The Finals Does What Other Games Wont

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I have one. If you've been interested in the finals but you're like me and you've had your head in the sand ever since this game was announced, don't even worry about it because in this article I'm going to get you up to speed on it. It's Portal i'm playing Portal. Welcome to New Studio. By the way, it's pretty cool.

Long time, no see, guys. How's it going? The finals might be the most visually impressive and fun competitive shooter that I've ever played. I say that because I'm 20 hours into it and it hasn't even been a week, it's okay. I'm over here, getting on with the laughter. Other than you, with that visual flare come destructible environments that are used in a way that I've never seen in a competitive shooter before.

Please don't mess the futon up. I know it was cheap, but I just bought it. I really don't want it to be messed up. I could feel this way because, to be fair, I haven't gotten into competitive shooting since Apex Legends. That being said, maybe there really is something special going on here that is coming to you, Josh.


I got you. I can wait for my team. The, the finals is a team based FPS where your main goal is to bank the most cash which will play out a little bit differently depending on the game mode currently of which there's two bank it and quick cash in quick cash you'll have a vault spawn at the beginning of the map and your goal is to be the first team to grab that Vault and deposit it at a cash out point but that's only one piece of the puzzle of course once you deposit your money at that cash out it takes about 2 minutes to deposit which is pretty inconvenient, when you have two other teams that also want that deposit, and they're not going to wait in line for it that's a real rough day at the bank payday ain't got [ __ ] on this game another team can immediately turn the tide of the game if they're able to get their hands on that cash out and override it before the other team can stop them this ramps up the tension and it can get really crazy towards the end of the match what gets the tension even crazier and what makes it harder is having the ability to wipe out it.


Respond, for the king team, when you get eliminated, there's about a 15- to 20-second window that you have to sit through before you can respawn, but if every team member gets wiped out and there isn't at least one on the playing field, the entire team has to sit out for another 20 seconds, and it'll feel like the longest 20 seconds of your life.

Josh wa y, live or Dam, I had 4 seconds left. That's pretty much the format for quick cash, and when it comes to the bankout mode, it's pretty much the same but with an added team in the added element of players actually dropping coins when they die, not to be confused with your character exploding into coins when they die like it's Scott.

Pilgrim, that's a depit from the powerhouses; this element basically brings that same tension of waiting around for the cash out box directly to the player who has their pockets full of coins because they're frantically trying to race to a deposit. Box slow and steady from the retos; nice depit. Here comes a new challenger.

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As I'm editing this article, they added. A solo banket mode because if fighting with teams wasn't hectic enough now you can do it in a free-for-all with 12 other players the objectives are still the same you're still opening up vaults and eliminating other players to grab as many coins as possible and get them deposited, before you get taken out and have them stolen now the only team you're doing it for is yourself and this game mode might just be a little bit broken just a little bit I won my first two games on this game mode and I'm going to drop some meta for you so if you're feeling a little overwhelmed, you're thinking it's a little too crazy I'm going tell you what you need to do all right you're going to want to grab a light class with the C4.

And then, instead of fighting other players over vaults or trying to pick them off for their coins, you're not going to waste your time doing that; you're going to let them do the work for you. You're going to give it straight to a vault, even though you have no coins. Find a nice cozy corner to hide in, and you're going to post up there with your C4 sitting on the vault.


I would elaborate further, but I think you see where this is. Neat, only one engine is operational for the jet sets; they'll want to avoid a team with the gravy train for the jet setters with that, cash jet assume, command, there's also tournament modes that include brackets and ranked play but outside of a few variances the game play is generally about the same so if this was just another one of these team based Shooters where you play cat and mouse with some money I probably wouldn't be making this article but as you've probably noticed there's one big feature that we got to talk about the destructible.


Environment: if you see a building in the finals, you can probably level that same building to the ground. Whether it's an explosive sledgehammer or just pure body weight, you can bust through pretty much every wall, roof, or floor in the. Apart from that, this is interesting for a few reasons. First off, it's just technically impressive that they're providing this level of destruction in such a visually impressive game while also utilizing Ray Tracing on modern consoles and keeping the frame rate above 60 FPS.

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It's really cool to see current-generation consoles finally taking advantage of ray tracing. I mean, sure, it's no Call of Duty ghost, but other than gushing over the spectacle of it all, I find it interesting from a gameplay perspective. Perspective rainbow Six Siege is another game that utilizes destructible environments in its gameplay but it's very different from what we see here in the finals when Siege was first announced they made it seem like you could just blow holes through any wall that you wanted kind of like what we see in the finals but in the final release of Siege this ended up being limited to very obvious spots in the map where this was allowed to be fair this could have been due to software or Hardware limitations, but I think the most obvious Factor here was gameplay balancing if you've ever played a competition focused game you know that it has a very precise and almost sterile feel to its gameplay fighting games are probably the obvious example here because they have gameplay systems that seem simple on the surface but their combat systems and level layout are intentionally designed to provide a playing field where experienced players will always, dominate.