The Finals: 50 Tips Every Medium Needs To Know

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Here are over 50 tips to instantly make you better at medium, including a few at the very end from one of the best medium players in the world, but without further ado, let's dive into it. You can attach the aps turret to any frable, Prop. Not only will it eat any projectiles that pass through its range as you carry it, but if you throw the prop towards any place to gadg it, such as a mine C4 or breach charge, it will straight up eat them.

This next one is a bit of a niche use, but it can help in some cases. The sonar grenade, like any other grenade, will trigger after a certain amount of time rather than after landing. This means that you can line up a fro Sona grenades next to a building and have it scan enemies on the way down before it eventually lands on the ground like usual, you can place gas mines on top of a ceiling and detonate them to have the gas damage enemies in the room above you the zipline Gadget can be attached to moving objects such as platforms, cranes or wrecking balls better yet if the objects start moving the zipline will adjust and stay connected until it reaches a certain range or its line of sights between the two attachment points is broken if you throw a mine on top of a prop such as a chair or whatever and have throw that prop the prop will break once it lands but it will leave the mine in that very place, which lets you set up mines at way longer ranges.

advanced tips

Is as you're on the way to and close to the enemy that you want to revive, start a slide and at the same time immediately start holding your fire button and as you're sliding close enough jump release the primary button midair to actually revive them and then just get right back into cover while healing them up if you place a jump pad under a cash out and then make it fall on top of that jump pad either by blowing it up punching it with a heavy or if the cash out is on one of these elevators in which case you just activate it will start bouncing in perpetuity, until the cash out is finished or the jump pad is destroyed, your healing beam specialized agent heals at the same rate as the amount of damage dealt by the gas this means that you can have a teammate completely tank the gas and stay alive as long as you heal, this is especially useful if you need to steal the cash out through gas damage in addition to that if you do try healing a teammate that is trying to steal a cash out if the situation allows it try to stand in front of him to block potential incoming bullets or projectiles.

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As well, if you're trying to set up a cash out that's still standing up, make sure to place at least one mine under the roof of the cash out for a free kill, just because the defibrillator is this amazing gadget that gives you instant revives. That doesn't mean that you should use it every single time a teammate is dead; it has an incredibly long cooldown, and a search should only be used for emergencies.


If you can revive a teammate without wasting the defibrillator cooldown do that instead so you have it readily available should a teammate get knocked down the line speaking of which if a teammate statue is lying down or half of it is cut off for whatever reason, where you decide to place the defibrillator, and revive, matters a lot because if you try using a defibrillator on the top side of a statue odds are nothing will happen so instead aim for the base of the statue to ensure that you get that revive, off a small quality of life tip especially if you're playing a supportive or healer medium when going back from the healing beam there's no need to select a specific weapon that you want to use you can easily swap between your healing beam and your primary Weapon by tapping the specialization.

Again, if you're playing medium, especially as the only medium on your team, this means that you need to run the defibrillator, and the healing beam you sustain is just too good to pass up on. Before picking up the vault, make sure to place explosive mines or just mines on it to throw it at an enemy and use it as an impromptu nuke.

If you happen to get caught off guard, you can place a mine right on top of these elevators; this will make them blow up the second an enemy takes the elevator and happens to pass through it. In addition to that, I want to add that there is some value to tossing a mine right on top of an enemy statue.


That's because an absent-minded enemy going for a revive might end up stepping too close and dying to the mine, or have the revived person accidentally trigger it the moment they are revived. If you don't end up getting the kill, the mines will at the very least blow up and alert you to their presence.

If you want to perform your best as a medium at the moment, you should really only run the AKM or the F car. These two weapons have the most versatility out of all of the options available, both with respectable damage per second compared to most other guns in the game. If you don't trust your aim too much or you just want a more forgiving experience, you can use the AKM, but if you know that you are a beamer, you can get away with it and probably should run the F car instead.

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If you for whatever reason run two mediums on the same team your healing beams will stack and heal your teammate at twice the speed of a normal heal your jump pad can be attached to basically any surface and if placed on a slope it will launch you far in the direction that the pad is pointing the steeper angle the further horizontally, it will send you my personal go-to will always be using stairs bushes or even goo you can place both the aps or Guardian turrets on any surface including floors, walls and the ceiling in the eyes of the game they count as actual, objects meaning you can climb on top of them or even stand on top of them this also means that at the moment you can place either of these two turrets on a prop and then run around while having it shoot at dudes.

You can place a pet in the middle of a doorway to force an enemy to use it if they want to enter, which kind of stunlocks them and, in many cases, turns them into an easy kill. No matter how much damage it has taken, picking up the guardian turret will reset its cooldown and allow you to put it down again.

50 Tips Every MEDIUM Player Needs To Know. ottr shares some valuable advanced tips for the finals, specifically for the medium build as there are tons of cool tips and tricks that medium can use, such as tips with the loadout, the gadgets and so much more. it's the best guide for the medium build in the finals. ottr.
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