A Beginners Guide To The Finals

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And welcome back to a new article. Today I'll be going over some tips and tricks that will help you win more games and hopefully allow you to be a better player. The game is still brand new, and people are still learning and finding out new things about the game every day. This article will cover some things you may not know about and some tips and tricks, along with advice for new players.

The more you know about the game, the higher the chance of you winning games against enemies that aren't as familiar with these things as you are, although this article is aimed more at new players. I think whether you're a new player trying the game for the first time or someone who has played since the close betas, there's some things in this article that you'll find helpful, so if you're new around here and want to see more finals content, don't forget to like and subscribe.

Let's get into it. The first and most important thing to do in the finals is pick a build that suits your play style. There are three builds to choose from: light, medium, and heavy, and all cater to a different play style. The light is definitely catered for an aggressive player, and someone who likes the frag out the ceiling on this build is probably the biggest out of the bunch.


It's a high-risk, high-reward type of build because of its low Health can be tricky to have success with, and that's where the increased movement speed and specializations come in. If you can master moving around quickly and efficiently with a light build, it's a huge advantage to the team. You also have to have really good accuracy, as low health is very punishing if you miss your shots.

The light build has some hard-hitting weapons, but like I said, they require good tracking and accuracy in order for them to be effective. We then have the medium build. I look at the medium build as a support build mainly because of the fact that you have the ability to heal your teammates and also revive them a lot quicker by using the defibs.


If you want to be more of a support player with gunfights being the secondary focus of your game, then this is the great build for you, and lastly, we have the heavy build, a build that, if you've played games like OverWatch, really operates somewhat like a tank. With the largest health pull, it can take a lot of damage and is a great choice for players that may not be accurate enough to use a light build or even a medium build.

You can use weapons such as the flamethrower shotguns or even some of the melee weapons, which don't require as much accuracy as many other weapons in the game, so picking the build that works best for you is an important part of starting well in the finals. Using your reserve and making sure you have the right equipment going into games is quite important, especially if you're jumping into tournaments and ranked tournaments.

The reserve has changed since the beta, where you were only allowed to have one other weapon That's now changed, and you can have more than one. I think it's best to have a good variation in your reserve that will then allow you to use certain weapons and gadgets depending on how the game is planned out before jumping into the settings.

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There's only really one thing that I would recommend changing, and that's your field of view. Turning it all the way up to 100 will just make your movement feel and seem a lot quicker and smoother, and you will also be able to see more of what's happening around you. Jump pads are a great way to get around the maps and get on top of buildings.

There's also different ways to use them and jump even further with them. To jump further and cover more distance, simply slide onto the jump pad with more momentum behind you. You will end up going further than you would by simply running onto it. Now there's a few other ways to utilize jump pads too: putting them on walls and using them for movement, or putting them down around the cash out; they can be annoying when placed at entrances, vents, or even Vents and even right by the cash out.


A few more tips regarding the jump pad are that you can actually bounce other things off it too, whether that be your teammates totems once they die or barrels that you find around the map; they can all be bounced off of the jump pads and even grenades. On the topic of the pickups around the map, they are a great asset to use, whether that be the goo or the explosive; they can all be very useful and shouldn't be frowned upon.

Now, just a quick few things you may not know are that if you can't enter an area because it's blocked off by Goo, a good way to get rid of it is through use and fire. Whether that be a pyro grenade, the fire canisters found around the map, or the flamethrower on the heavy build, they will all work great when it comes to fire.

The best way to counter it is through the use of smoke. Chicken smoke on the fire will put it out. If you're playing as a light build who has access to C4, you can stick the C4 to different pickups on the map. Stick it to a fire canister, throw it wherever you want, and explode it. You can also shoot zip lines and cut points of access for the enemy teams.


This is particularly useful when a cashout is on one of the platforms and the only way to get up is on a zip line. Shooting them out is a great way to keep enemies from getting close to you, and even if you go up a zip line and someone is following you, shooting it out will give you some time to get away.

Some weapons are harder to control than others, and some weapons don't have any recoil at all, such as the throne knives, for example, but instead of recoil, you really have to time and lead your shots when using them. The best way to learn the recoil pattern of any given weapon is to jump into the firing range and just unload a MAG onto a wall without controlling the recoil.

As you can see with the AKM, you have to pull down and then pull down left and down again. Once you learn how to control that recoil pattern consistently, you'll become a better player and should be getting more kills. I do think it's best to stick to one weapon and learn the ins and outs of it. Always have that one weapon you can rely on.


One last thing to finish this article off is probably the most important, and that is to stick together as a team. I know that it can be difficult because sometimes your teammates won't do that and we'll just go off on a lone crusade, thinking that James Bond can kill everyone on their own, but when you get a decent team that maybe isn't as good at the game but actually sticks as a team, you still have more of a chance to win.

A lot of times, I will leave someone very low on health and have no teammate supporting me to get that finish off on it. It can be super frustrating, especially when teamwork is fundamental to the game. It's definitely a lot better when playing the tournament mod, but in casual matchmaking, it's extremely hit or miss.

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