This "new" Heavy Guide Might Change The Finals Meta


Today I'm going to be running you through my new cash-out focus build for heavy, and I think that this will surprise many opponents you may come across. As you know, we have obviously had recent Buffs and Nerfs, with the Buffs leading on to the light side and the Nerfs with heavy, which overall will be good and bad for us.

Well, obviously, since glitch grenades are now impact grenades on shields such as our mesh and domes, we're really going to struggle trying to close the gap between you, like lights, for example, or even be able to hold a position. This means that obviously, although you can still use those shotguns that are offered to us, those types of fights are going to be.

I guess, more risky to take because, obviously, if the light is smart enough to kind of keep that distance from you, then essentially, you're just at a disadvantage. However, on the good side, that does mean that light still has that very risky health aspect, so obviously, in my case, if I do start to see more light players playing overly aggressively in my lobby, then obviously that is just an easy punishment for us.


Now, I think what the embarker is really doing here is basically trying to, I guess, Nerf or kill that kind of solo carry player aspect of the game. They want you to find a team. They want you to plan, know how to defend and you know how to defend and set up scenarios, for example. But that doesn't obviously mean that solo play is completely impossible, and this build will actually help you understand that you don't have to fully rely on your teammates to play like gods for you to be able to qualify for the tournaments.

First up, the weapons. If you've been watching my guides, you know that I don't force you to pick a certain choice, so what I'll do is basically explain my choice and alternative in my reserves. Since the new update, I actually like playing the M60, just because of the fire rate and those extra bullets in the magazine.

I've noticed that playing the M60 can actually kind of allow you to, essentially, take two or even, if you're lucky, three players with you in a fight. Of course, you've got to combo with other abilities as well and obviously help out with the teammates, but I found that it's actually pretty effective longer range, especially versus those lights now taking advantage of the new Buffs.


However, other mentions are obviously the auto shotgun, which I still think you know is fine. I don't think it's really that affected against you; you just obviously have to be much more precise now with your shots, and this shotgun is now less forgiving. But I actually enjoy using the new shotgun, which is the KS.

The strength of this weapon is, of course, the environmental damage that it gives you, for example, if you're defending. You could essentially secure the floor below you, let them have the cash out room above you, and while you're setting up your defenses, shoot three shells into the floor below the cash out, so when the team basically comes over to it and starts to steal, all you have to do is just shoot one bullet into the floor and then engage with your five remaining slugs.

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However, the weakness of this weapon is really the fact that it's very hard to master; it has a kind of slower travel time than a bullet, for example, so basically you have to kind of compensate. And then, obviously, if you get overwhelmed by multiple players, you know you really cannot miss with a shotgun.

Okay, so what is the mastermind strategy that will help us with this new update? You guys know that I put in a lot of testing and research into each build, and I'm pretty damn happy with where I've ended up to produce a article for you guys for the specialization we're actually going with the goo gun.

Why is this good? It obviously has multiple purposes that can help you when attacking and defending objectives, and honestly. I think this single spec alone will literally carry your game play, and we'll see on to why, with some fury later next. I obviously choose the RPG. Simply because it's a great opener against multiple players if they're close by, and obviously, now that we're running into more, you can still take them out running around the arena for the second gadget.


I actually chose the anti-gravity Grenade; obviously, it is a new gadget, and the reason why I've chosen this is because you can do some really fancy stuff combining it with the goo gun. Finally, we have the dome shield, and you might be wondering. Why we have this is obviously because of the latest buffs for light, and the health of the shield isn't the best, but I'll actually explain that, and we'll get onto that a little bit later for attacking objectives.

I actually like to do one of two things: if the cash out is in a place that could be raised. I'll actually take out the roof with the RPG, throw a dome shield on the cash out into an anti-gravity grenade, then once the cash out is being raised, goo grenade under it, and then start to steal. The reason for this is that the dome shield can basically be placed initially to protect against gravity.

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The goo grenade can hold the floor if it does get shut out and then also give you an easy steal. It sounds very weird to do right away, but give it a few attempts and matches, and you'll start to see that it is really an effective strategy. Eventually, people will catch on and then start to shoot out the anti-gravity grenade initially, so if you don't need cover, you can either put the dome shield just outside of the range and it will reach over and protect the anti-gravity from bullets, or what you can do is put the anti-gravity a floor below and raise the cash out that way.

Speaking of coming across higher ranks, obviously you will eventually likely need a duo or trio to kind of help support you doing things like this. For example, you know a medium could obviously be APS, where you're raising the cash out to stop Heavies from destroying the goo, and then essentially the third player is a medium, or even the medium as well, could then obviously shoot anyone attempting to stop you from stealing.

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Another one that is a lot more simple is when the cash up is in a place where it can obviously be raised again: to throw the anti-gravity grenade first this time, then the Dome shield, and then steal whilst you're lifting, and there's actually a really effective kind of. I guess. Last Resort kind of YOLO strategy that could basically guarantee your death, but if you're able to actually steal last second, then it's basically a win in my book.

Okay, so getting on to the defense strategy then, and this build is really where you're in control of the entire site, this can be done if you've just basically stolen the cash out going from what we've just spoken about or if you've just deposited the cash out into the vault. It's been kind of common that you can actually now push the cash out with the goo gun.

With this build, you'll find it 10x easier to steal and hold off against opponents. We tackle a UNIQUE way of playing objectives, with the main focus on manipulating the cashouts in our favour for defence AND attack.