15 The Finals Tips & Tricks To Immediately Play Better

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The finals are an awesome, destructive PVP game. I ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would, so today I'm giving you my best 15 tips and tricks for new players to start beating the other team right away. Number one: move teammates before reviving and stop throwing them. I think most players know by now that you can move your teammates dead bodies tokens around in order to take them to a better location before reviving them, which, by the way, you should pretty much always be doing.

However, I see a lot of players literally full force chucking their teammates bodies, which can potentially lead to big mistakes. Number two: abuse in-game audio. Footstep audio in the finals is very hearable, and I like to make sure other audio is noticeably lower than SFX, so I can hear enemy footsteps at all times and get a better idea of when they're nearby.

Besides, I might want to lower the announcers anyway because they're cringeworthy as hell. Number three: maximize other settings as long as you're fiddling with in-game settings. Here's some other important stuff to tweak: first, your favorite. I like to go Max all the way up to 100 to see more of the area around me, but whatever number feels better to you.

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Second, in your sprint and slide settings. Set it up in whatever way you want so that sliding is easy to do mid-combat and doesn't trip you up; third, your sensitivity settings so you don't feel like you're whiffing your shots a lot in combat; only tweak that if you need to; and fourth, your crosshair, which you can customize to make it easier for you to see on the screen.

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Fallout plays VPN to get access to an exclusive deal today. Also, get 4 months extra when you buy a 2-year plan. Hit up my link to check that out. Thank you, Nordvpn. All right, we back tip number four: break zip lines and ladders; almost everything in the finals is destructible. Obviously, that makes the game very fun, but there are some key things to prioritize.

Destroying are often things that your opponent might find useful in getting to you. You can destroy ziplines or ladders fairly easily by shooting or straight-up melee. You may not make it impossible for enemies to get to you, but making their lives harder, even a little bit movement-wise, is usually a good idea.

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Number five Staying together is so much stronger than you realize; flanking and sneak attacking from different angles is always fun, but I've learned that by simply staying near your teammates, you have a big advantage over your enemies. Being way out of position makes it so much easier for you to get gunned down, and when that happens, it can cause a huge domino effect, potentially leading to a dumb team wipe that could have been prevented, especially if you have a medium on your team using the absurdly OP heal beam.

You can completely tear other teams apart by simply staying together and team shooting. Yeah, you can try to flank if you want to, but only do that in really specific situations. For the most part, though, stay together, shoot, and watch how easily you roll over other teams. Number six, don't sleep on goo goo, is criminally slept on and is a really fun area denial tool.

I've used goo literally in the middle of engagements to completely trip up the enemy, and it works more often than you'd think. Use it to block off doorways or Cash Out locations, or again, just to throw at enemies to trip them up in a fight. If you have the goo gun, you can straight up make your own bridges and makeshift ladders, allowing you to get some much-needed verticality.


With the heavy number seven, fire can go through walls. A lot of people don't know this, but yeah, just like I said, fire can damage people through walls, floors, or ceilings. This can be handy if you're directly below a cash-out location that you feel is about to be used by an enemy team or in a bunch of other situations.

Fire can also burn for way longer than you think, just because it can spread to other flammable objects nearby, like plants or trees, to keep the fire going. Fire is also incredibly good at removing any goo on the field. If you want, you can intentionally use goo and fire together, i.e., goo up a room or area, and then, when the enemies show up, light all the goo on fire at once.

Number eight wins by not engaging. If you're playing tournament mode, every time your entire team gets wiped, you will lose 30% of however much money you've earned so far, meaning that if your team gets overly aggressive and starts to engage other teams for no reason, you can straight up lose the game by team wiping and losing your lead.


Don't go and camp like that, obviously, but if you're in a situation where maybe one person on your team is left alive and you have the lead with very little time left before respawning. Tell them to piece the F out so they don't go do something dumb and give up the lead that you worked so hard to get.

Know when to push together and when to retreat before a wipe or not engage at all near the end of a game to hold on to your score and advance, number nine. Make nukes and other stuff in addition to throwing canisters. A lot of other things in the game can be picked up and thrown; you just have to look for the little glowy blue outline thing.

Attaching stuff to things before throwing them is something you should fiddle with. For example, you can attach the heavy C4 to a canister and throw it, then remotely detonate it for a big explosion. This can lead to some incredibly lethal plays that really can take another team wildly off guard.


There's a bunch more stuff you can do. Feel free to experiment. With putting stuff on things and holding it number 10, you can charge while stealing. Here's one from Reddit shouting out to users staring at plants. You can apparently use the heavy charge while stealing. This definitely will not come into play all the time, but it absolutely could save your life in the right situation.

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