The Finals: 20. Tips 99% Of Players Don't Know


The finals have been a huge success so far at Bark Studios, but not that many people are very good. After a few days of play time on the finals. I'm still learning new things every day, like how to make the goo gun the heavy's best ability, like in tip 14 or tip 16, where I get to the roof before my teammates even make it to the second floor.

The finals have so much more to them than meets the eye, and in this article, I'll be giving you 20 tips that 99% of players don't use in the finals that you should try out. Speaking of 99%, more than 99% of you guys aren't subscribed. Starting us off, did you know you can put two vaults into one cash out?

This is more of a macro strategy for ranking, which I will be covering in a future article, but if you ever feel like being a menace, go ahead and start a double cashout and let the chaos ensue. If your team is open in points in a rank game and it's slow on time, defending the vaults or cash outs is sometimes your best bet to ensure overtime doesn't start so you don't give other teams a chance to catch up.

Speaking of cash outs, if you ever try to steal one and there's mine everywhere, try to blow up the cat out to bring it down a floor or use glitch grenades to deactivate them for a short amount of time. If the mines are on top of the cash out, you can throw grenades more accurately at close distances.

the finals

By underhand throwing them, you can do this with whatever button you use to aim. This is very useful when you have enemies or a cashout and you want to drop some nades or utility on them. If there's ever gas around the cash out, you can use a pyrro grenade orange canister or a flamethrower to put it out instantly.

You can also throw a smoke bomb or one of the smoke canisters at the fire to put that out as well. The best way to counter the gas, though, is to just heal your teammate through the damage while they attempt to steal. As long as they're not shot out, your healing beam cannot heal the damage being taken from the gas.

When defending or attacking a cash out, make sure to use the vents around the map as a lighter or medium; they're normally vents around cash out spots that you can use to get the job done on your opponent. Using these makes you super hard to track and unpredictable, as most people will be looking at the main menu.


These vents are also extremely useful when trying to get away from a heavy object, as they can't fit into the vents. To counter this, you can use objects like the heavy's barricades or the medium's turrets to block the entrances. The finals are a very objective-based game where teamwork is extremely important.

Playing in a pre-made squad will obviously give you more wins, but what do you do when you're playing solo? Right now, the meta is currently double medium heavy or double heavy medium. Try to replicate this and stick to your teammates for a much higher success rate.

You want to be able to frag out while still being a few steps away for support. Also, make sure you're using pinks to coordinate which cash out you're headed to and where enemies are. One last note on cash outs is that some cash out spawns are easier to defend than others; you'll learn the patterns through play time, but some great cash outs I always take to the vault are the hospital, floating islands, and the moving cash outs on the carts.

The hospital is great because all the teams have to cross two bridges to get to you, one of which can be easily destroyed by a heavy object or some explosives. Most of the time, teams will fight at the choke, giving you free rain on their roofs or windows. Next are the floating islands. I like these when I'm playing with the heavy, as they can set up two C4s on the chains before we're attacked, and if we get overtaken, they can blow it to the ground.

When defending this island, a lot of the time you can destroy the zip lines that connect to it, making it sometimes impossible to get to without blowing up the chains. And finally, the moving cashouts are great as a light because you can jump out of the cart as you're about to be attacked and get some easy back shots.

hey, yo, what about shooting him in the back? Sorry, you shot him in the back. Anyway, The best way to cause havoc around the map is with this thing right here, called the nuke. Use one of the green or red canisters and put a brief charge or some C4s on it. With two C4s, you can deal with almost $500 in damage and wreck buildings with ease.

If you're using the red canister, make sure to place it on this end of the barrel for a straight throw and maximum damage. Turrets and mines can be placed on anything, and I mean anything. Use the jump pads or zip lines to put these in spots that are hard to reach to catch your opponents off guard and lead to some free kills.

You can also place turrets on any vehicle, like chairs, making it possible to have a portable turret. I don't recommend this strategy too much, but it's definitely pretty fun if you can pull off a kill like this when playing the medium class and using defib, which you really should be using. The most effective way to revive is by charging it up, then jumping and sliding into the revive.

This will allow you to revive your teammates in more risky positions while still being able to survive. Melees aren't the most powerful weapons in the game, but all the melees and the throwing knives have a secondary, more powerful ability. For example, the secondary action of the sledgehammer destroys buildings much more effectively.

Try mastering both of these attacks and when to use them, and you'll have a lot more fun and success when using these weapons. Speaking of destroying buildings, did you know every weapon in the game can break through a wall? This is probably the most useless tip in the article, but here's me breaking through a wall with knives at 10 times the speed.

Drop a like on the article for the suffering I just had to deal with. All right, let's move on to some moving text I learned while playing the finals. Starting with the heavy, the goo gun is actually pretty useful for playing solo or even with the team. With your moving deficiencies, the goo gun can help out a ton, from scaling walls to using it to reach a window or to make a bridge to reach another roof.

It's made it a lot easier for me to have fun soloing as a heavy. On the topic of heavies, use your Meshi while going up zip lines. You can block for you and your teammates while going up zip lines in the open, which is definitely more useful for ranking, but something you should use regardless. Next, and probably the most important movement technique in the game at the moment, is window jumping.

In this video I give 20 tips you need to add to your arsenal. From movement techs to the best ability use, you'll find it all here.
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