The Finals New 5v5 Mode Is Really Good


I hope you guys had an amazing and wonderful week. Happy Friday! And today we have something a little more fun for you with the finals, officially. We upload almost every single day here on the channel. Sorry about the Gry Zone Warfare article. I meant to upload that, but I ended up messing everything up on it, so that's going to be delayed for a little bit, but a double upload today, on Friday, of another really cool extraction style game, we'll probably have a article today and tomorrow talking about that, so the goal for today's article is 69, because I'm immature, but nonetheless, let's hop into today's article.

With the season 2 launch of the finals, we got some new cosmetics, a new map, new weapons, and new abilities, but most importantly for me, we got a brand new game mode. This is a new 5v5. Tug ofwar kind of payload style game mode that I have been saying for the longest time and having a new game mode and having actual Deathmatch style modes would really help this game, and they kind of proved it and proved what I've been saying, when it comes to this 5v5 mode because it takes away from the cash out banket mode whatever those are.

I truly don't have fun with those, especially when there's multiple teams of three and all that kind of stuff. I prefer the standard kind of Death Match style, one team versus the other objective in the middle, whatever it might be, so I decided to take a chance and try out the new 5v5 mode, and I have to admit.

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I'm pleasantly surprised at how much fun this mode actually is. So the main goal of this mode is that you have two teams of five with a platform in the middle. You must stay on the platform in order to advance. it if team if both teams are on it, it is kind of stuck in a stalemate. And whatever team advances it to the other end is the team that wins, and if it's kind of a tug-of-war throughout the whole match, a sudden death will happen now one thing I have to say is this platform destroys anything in its path and, that's one thing I have to just tip my favorite parts of the finals on that I have missed in games for a long time something that Battlefield used to do that was so well was the destruction and all that kind of stuff and that's one of my favorite parts of the finals It's unique, the gunplay a little wonky because of the hit detection every now and then, but the destruction and how gorgeous the game actually looks is one of the biggest positives, and I'm going to say that changing the home screen from bright red to purple has been a breath of fresh air for me.

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Whenever I tried to play the game in the past, the red screen just destroyed my head. For some reason. I'm sensitive to the color red; call me soft for that, but whatever it is. I hated it, so now this new kind of purple and pinkish kind of Miami Nights feel that they have going on is something that I really, really enjoy.

I kind of vibe with it pretty well, but this new mode is absolute madness; it's chaos, and it's exactly what this game needed to take the next step in the next direction. Do I think that this 5v5 mode will 100% bring back their player base and will make the finals one of the best free-to-play games out there?

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No, not at all. I don't; I don't think that at all. I do truly think that this is a step in the right direction in adding new modes in the similar format of this and other kinds of Deathmatch modes and stuff like this that have a main objective or one thing I think it's really missing for people to get the hang of the game more and enjoy it more is a team death match of some sort, like a 5 6v6 or even a 4v4 team deathmatch, which I think would really benefit in this game.

Even if you wanted to section off parts of the maps and have the destruction and chaos go on in those areas, there's a lot of potential here for this game. The other thing I wanted to mention about the powers shift 5v5 mode is that it is a lot more appealing to a casual player or a solo player. My big gripe about the finals previously was the 3v3 kind of 3v3 v3v.

However many 3 v3s there were in each mode. That mode itself, those game modes, felt like it was team-oriented and that you needed a team to communicate with, which obviously makes sense, but that's another point of these kinds of permanent modes. Coming into this new mode feels like you can hop on, have fun, and just kind of casually play the game.

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There isn't this sweatfest feeling of other modes; it's just not a tournament; it's just hopping on and playing an objective mode that's fun and unique, and that's something that the finals I'm actually very happy with it, and I can't believe I'm saying this because, if you guys have been here on this channel before, you know I have been so negative towards the finals, not because.

I have something against them. That's it, like there's not a lot going on. I would love to see more maps. Discord because there's a lot of communication between the dev team and the community in there, and that's actually something that I love to see, especially being a channel that's covered a lot of X Defi, and kind of seeing the dev team fall out of that team is that there is at least a company out there that's listening to the community and what they want to see.

Now, I'm not saying we have to turn this game into Call of Duty; I just would love to see other modes to casually play the game. We are now moving away from what I thought was the biggest thing, which is the new game mode. I haven't touched the new map yet, and I haven't been able to find it at all in any of my play tests.

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Like, every time I go and play, there's no map, and I'm like, What is going on? I can't find this new map, but I did get a chance to try out some of the new gadgets and abilities, as well as the new weapon, the Famas, for the medium build, and I think they all play really, really well with the Famas.

The 27 bullets drive me insane, but there's something about this game that's unique: the guns all have a quirk to them in a sense, like some of them have a small magazine, some of them have a red dot, and some of them have a holograph. You know what I mean. They all have quirky little things, but the gravity ability is the heaviest.

I was just floating in the air, laughing my ass off. One thing I think they could tone back a little bit is the in-game events. I know that's what makes the game unique, but I don't know. I just keep getting the gravity one; maybe that's why I feel like it's driving me insane, but those are. I mean, they're fun, but I'm sick of flying to the sky like an angel is just floating up and dapping up.

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God up there like it's to me; it's just crazy. I don't know; maybe some people like the gravity event, but I like the defibrillator. Nerf i think it's good that we can kind of just zap people and they don't instantly come back and reschedule and all that, as someone who was so negative on the finals.