bit of complexity to the recipe.


So it's not just about eliminating the opponents, but you do have to carefully use your equipment and gadgets to your advantage, as well as all the environmental items given to you, not to mention all the structures in the environment that can be destroyed. So at times it gets pretty chaotic, but it is a really fun game, even though I've been playing it just solo.

I still find it very enjoyable, and it is a complete blast. It has a little bit of everything; whether you're someone who likes to just camp around and snipe from afar, you can have that in the game, or if you're someone who just likes to charge into your enemies with explosives, you can do that as well.

One tip: if you're using the heavy class, you can attach your C4 to the canisters. Grab the canisters. Throw it at your enemies and create two blasts, but just be careful; don't blast yourself. One of the builds that I had quite a lot of fun with was using the light classes. With a sword just running around and slashing the enemies, I didn't know it could be this fun, but it is one of the highlights.


So far, for me, I haven't unlocked the cloaking specialization yet, but for the light build, I can't wait to unlock it. It is definitely a sweaty game, and I think people who are competitive will probably find this game very enjoyable. And that's not to say that if you are a casual gamer, you're not going to have fun, because that's who I am.

I am a casual gamer. I'm not a very sweaty gamer, and I still find it very enjoyable. Sure, I don't win a lot, but I am still having fun overall. I highly recommend this game; it is free. So I'll be playing more of the finals. I want to first unlock all the weapons and gadgets, then I start playing around with different builds and see where we can go, so all right, that's it for this article.

I hope it was helpful.

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