The Finals New Season 2 Update Release Today & Dev Notes

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Everyone is here, and today we are getting the brand new season of the finals, and a lot of people are very excited, including myself. As most of you know. I was invited to do the play test for season 2, but today I actually wanted to show what the developers shared with us, what their plans are for season 2, and what the expectations are going forward, so we're actually going to go ahead and listen to what they have to say, but without further ado, let's jump right into it.

This season is It's really big; it's insanely big if you ask me, and we are again very, very proud. And as you all might have seen, we have had some issues during the last couple of weeks. There's a really talented hacking group called CNS that has been infiltrating and also compromising the entire game show for the finals, and you will hear more about this later and a little bit more about what this means.

This group is now in the finals, and they have released a lot of secret things, and you will find out more about them later on. Before we go through all this. Sven, we'll talk a little bit about the embargo and housekeeping, then go to our creative director, who will talk through what's new in the season and also dust off our customer experience.

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Lead, I will help you and guide you through this event today. It's been a wild ride for myself and the entire team since we released the finals back in December. It was a much bigger launch than we could have ever imagined, and over the past few months we've added, we've fixed, and we've learned so much.

A lot of this work has been a direct result of player feedback, so thank you so much to everyone who's played in the finals. You're really making the game better together with us, and the finals are still in their early days. Season 2. I would say, is a testament to how much this game can and will evolve and change over time, and ever since the days of our first toast Alpha into our beta tests and launch, there have been hints of something lurking in the shadows of the game show: cryptic messages from a mysterious entity.

Many of our most devoted players and Easter egg hunters already know this entity as CNS. Rogue Hacking Collective; they're here now; they're kind of the unlicensed sponsor of season 2, if you will, and the show Runners are still not quite sure what CNS really wants or what their impact on the game show will be, but their influence on the arena and this new season will be 100, so in short, the game show has been hacked.

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So let's take a look at what's in store for season two, with access to assets and source files. CNS has introduced its own Arena U; they call it CIS Horizon, or just Ryon for short. It's a glitchy, neon-filled cityscape that's partially loaded and out of place. Voxel bridges create pathways between buildings, and pieces of floating and glitchy geometry allow contestants to parkour through the arena.

It's a sight to behold, especially at night. Season 2 also comes with the power shift, our first ever two-team mode in the finals. It's a casual 5v5 mode where two teams compete to escort a platform through the arena. If interrupted, the platform was stopped or even switched direction, and it ripped through anything in its path.

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We've sped up respawn times, and you can switch contestants between respawns, which lets you balance your teams on the fly. Speaking of balance, we're also adding several new gadgets and a new specialization. The first of these is the dematerializer for mediums. This is a new specialization that temporarily erases physical surfaces like walls and ceilings and allows the players to see, shoot, and pass through solid surfaces.

You can create new passageways and close them back up again. It gives the medium a much-needed destructive effect. Capacity, there's also the new Gateway for lights. The Gateway is a pair of limited-range deployable portals; when both are thrown, contestants and objects can move between the two locations.

Anyone can use your portal, but you can't see or shoot through it. They are the first support-type gadget for lights and are perfect for a quick getaway if things get tough. Busy The anti-gravity cube for heavyweights is a deployable cube that manipulates gravity in its immediate area. When activated, it lifts contestants and objects up and can be used both as a traversal tool and as an obstacle for enemies.

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Teams lastly we have the data reshaper for mediums. It's really effective for breaking through enemy defenses like a well-guarded cash station, but that's not all. All new classes are also getting new weapons, so mediums are getting the new Famas Burst assault rifle. I'll be telling you a little bit more about what to expect from the live game this season and the features that we've added and included, as well as what to expect from today, so let's start with the tried and true.

the season 2 battle pass We have 12 pages with 96 rewards. The theme of this season and the rewards that you'll unlock are our love letters to the early days of gaming. The battle pass is not the only way to earn rewards; we're also introducing the career circuit. In season 2, you'll be able to unlock weekly challenges with a set of career goals that help players grow in skill and experience a wider variety of play.

The Finals New Season 2 Update Today Patch Release as The Finals Season 1 is finally over, and players from around the world are wondering when Season 2 drops. Embark is gearing up to launch the second Season filled with a plethora of content allowing fans to delve into the games adrenaline-fueled firefights in uncharted ways. With a new Battle Pass and other exciting content on the horizon, Season 2 will bring with it plenty of fresh additions. So, to get you up to speed, our handy guide has everything you need to know about The Finals Season Two and what it will bring when its live.
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