The Finals: 50 Tips Every Light Needs To Know

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Here are 50 tips to instantly make you better at light, including a few at the very end from a professional light player who's considered one of the best light players in the world. Let's dive into it if you're using a stun gun, and let's face it, you definitely should keep in mind that it has a near 100%, if not 100%, accuracy when hip firing, so don't waste your time aiming down sights, which slows you down and actually makes hitting your shots harder in the first place.

You can throw the red explosive canister and immediately grapple it to go zooming across the map to P. On this occasion, all you need to do is stick a motion sensor onto the canister, and then you are free to grapple to your heart's content. If you have bridge charges in your kit, make sure to always place one or two on top of the cash out when you are holding it and be ready to activate it the second an enemy starts stealing it.

The glitch grenade is super important, if not a must-have, part of your loadout, especially if you're playing ranked, which currently is in a medium and heavy shield-dominated meta, as the glitch grenade will shut off enemy utility, which includes shields, and let you get some free kills. You can activate the invisibility cloak when reloading, which gives you some space and the ability to reposition to another angle by the time you want to shoot again if you find yourself missing with the FR knives.

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Keep in mind that if you're running, sliding, jumping, or just being airborne, there will be random spread, which messes with your accuracy. The dagger can one-shot lights and mediums with a secondary fire backstab, but it leaves heavy with a sliver of health left to kill them just as fast as other bels hit the melee the second you see the yellow hit markers to animation cancel with a punch.

The light build has the longest light out of all of the builds in the game. Make sure that you keep this in mind when you're going for movement techniques or you are chaining slide jumps together the v9s and xp54. You have incredible high accuracy when your hips are firing up to 10 meters away, so there's no reason to aim down sights when you are this close.

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When you are using the grapple hook, by canceling the hook at any point after it starts pulling you forward, you will essentially get a forward dash, which can be extended by sliding or bunny-hopping. These vent holes that you can find on most maps are really only big enough for light and medium-buff players, making them a great escape route.

If you ever need to get away from a heavy, the stun gun is a great tool to give you an edge when you're going for a jewel to open up a fight. You will actually get more value out of it if you don't use it immediately and instead stay a little patient with it. Let's say you get the opening kill on the enemy team if you still didn't use your stun gun, so you have it off to cool down.

This means you can easily stun an enemy by going for a revive or defibrillator, play, and then turn them into another kill for your team. It's worth knowing that smoke from smoke grenades not only cuts off the line of sight between players, but it also stops them from being able to see the health bars and even outlines of any enemies inside of them using single-fire weapons like the lh1 or the v9s.


Have near zero recoil if you take a tiny moment between every shot, the sword, like most melees, has a pretty forgiving hit box. This means that if you aim in the general vicinity of your enemy, odds are you're going to hit them. You can use this to your benefit by making sure to flick or shake your aim when swinging your sword around, which raises the odds of actually hitting the swing, thanks to that same forgiving hit box.

If you end up missing a lunge on an enemy, don't fret, as you can turn around at any point during the animation and still have the damage connect, as long as you're aiming towards them. Make sure to study and learn movement techniques that allow you to move across the map more quickly and efficiently and make yourself an overall tougher Target to hit when you do catch the attention of the enemy team.


I'm actually currently working on an extensive movements guide for the finals, so make sure that you have subscribed so you don't miss it, as with both medium and heavy builds, the light user has access to the nuke, slap your breach charge, and a throwable prop, ideally a green barrel for extra gas damage or a red canister for speed, and throw it towards one or many enemies to secure free kills.

As with any shotgun aiming down with the SH 1900, it won't actually affect your accuracy or your shotgun spread, if anything; it'll just make it worse, so stick to hip firing when using throwing knives. You can hit your secondary fire and immediately enter the cloak. As it charges up, you will still remain invisible, as you're actually throwing the knife.

Not many people notice, but your evasive Dash can be used in any direction in which you are moving, not just forward. All you need to do is hold a movement input in the direction you want to go when you're activating it. Always throw a glitch Grenade on top of a cash out before going for a capture to disable any possible mines, worst-case potential C4s, or breach charges that are head around the point.

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Due to your tiny health pull, you're always going to want to take fights where the enemy isn't looking your way, like if they are focusing on our enemy or you have the better position. Try to have as much cover as possible before engaging the enemy. A good rule of thumb to know that you have enough cover is when at least 2/3 of your screen is behind cover.

Always remember that, as a light, your strength lies in being isolated, one versus one, so if you are up against two enemies or full teams that are licking your way, you will rarely, if ever, get out of those alive. Try to reset them and play around with them. If you're the one on your team carrying the vault, you can slap two breach charges on top of it before picking it up.

This lets you use it as an impromptu nuke if an enemy ends up catching you off guard if you're The Last One Alive on your team and there isn't enough time left on the cash out for your team to reset. Instead of going balls to the walls looking for kills. Use your kit to the best of its abilities, and just keep trying to deny the cash out with a quick reset from the fight with you, then come back to pick whoever's trying to steal it over and over again for as long as possible.

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Using the underhand throw that is the secondary fire with the vanishing bomb will practically guarantee that you will go invisible. No matter how you are aiming it, this only doesn't apply if you're standing on top of a ledge where the underhand throw would drop it far below you. If a heavy with an RPG is looking towards you, get behind cover and switch up your angle, or it's going to hurt if you can't get out of the way in time.

50 Tips Every LIGHT Player Needs To Know. ottr shares some valuable advanced tips for the finals, specifically for the light build as there are tons of cool tips and tricks that light can use, such as tips with the loadout, the gadgets and so much more. it's the best guide for the light build in the finals. ottr.
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