This New Update Is Reviving The Finals. Season 2

The new season 2 content in the finals

The new season 2 content in the finals

stuff like that; the new weapons you have are the Famas, which is a burst rifle for the medium build; the 93r, a burst fire handgun for the light build; and the KS23. The shotgun for heavy builds, which is effective at range, had a good time with both the Famas and the 93r. As of the time of recording, I haven't had enough time to play around at the KS20, 3 shotgun.

I don't know how much I will play of that, though, because I'm not much of a heavy build whenever it comes to this. I had a ton of fun with a 93-yard, just because I love light builds. I love that speed and that agility that you have as a light player, but at the same time, obviously, you have that trade-off of the health differences.


But those weapons were introduced here we'll talk about those more in a second when we get to the overall thoughts of the season but we have the new map of horizon, which is a new 8 bit Digital World, totally honest played a few hours I didn't get it once in the rotation, might be my bad luck might be actually a skewed rotation, but it is something this was added in there was some early gameplay footage out there of those that ended up playing season 2 early, but you'll also probably encounter this whenever you jump in alt together we got a new mode finally of a Mode called Powers shift which is basically the struggle back and forth of tug-of War to secure the platform where you have to have players on top of it kind of like a roaming hardpoint, but this mode gets incredibly hectic but it's a lot of fun a bit more casual of a mode I think compared to what we've seen previously so a nice introduction and welcome one to me that is with season 2 new equipment we have the dematerializer.


The Gateway, the anti-gravity cube, and the data reshaper, the dematerializer, are medium-build items that temporarily erase walls, floors, and other physical items that allow players to shoot through them. The Gateway is a light build item that deploys a portal that when thrown players and objects can move between two locations anyone can use them but you can't shoot through them but you can also throw items yourself and projectiles through them so there's that the anti-gravity cube is a heavy item that allows you to manipulate gravity can be useful to Traverse the world, and the data reshaper is gadget for medium build that allows you to reform other items into entirely different objects so you can change those dangerous sentries or something like that into just sa plants, so a lot of cool stuff here at that but outside of like the gameplay items as well there's a lot of cool things that allows for progression, both in more stuff to do but also in the ease of accessing these sort of things We have new contracts with season 2, so if you want to earn and unlock the new items quickly, these help out a ton, like going from zero vrs to unlocking one of the new weapons in about your first match, so if you had any banked before that too, it just makes it way easier to unlock.

new content

You have daily challenges and contracts; you have rookie Challenger Pro and master circuit contracts that will open up as the season goes along, and as you complete more, you have new Mastery levels for different weapons and gadgets as well, giving you another tier above what the previous Master Three was.

So this season, if you complete all of those favorite items you have for the best top skins, there's now another one that goes on top of that you can work towards. As well, you have a new battle pass and cosmetics that come along with that kind of stuff. I don't really like to focus too much on battle passes, but for those that are interested in them, they are available there as well.

Private matches are now here within the finals for the first time, which is definitely nice, but at the same time, personally. I still think it's unfortunate that you need six players to start that, so from a developmental standpoint. I get it, but from a solar player perspective and somebody who just wants to get good screenshots from time to time for thumbnails.

Initial thoughts: is the finals season 2 worth playing?

Initial thoughts: is the finals season 2 worth playing?

a bit more digital, and the simulation is a little glitchy, but overall, when it comes to the game play itself and season 2 here, honestly, I had a blast. Truth be told, I haven't played the finals since about midseason of season 1 here, so perhaps I've just been off for a little while. Maybe it's just that gaming in moderation makes coming back a bit more enjoyable.

But the flow felt great again, and it felt good to be back on the game. I will say the one thing that I was surprised by, and it is very possible that either one could have been fixed out already and I missed it before or two.

I usually play on mouse and keys with this game, but something compelled me to be like, okay, let's test to see if this issue I had months ago is fixed now at this point because the controller would be really weird where it would try and override my controller with a mouse and key input. But anyway, that was not the case anymore, so it was definitely nice again.

new game modes

It's very possible that it could have been my own system, and it's very possible that there could have been something wrong with the game. I don't know, maybe I didn't have something set up properly, but the game did feel a lot more fluid on the controller than I remember, which is definitely nice, and again, even with recently that sort of aim assist Nerf that we ended up getting here a couple of months ago, that's something you notice, but it's still very manageable.

Anyway, I love seeing the game thrive once again. As of noting, as of recording during the week during standard work hours, the game has its 24-hour peak player numbers, and frankly, it's been peak since February 3rd, so over a month in peak player numbers, and it should be poised to go up even more this weekend now that people are going to start getting off for the weekend and people are going to be able to jump in and play the new content, so it's nice to see that player count going up, and it's nice to see because I think the game deserves it.

new map

I said it from the very beginning that, I think, the only thing that I was worried about with this game was the repetitive nature and the sort of limitation in how you play the game. As a result, there were only two main modes at launch, maybe one I forgot off the top of my head, so you had a very niche subset of what these game modes would be really appealing to players to come over match over match over day over day over week over week and so on, and when you mixed that in with 90.

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