5 Tips The Finals Players Should Know And How To Apply Them


Could, Then let me introduce you to the finals. So the finals dropped overnight right after the game awards, and with everyone new coming in. I thought it would be a good time to make a article detailing some of the things that I think people that are new to the game should know going in to make sure that you reach the finals.

Number one, every gun is hit-scanned. This isn't FPS after all, and knowing the gun mechanics in the first place will shape how you play the game, so if you're not familiar with hit scan, hit scan is essentially where you are pointing the reticle of the gun or wherever the bullet registers. If you're hip-firing, it will instantly hit the target, so it would be a wall, or if it's a person, then of course that will register the damage.

What this means for you is that at long ranges, or any range at all, you want to keep your cursor, your reticle, and your optic, whatever the case may be, on target 100% of the time. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, such course that would be the throwing knives, the flamethrower grenade launchers, and the RPG.

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However, at the time of making the article, all these options are subpar compared to the alternatives that are available for the classes as primaries, except for the RPG, which is one of the heavy class's best utilities. Not only does it work exceptionally well to destroy walls and shape the arena, but it will also one-shot light build as the immediate explosion does 180.

Damage worth noting, of course, is that you do maintain all of your accuracy in the air and on zip lines when ads. So use that to your advantage if you find yourself in a spot where you're dropping down on someone and you can get a few shots in before you land. Make sure that they're below 100% HP before you start fighting them.

Number two, there is no aim punch. Here I'm going to play a clip of my favorite Tarov experience, which is that I can't see a goddamn thing. Up, go, the aim punch holy [__]. I got tickled in the arms for 15 seconds here, so the most frustrating thing in any game is loss of control. The finals are particularly good about keeping you in control of your character at all times.

the finals

When possible, it's a good idea to immediately retaliate against those who are shooting at you, as if you are mechanically adept enough or have good aim, your camera won't be undergoing an intense earthquake every time you take damage. In conjunction with the relatively long time to kill in this game in particular, you have a lot more options for how to deal with situations that would otherwise seem hopeless.

And number three is this one. I feel like people know this, but I probably should. Put it in here anyway; you can pick up almost any object that is smaller than your character. A big part of the gameplay in the finals is finding the best angle to attack with a lot of utility. You can bring will, but at times it doesn't feel like it's enough.


This is where the pickup and throw mechanics in the game come in. Pick up barrels laying around the map and press the fire button to launch them in the direction in front of you, or right-click and place them down on the ground. You can also use this on team Ates and Res statues to make sure that you can set up a safe res if you need it or if you just need to throw the cash across the map to teammates so that they can start the cash out.

With that in mind, there's even an achievement in the game for killing a player with a potted plant. Remember, all the utilities in the game have a counter-goo and poison. Yes, it can be taken down by fire, and smoke can take out the fire. If the utility you need isn't in your inventory, take a look around and see what you can find.

Side note: getting a direct hit with a red barrel is one of the most satisfying things to me. I will go out of my way to carry around the barrel to throw it at people; it's probably the best thing ever to me. Number four, where you skip ahead for this one, hear me out. Everything is destructible.

I mentioned the last section. You can make holes in the arena to get more angles for attack, but I think it's really important to expand upon it. When teams set up in a room or a building, it's often best not to attack them directly. Attacking from above or below will often be your best bet, depending on the exact circumstance you find yourself in.

Making a hole from above will give you an opening. Take out a competitor or two to be able to dismantle the rest of their defense, or if you feel as though you can beat that team, set up with your own teams and drop the cash out directly from below. If you have a breaching charge, a red barrel, even a properly placed yellow barrel, and RPG, all these things will drop the cash out to your level, so that way you can initiate a steel.

You want to think of this game as a reverse Fortnite. Just make sure you're thinking of ways you can break things down to win fights compared to, you know, Fortnite, where you would build things up. It's time for the general FPS blunder section. What are we going to cover today? first one here, which is stop.

Walking and looking at the ground is particularly common among Battle Royale or looter shooter players because you're always looking down at the ground to see what you can pick up. This is probably the worst habit you can have for any competitive or Arena shooter because what happens is that you're walking along, and even if you know where they're going to come out of your enemies, you're still going to be looking at the ground, and you're not going to be able to react, and you're going to be shocked and panicking trying to get on target.

Get used to picking your face up off the ground, aim at head height, and put your crosshair there where you expect people to pop out. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference this makes on its own, even if you're not the most adept aimer. If you have your cursor placed where people are going to come out of you, you don't have to deal with the reaction time of trying to pick your head up.

Are you ready for this one? I don't think you're ready; stop [__]. Jumping is not only not helping you dodge more effectively, but it's actively hindering you. You're at your most vulnerable when you move predictively. The easiest way to absolutely beam someone is when they move in a straight line.

Now consider the following: An arc is a slightly bent line that you're still locked into the moment you tap that jump button. It's infinitely better to just strafe to one side, as you won't jeopardize your own aim and you'll get the same result as you would jumping. Get into the habit of coughing, spamming, left-right straining, or anything else other than jumping.

I'm very excited to share this video as I've had my eye on this game for a long time. I was skeptical of the late 2023 release but the devs pulled it off.
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